Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Cards

What's Her Name finally finished our cards today!!!  She even remembered to take us with her to the Post Office to mail them.  We watched intently as she slaved over the envelopes, the cards (she signed them for us- didn't want to get our pawdicures messed up) and then put the stamps on the ones for the United States.  We had to stay in the car while she mailed the overseas cards for us- what a mess she was in!  Now we can sit back and relax, and then next week we get our gift exchange pressies to put together and mail off!

Amazing Grace - Scottish Bagpipes

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sprint dachshund commercial

Thai's Adoption story and Christmas Pressies for Pawrents

Thanks to Frankie and Minna for these great stories on Thanksgiving!

This year, we will focus on Thai, as this is his first Thanksgiving with us!  

Last January, What's Her Name was checking her email and lo and behold, she had one in which she and Dad were being asked to take in a foster dachsie who needed a new foster home as quickly as possible.  Now, Dad was still sleeping (it was a Sunday), so without asking him first, Mom said yes to the DRNA lady, Dona (who was a foster parent for BOTH Ginger and Chip when they first were placed into rescue)  A week or so later after lots more emails with Dona and the other foster lady (Marcia) Thai was brought to our house to live.  Apparently, he had been  a DRNA foster for almost two years, and the lady who was in charge of our part of Ohio had forgotten about Thai and then later told the DRNA board members he was DEAD!!! 

Thai had the run of the house at his first foster home- he had other dog buddies and lived with another dachsie too.  BUTTT,,he kept getting into trouble which caused him to go to the vet all the time!  He loved to climb onto the tractor in the garage so he could lick the engine oil.  He got caught doing this a lot.  Then last Christmas, he got into even more trouble- he ate chocolate and had to go to the vet to have his stomach pumped; he ate rat poison and again had to see the vet, and last, he ate an entire bag of dog food in one sitting- 5 pounds, and again had to have his stomach pumped.  All these vet bills were the reason that DRNA learned that he was NOT dead but very much alive.  The last thing that happened was that a golden retriever attacked him and had him by the throat- Thai had wanted to make friends with him and he was treated like this!!!!!  Miss Marcia realized that Thai needed a home where he was not one of a much larger pack, and called DRNA.  She was very upset about Thai- she felt as if she had let him down.  So, Thai came to live with us as a foster in January, and has made our pack complete- he still tries to get into stuff, but Mom keeps a close eye on him.  He now loves being pet, his living room dog bed is next to the couch, and he has one in Dad's office.  He now sleeps on What's Her Name's pillow and shows both pawrents where the kitchen is- like What's Her Name would even know what to do in the kitchen, right?!!!!  EVerybuddy who reads this blog knows of his health issues and that someone wanted to adopt Thai until his legs got very weak.  Now, he is our very own sanctuary dog, living out his retirement years in luxury, eating Nature's Variety and WEllness, and keeping Mom happy.  He is walking much better thanks to Miss Pat, who runs the dachsie spa inEuclid, and he has his own blankies and pillows in the car and the Big Bed. 

Thai fit right in with Ginger and Chip from the start, and he knows that this pack is his.  He loves to go walkies with the other guys (Dad and Chip) and is a Man's Man. 

Now for the Christmas pressies part of today's festivities- Dad is done- We had What's Her Name put three Rudolph the Red Nosed REindeer train cars on layaway for us- we ran out of money when we got Dad that really great birthday pressie.  One car from each of us!!!!  Mom- we got her a subscription to Doxie Digest and the first issue arrived last week!

Monday, November 22, 2010

CHIP and THAI updates

Remember when Chip had to have extra training over the summer with the Northeast Ohio Dog Whipserer?  You would never believe it, but he does his walkies with DAD and they get along great- no tugging, waiting for what's her name, etc.  The guys go off at a guy pace and Ginger and What's Her Name bring up the rear.  Chip still protects Mom, but no more nervousness and aggression.  He still barks at strange men, but listens (most of the time) when told NO. 

Thai is now doing walkies on his leash!  Mom can now leave his rolling throne home.  He fusses so much while in it- he just wants to run and catch up with Dad and Chip< so Mom lets him out and off his goes, hopping like a bunny.  Then the men in the pack go off and do their manly things while Ginger and Mom trail along respectfully, sniffing the ground, leaving pee mail. 
Thai is full of more energy and he and Chip are starting to share the dog beds in the living room and office.  Thai even sleeps on Mom's pillow for several hours before making his way to the paw of the bed for a couple more hours of snooze time.

Over this past weekend, there were lots of occasions for fun- Dad was raking the 87 billion leaves in the backyard, and Thai and Chip had a ball running around, zooming back and forth playing.  Ginger preferred to roll in the leaves, and when she attempted to extend the boundaries of her kingdom, she would run back to Mom if Dad caught her, and run to Dad when Mom caught her.  They were worn out with the warm weather and the backyard zoomies that they snored all night.  Sunday Dad finished the backyard and we were taken to Pet Supplies Plus to stock up on our raw venison chunks by Nautre's Variety. Mom could not find our favorite fruit treats, but Nature's Variety came out with great treats in the same flavors as their kibble.  (We talked Mom into buying two of the four flavors)

Dad put up his favorite birthday present, which was from us- Snoopy and his doghouse.  It looks great in the front yard!

Mom finally finished the envelopes for our Christmas CArds- now we get to sign the cards ourselves and then next week, we go shopping for the gift exchange!   Thai also needs a Christmas stocking and outfit, so he must endure that humiliation with us.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

End of the Liturgical Year

Today, in the Catholic world, is the last Sunday in the liturgical year, in Ordinary Time.  Next Sunday is the First Sunday of Advent, and the start of the new liturgical year.  The poster was shamelessly swiped from one of Mom's favorite blogs, What Does The Prayer Really Say, which is listed under the blogs I follow section on this blog. 

Today, the inestimable Father Zuhsldorf wrote, concerning Advent:

"In the older, traditional calendar there is no special liturgy for this Sunday.   This is a poignant way to point toward the seamless cycle of the Church’s representation of the mysteries of salvation.  In the newer calendar we are focused also on the end times in the Feast of Christ the king.
We simultaneously long for the Second Coming of the Lord – that is what Advent is about, by the way, the Second Coming in glory and judgment – and we dread it.  Early Christians prayed with longing “Come! Lord, Come!”  In later centuries the sense of longing was replaced with sober realization of what we will endure on the day of His Coming.
Both of these attitudes can help us in our own day to be concerned with joyful sobriety, sober joy, about the meeting we will have with the Lord when He comes.  Do not forget that the last day of your life is going to be an anticipation of the Second Coming.   As Augustine wrote: Qualis in die isto quisque moritur, talis in die illo iudicabitur (ep. 199.2).
In death your life will be laid bare.  In the Second Coming itself, the Lord will lay bare all things.   That which we have endured in life with patient perseverance and sometime suffering shall be given explanations.
St. Augustine explained that the Lord’s judgments are obscure to us now, but later they will be made clear.  Justice in this life is imperfect.  In the life to come it will be perfected.
All that which He has permitted to happen now, will be given reasons and explanations and we will finally see the perfect justice even behind what now is hidden and challenging.
The Church’s year presents us anew with the unchanging mysteries of our salvation.  But year year we are a little different and closer to the moment when the Lord’s hidden justice and judgments will be revealed.   Do not be content to leave yourself straying on your life’s path toward your judgment with the knowledge of your saving Faith as it was when you were fresh from catechism as a child.  Some people do.  Do not leave yourself cold on the this path without the warming effect of works of mercy.
Live in sober joy, or joyful sobriety about the state of your soul even as you follow your mapway toward the Coming Lord through our Holy Church’s mysterious years of waiting."

When Mom brings up Father Z, she is seriously getting ready! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dad is 41 (which is really close to 87!!!)

The Loot, guarded by Chip

Dad and his loot

Dad reading his card from us!!!  It is NOT upside down- we wanted Dad to know that he is our favorite pawrent!

Casey from Build A Bear

The Impawtant gift- from us!

Ginger helping Dad open his loot, mistakenly believing some of it was hers

Dad showing off the gift from What's Her Name

The layout, with the rail bond car and the new signal (lying on its side)

New rail bond car

New signals safely installed.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rodeo Barrel Racing Wiener

SHHHHHH-- Secret Saturday!!!!!

Today, What's Her Name and Dad took us car right after breakfast!  We went to a train store so she could FINALLY get something for Dad for his 41st birthday tomorrow  (Is 41 anywhere near 87, does anybuddy know?)

Anyhoos, what's her name actually found something that Dad does NOT know about!  It is something with CSX on it.  She sent Dad out back to the car to see us, and while she was paying for the other stuff Dad picked out she found it  Promise- pictures tomorrow!

THEN, she was exercising her jaw, again, with the ladies who run the store and found out that there were three Rudolph the RedNosed Reindeer themed train cars available!  She looked at them and put them on layaway for us to give Dad Christmas morning.  Finally using her head!

Of course, what happened next was even more impawtant as far as we were concerned- we hit the McDonald's next door!  We needed more water and Mom slipped up and ordered a sandwich meal for Dad and herself (she isn;t allowed ANY fast food anymore, but was told it would take a while for her to resist the yummy goodness)  We had glorious french fries, since Mom isn;t supposed to have them, and we also had to sacrifice to make sure they were cooked properly so Dad wouldn;t get s sick tummy.  YUMMY!!!

Then Mom drove us home and then after a quick nappy, we helped clean out the garage so that Dad could finally use his powerwasher that we got him for Easter.  We are so pooped out that we need another nappy! 



Friday, November 12, 2010

No Sheeples Here: Sometime They'll Give A War And Nobody Will Come

FYI- Smitty and The Other McCain are two bloggers who helped Mom when she started blogging (her other blog, nit this one) Carol of No Sheeples is another dear blogging friend who also gave Mom advice and encouragement.

Mom asks that the DAchsies With Moxie followers pray fro Smitty while he serves our country during this time of war.

No Sheeples Here: Sometime They'll Give A War And Nobody Will Come

Sometime They'll Give A War And Nobody Will Come

Friday, November 12, 2010

Skillful wordsmith, gleeful humorist, devotee of the female form, master of the comma, friend—these are but a few of the descriptives I attach to Smitty of The Other McCain.

I would not swap the favor of kings for the friendship of Chris “Smitty” Smith. I have “known” Smitty for two of the three-and-a-half years I’ve been blogging. I remember reaching out to Smitty when No Sheeples Here was a fledgling site.

Countless times, Smitty and Stacy linked to this blog and helped to drive traffic my way. I owe both gentlemen a great debt for helping to grow my readership.

Often, there would be an email in my inbox from Smitty with an idea for a Photoshop™. Smitty’s sense of humor and his deft use of words would bring a delightful and humorous twist to a story that was breaking on the Intertoobs.

In Cogadh No Sìth Smitty writes, “I hold orders to activate in mid-November and report to Kabul, Afghanistan in time for Christmas. Bandwidth and latitude for skylarking online will not exist until the end of 2011.”

It is difficult for me imagine The Other McCain being bereft of Smitty’s postings.

Smitty is a tender soul. A little over a year ago I received one of those emails from him that I mentioned above. In it, he asked if I would create a graphic in remembrance of LCDR Robert Randolph Elseth for Project 2996.

In his post for September 11, 2009 he wrote of Elseth:

The Crown of Life Bob wore,
Invisible yet ever present:
Worthy of Christian striving.

The unfathomable Will of God,
Placing him in the Pentagon
On that day is joyous and bitter.

Calling him home so soon
Immortalizes his memory
Without hugs for the remaining.

Though my wife would object,
At the time, I, a bachelor,
Would have cheerfully traded places.

Did you get that? He would have cheerfully traded places with Bob on that horrible day when the Pentagon was attacked on September 11, 2001. You can almost visualize the tears rolling down Smitty’s face.

It was Ralph Waldo Emerson who wrote, “A man's growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.”

Smitty is a man of faith. For his impending deployment, Psalms 18:32-36 seems most appropriate:

“It is God who arms me with strength, And makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of deer, And sets me on my high places. He teaches my hands to make war, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. You have also given me the shield of Your salvation; Your right hand has held me up, Your gentleness has made me great. You enlarged my path under me, So my feet did not slip.”

Smitty is a patriot. For us he reminds, “And that the attitude that must be presented to the enemies of liberty; Taliban in Afghanistan, or Progressives closer to home. Thinking you stupid, they will continue to say that you ‘vote against your own interest’, and turn down their bread-and-circus substitutes for Liberty. Liberty ain’t cheap, and rejecting Progressivism may resemble pain for a while. That’s not pain. That’s Socialist weakness leaving the country, and don’t let these liars sell you otherwise. Stand and deliver, the way a Progressive cannot, for, at heart, modern Progressivism is a synonym for cowardice.”

Give the enemy hell while you are in country, Smitty. We will wait right here for you in prayer and thoughts of friendship and thankfulness that men of courage fight so that we may live in freedom. Godspeed.

Read more:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wiener Dog Song

Veternas Day- Black Family Veterans

Our Dad with Mom's Mom

Mom's family has served in the US Army since the Revolutionary War-

1) Jacob Maple- fought at the Battle of Monmouth, Middlesex Militia (NJ)
2)  Joseph Black- War of 1812, from Guernsey County, Ohio- received a land grant for his service
3)  Albert Maple- Civil War, Union Army, from Peoria, Illinois.  Died of tuberculosis.  Widow received pension
4)  Albert G. Black (grandson of Albert Maple) World War 1. 1st Lietenant, fought in France 1917- 1918
5)  Robert G. Black, Sr - Only child of Albert Gain Black, Korean War Served in the US Army, Drill Sergeant
6) Agnes Black Bullock- peacetime Army- 1st Lieutenant, served in Italy and West Germany in late 1980's (our Mom)- eldest child of Robert Gain Black, Sr.
7)  Robert Gain Black, Jr- Desert Storm, Gulf War 2, Bosnia- retired as a LTC from US Army- eldest son, and younger brother of Agnes Black Bullock

 Mom in her office in Italy, circa 1985

Robert Gain Black, Jr, Bamberg, FRG circa 1987

 Albert Gain Black (1896 - 1966)
Mom being commisisoned into the Army, 20 May 1980.  Her parents are on her right  and her youngest brother is on her left.
Robert Gain Black, Sr   (1928 - 2009)
Mom's favorite picture of her Dad- She looks just like him!
 Robert Gain Black, Jr during the first Gulf War, standing to the left of Steve Martin.

Mom with her best friend in college, nickname Talleyrand, Fort Dix March 1982

Now, Dad's side
1)  Louis H. Bullock, Jr- US Army medic
2)  Geoffrey S. Bullock- US Army, armor- during 1960s
3)  Geoffrey C. Bullock, son of Geoffrey and nephew of Louis- US Navy, Reserve Component (still serving)

Thursday Open Thread: Armistice Day Edition

Thursday Open Thread: Armistice Day Edition

Today, in 1918, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Great War ended. The diplomats and politicians who came up with that cute little flourish went on to negotiate a “peace” that ensured an even greater way within a generation. A good day to remember that the brave men and women in uniform are at the mercy of the political class.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday - the horror of it all

Today, we were cruelly abandoned by our servants for the WHOLE DAY!!!!!  Dad took the day off from work to take what's her name to Cleveland, for THREE medical related visits, and THEY LEFT US HOME ALONE!!!!!!!  It was horrible- we were fed breakfast, bread and water, and then they LEFT US!!!!

But, we got back at them-  there were tons of puddles and presents from us when they came home aroun 7 PM.  It took what's her name over half an hour to clean it all up, and she never said a word.  Serves her right!!!

Seems that what's her name is going to have bariatric surgery in January, and had to see a head doctor, the surgeon, and a dietician.  Mom has tried for years to lose weight that she put on since her late 20s, but it only makes it worse.  Even her swimming isn't enough, so her primary care doctor told her to look into it.  (Now we know why there are so few pictures of her!)  She starts a new diet tomorrow, and goes back next week and again in December to see the dietician.  She has to keep up and even increase her swimming and we now know that we will be doing walkies more often every day- at least twcie with Mom and then a third time with Mom and Dad.  Mom and Dad see the surgeon again on January 5th and then the surgery will be the last week of January or the first week of February.  Now we know why she has been so nervous and depressed this summer!!

In really good news, His Majesty, Frankie Furter Price, was the Daily Doxie today!!!!  We at the DWM have already held this prestigious honor, as has Her Majesty, Twix the Twixerific.  Now, the Royal Greatness of the Blogosphere holds the title, one which he truly deserves.  Now, his wives will be Queens of the Blogosphere, instead of the wives aof a mere mayor.

In Puddles news (aka She Who Must Be Obeyed), Her Imperial Greatness will someday be honored with the Daily Doxie award, but we think she has to join the site first!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Believe it or not, not much has been happening with the DWM.  Mom hasn't been herself lately (her depression is sneaking up again), so we have been closely guarding her!  Thai is still The Intrepid Kitchen Explorer, discovering the kitchen anew everytime he goes outside.  Mom and Dad wonder what they would do without him!  Mom even says that she would NEVER know where her kitchen was located if it were not for Thai.

Ginger and Thai share his office bed during the day while Mom is on the computer, and Chip share the chair, so he can guard Mom from the army fo devious squirrels that have appeared.  At bedtime, Thai sleeps between Mom and Dad instead of at the paw of the bed, and Ginger and Chip curl up on either side of him, crowding what's her name out of the bed sometimes!  (It is ours, you know)

Dad 's birthday is Sunday- he is going to be 41.  MOM still doesn;t have a gift (or an idea) for him.  WE already did our shopping- called Home Depot and had them drop off the Snoopy and Woodstock Christmas lawn inflatable!  Won't Dad be surprised.  Now, if what's her name would figure out something, we could get started on the CAKE!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Jazzi's World Christmas gift exchange!!1

Jazzi, a wonderful intrepid Scottie, has done it agin!  Another gift exchange for Chriustmas!  (We did not pawticipate last year as Mom is very slow about these things)  This year, we are exchanging gifts with The Feisty Three, who drew our names, and we drew the Amazing Animal Lovers Blog!!! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play Date today!!!

Mom sprung this on us- today we are having a new friend come over to meet us!!!!  His name is Gus and he is a dachsie!  His Mom is coming too, so she and Mom can sort through boxes of yarn for the parish's prayer shawl group.  (Mom volunteered to store everything!)  We heard that there will be treats galore if we are good  (and when aren't we good?)  What should Ginger wear- should she again dress in the fashion of La Puddles?

Thai is doing better- he had an episode on Hallowein night, where his rear right leg started to buckel and he started dragging his foot.  Mom gave him a pill and he went to bed early for a nap.  He has not had a problem since!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloweiner photos

Here are Mom's favorite photos of us on Halloweiner!!!  Ginger was dressed as PUDDLES, complete with butt shots!!!  Chip was himself in an orange shirt, full of spark and fire.  Thai was the The Master, intrepid kitchen explorer>  (The lady in the photos with Ginger and Chip is our neighbor, NOT Mom)