Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Doggie Park

Mom took us to the doggie park today, even though it was full of squishy mud!!!! She missed Mass and her pool workout today as her back was really painful, and her pain pills were not helping. Also, she needs to get a sample from Chip to take to the vet before they can decide on treatment for his urinary situation. Of course, Chip pee'd on Mom's purse, and marked everything in sight and did not let MOm get near him to get a sample. Looks like it might take a couple of days, since Mom has to take the car to the shop again this afternoon.

This was Thai's first time at the dog park- we were the only ones there and Thai enjoyed himself. Giger hates getting muddy so she stayed with Mom and Chip- well, he wore a LOT of mud on his paws. A bath is in his future!

Photos tomorrow- Mom promises!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PSALM 2009

Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
He leadeth me beside the still factories.
He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
He has anointed my income with taxes,
My expenses runneth over.
Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.
I am glad I am American,
I am glad that I am free.
But I wish I was a dog .....
And Obama was a tree.

Wednesday Walkies!!!!!

Mom took us for a walkie today after she returned home from Mass.  We were very good too.  We had to walk more slowly as Thai hasn't walked in two weeks (neither have we).  Ginger and Thai kept getting their leashes tangled, and Chip was determined to run his marathon.  Mom thinks that Chip may have a return of his "problem"- guess she will have to get a sample for the vet today.  (She is blaming herself- too much people food for Chip!!!) 

This morning before Mass, Mom fed us canned and dry Science Diet C/D- boy was she surprised that the bowls were licked clean by all three of us!!!

Walkies picture this afternoon!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Daily Thai- Veterinarian Edition

Thai's sutures are now out!!!!!!!  He was such a baby too- shaking like a leaf and would not go into the vet unless Mom picked him up and carried him.  AND he now weighs 21.6 pounds, up from 19.8 the day of his surgery!!!  The vet wasn't upset when she learned that he had been spoiled by Mom and Dad while he was recovering from the trauma of the surgery (Yes, Mom is the soft touch here)  Tomorrow, if the weather is nice, walkies will begin again.  Today, we get to cuddle on the couch with Dad, who is home sicke.  He goes to the people vet tonight, so he might be home for a couple more days.  Mom will get the car fixed tomorrow and take care of all of us- Wonder what's for dinner?

Monday, March 22, 2010

MOM is Mad today!!!

MOM is mad today, and mot just because of what happened in Washington DC last night.  She went to Mass this morning and came home to find three HUGE presents from Thai and someone else that had to be cleaned up before she took the car to the shop.  THEN the toilet got plugged up somehow and she had to call a plumber for this afternoon.  THEN when she was at the car dealer, she was on hold for over an hour with the car warranty insurance company, and they sent her to voicemail when she asked for a supervisor.  (Dad and MOm had bought one of those extended warranties that are advertised on tv)  She was furious that she got cut off for the third time- now she can't get the insurance company to pay for the new blower motor since she paid for it herself after all of their nonsense of keeping her on hold for so long (they are supposed to pay the facility directly, and are supposed to take care of claims during the week- it is defintely a scam if you can't get through for over an hour- also, the repair shop has to file the claim, and no mechanic worth his salt can have his phone line tied up for an hour for one repair job)  THEN Mom found three NEW pee spots in the house just now and we are all hiding from her.  Mom just took us out too, but it is raining, so we peed inside and "forgot" to tell her.  On top of that the new Dachsie Bot had to be replaced as it was leaking and now the new one is too!!!!!

Maybe we will be good tomorrow?  Thai's stitches come out then.  Mom is taking us all with her when she takes Thai to the VET, so maybe there won't be any stains on the floors!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Digital Hairshirt: Protector of Families

The Digital Hairshirt: Protector of Families: "
Today is the feast day of St. Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and Mary's most chaste spouse. St Joseph is the patron  and protector of families.
So let me offer this.
Holy St. Joseph, you were trusted by God to care for His Son, which you did admirably. Pray that peace be upon all those whose families experience strife. Let children today be safe from those who would hamr them. Let parents today have both wisdom and patience to make sure their children are safe and are raised as Your good people. Let not our elderly be forgotten, but cherished for their gifts. Let the people realize that peace and happiness starts at home and may God's people receive blessings upon those very places today. We ask this, as all things, through Christ, Our Lord. Amen. (+)"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St Patrick's Day Dinner

Wow- Mom can cook!!!  We had corned beef and cabbage, and boiled potatoes!!!  Mom fed us from her plat (of course) and the corned beef was so tasty- we wanted MORE.  Mom had to tell us that we have it only in March, and maybe one other time, since it is hard to find.  We watched The Quiet Man while we ate, and afterwards Dad had to work on the computer for  a while.  MOM finished Thai's new blanket last night.  He took it to bed with us, but Ginger stole it during the night.  Gin ger also hogged the bed so much that Mom almost fell out a couple of times.  Mom would move Ginger further in towards the middle, but Ginger ALWAYS went back to her original spot, right nest to Thai's new blanket.  Of course, Mom's back is bothering her today, so maybe a trip to the city rec center pool will help.  Do you think Ginger is a wee bit spoiled?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We Won!!!

Over at, there was a contest for St. Patrick's Day and we just learned that we won.  Lots of great goodies for the three of us to share.

Thank you so much, Three Dogs Long!!!!!   (Mom thinks that Chip is now in love with Xena and SChatzi, just like Frankie-  must be the Canadian air!)

This is the lullaby that my Mom sang to all of us when we were babies.  Still brings tears to my eyes

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!!!!

Mom is busy making corned beef and cabbage for us!!!!  (We think Dad gets some too, but we are not quite sure about this)  This is the first time for Thai and Chip to have these delectable treats, Mom's specialty, as she is Irish by ancestry and Dad is Irish by marriage.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Daily Thai, Tuesday Edition

Thai is recovering very quickly!!!!  If not for the Cone of Shame, one would never guess that he had undergone surgery last Thursday!!!  His appetite has returned full force, and he is moving around quite well.  He is slepping through the night and there are no indicaitons of pain.  He take his medicine twice a day without problem- ok, so I hide it in a piece of cheese!!!

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and prayers for my tough guy.  The stitches are removed on the 23rd!!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Cone of Shame

Thai- The Morning After the VET

Thai slept through the night but was up very early (before 5) and discovered the stitches on his right front leg. Needless to say, the Cone of Shame was immediately utilized. He is definitely feeling pain, as he hates to be picked up, but he has been outside to take care of business. He took his antibiotic, wrapped in a piece of cheese, and Ginger has been his close companion since bedtime. He has been drinking a lot of water, and he ate some steak last night. (Yes, MOM knows, but Dad insisted on sharing his dinner with his tough guy. Don't fret, Chip and Ginger also were allowed to partake in Dad's largesse)

He is again sleeping on Chip's pillow in front of our front window. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look what we got from!!!!!

More Dachshund info here!

More Dachshund breed info here!

THAI is home!!!!

Yes, our beloved Thai, the tough guy, is home from the trauma of the VET. He has medicine to take, and has a Cone of Shame to wear, if needed. Right now he is snoozing on the pillow in front of the front window. Yes, MOM cried when she picked him up- it was so embarrassing. We of course went to supervise Mom and hopefully she wouldn't cry- fat chance on that one. Life is back to being good now that Thai Master Chef is home!

The Daily Thai- Veterinarian Edition

Mom just received a call from the VET. Thai is fine- he came through his surgery like a trouper!!! He had four teeth removed and four of the cysts were also removed. He is now microchipped and will be wearing one of those collar thingys until he goes back in 10 to 14 days to have the sutures removed!!!!! We go pick him up around 3:30!!!

(Yes, Mom cried when she got the news- Who knew she could dry so much?)

Fan CLub Updates

While Mom tries to get a grip, she made Official Membership banners for each of our fan clubs. Thanks to TWIX, who used the website to make her, which is where Mom got the idea for ours. (Silly Momma) So, without further ado, Mom posted our banners for our fans to use on their blogs!!!

The Official Chip Fan CLub Banner

Create your own banner at!
Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

The Official Thai Fan CLub Banner

Create your own banner at!
Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

The Official Ginger Fan Club Banner

Create your own banner at!
Copy this code to your website to display this banner!

Thai is at the VET!!!!!

Today is the day- Thai is having his dental. Mom took Thai and Ginger to the vet (Chip refused to go car). Everything went well until Thai was weighed- he first weighed 22.3 pounds, which would have meant he put on over 5 pounds in 6 weeks, then he was reweighed and only weighed 19.8 lbs. (MOM was holding him too tightly the first time) So, he only put on 2.8 pounds. Don't know where it is, since he looks the same- maybe the weight is because he only left pee mail on the lawn this morning.

Anyway, MOM was so embarrassing at the vet. She started to blubber when Thai was picked up and taken in back. Just because he was shaking so hard his paws were twitching!!! The StayPuff Marshmallow Man is tougher than Mom when she has to leave us at the vet. We are lucky we got home!!!She is still upset about the vet thingy, even though it is only a dental, he is getting microchipped and is having his cysts looked at by a professional.

On the up side, Ginger reports that ARby's is on the menu tonight, to make up for the cruelty of Thai getting a dental.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From our friends at

Please forgive us. We try to be topical around these parts, and when we saw this video posted to youtube last November, we were going to save it for Valentine's Day. Of course, Valentine's Day came and went and we forgot to post it. So, here in all its glory is Valentinstag im Dackel Club. This video clip was taken from a German sitcom called Hausmeister Krause, which centers on Dachshund Lover Dieter Krause (actor Tom Gerhardt). His only hobby is his militaristic Dackel Club.  Words can't express our unbridled desire to join this elite group.  Great stuff!

Dachshunds abound in more videos at youtube.  If only we had kept up with our study of the German language.

Wednesday Walkies!!!!!

We had a walk today!!!!  And, yes, we did get our harnesses dirty again.  We think that Mom will have to order each one of us two more, just to keep up with the laundry!!!!!!

Mom first went to Mass, then came home and we walked 87 bazillion miles around the neighborhood.  Then she went to the recreation center pool to walk (it helps her arthritis and her back) and then she bought us Wendy's for lunch!!  Wonder what we did to deserve that (we weren't very good on the walkies today)  She must LOVE us!!!!

Spent a couple more hours on the porch yesterday, waiting for Dad to get home from work.  Boy that is so tiring- spending time on the porch.  Probably no porch time today- it is cooler outside and Mom has to get ready for her Stitching Stewards meeting at the parish tonight.  She is going to finally learn to knit and make prayer shawls, just like Aunt Regina used to do.

Mom spoke with Aunt Regina today!!!!!  Told her all about the knitting and Aunt Regina heard her and tried to speak!!!  Made Mom cry, but she was glad she spoke with her.

Well, back to our post prandial napping!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Monday porch sitting- The Front Porch News

Since we could not have walkies yesterday, Mom set us up on the front porch!!!!  She put out a lambswool bed liner and a large bankie for us to use while she sat and worked on Thai's new blankie (Mom is learning how to knit, so she makes us blankies with her efforts- so far she can knit and purl, but nothing else)  She put up the baby gate so that we would not run off or do something silly like that.  She let us bark at everything we wanted, and did not scold.  Unfortunatley she took us inside when she saw the mail truck.  Well, it was getting chillier and we had been outside for two hours, so we guess she is forgiven.  We slept like babies last night, Mom included.  Guess the outdoors is making Mom finally get well.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Morning- Ho Hum!!!

No walkies just yet today- Mom had to wash our harnesses yesterday, as we apparently got them filthy walking through the huge puddles on the sidewalks during our Sunday walkfest.  Now we have to wait for them to dry.  Wonder if we should get pedometers to prove that we are walking over 87 trillion steps each?  Would pedometers measure that many steps?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Walkies- Photo Edition

Ginger modelling her Hug-A-Dog Harness

Saturday walkies, part deux

We walked furever today.  (MOm says only a half mile, but what does she know- it was clearly 87 bazillion dachsie steps for each of us)  Ginger stayed with Mom while the boys went with Dad.  Mom had the camera of course and she is going to put up the photos later.  We all were wearing our Hug-A-Dog harnesses (Frankie- the groomsmen should wear the ones Thai and Chip wear and the bridesmaids the one that Ginger wears- we are just saying)  The smells- there were more than 87 of them- we did not think we could count that high.  The snow is still out but the sidewalks are cleared off and we ran and sniffed to our hearts content.  Afterwards, we slept on the couch- walking is sooo tiring.  We overheard Mom ask Dad is we should try it again around 3- we think she missed the tail wagging in our dreams but we say YES!!!

Saturday walkies!!!!

Wow, MOm is feeling better today, so much so that we are going on a walk today!!!!  The snow is gone from the sidewalks, and Mom now has cabin fever, so we are going for a walk.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words on this horrific national emergency (MOM was sick).  She was a good patient, took her naps and ate when told. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mom is still sick today

Mom is still still sick, but we managed to make her some chicken soup.  (Thai is very good in the kitchen)  Then we made Mom go upstairs to our big bed for a three hour nap, complete with us, until Dad came home tonight.  She says that she is feeling a little better- must be all of the licking from Thai and Ginger.  We also helped her in the shower- she takes a longggg time and uses up lots of hot water!!!  She is taking her medicine too- the doctor has her on Advair.

Just wanted everyone to know.  Mom appreciates all of the kind thought from our doggie friends out there.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mom is sick now!!!

First Dad, now Mom.  What in the world is happening?  Mom has a bad case of bronchitis, and is taking a couple of days off.  That does NOT mean that she won't be using the DachsieBot (she had to do so three times today and it is barely noon here)  but she will be sleeping a lot until she feels better.  She has a fever and then the chills, and could not sleep last night(she kept US up)

When she gets back, she will be posting some photos of Ginger in her Glampur Pink Hug-A-Dog harness, perfect for a bridesmaid Frankie!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedding Gifts for Frankie and the Girrrrls

Does anyone know where Frankie and his brides to be are registering?   We are thinking of getting them a "major Award" leg lamp from the movie "A Christmas Story"   We hear that Frankie's two leggers like it- would shed some light on the upcoming nuptials.

Spring is definitely coming!!!!

First, we have LOTS of robins in the yard today.  Second, FRANKIE FURTER is engaged to Ruby and Penny- Congratulations!!!!  Third, Mom has to order this year's supply of heartworm medicine for the three of us.

Today, MOM has to go to the people vet- her cold came back and she thinks it is bronchitis this time.  She has to sleep sitting up so that she can breathe, so Thai and Ginger take turns licking her and Chip makes sure there are enough blankets on her at night.  What would Mom and Dad do without us?