Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy Barkday Snoopy!!!!!Mama's boy

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 Today we the DWM are celebating a great day- Snoopy's 8th Barkday!   While WHN and Dad are busy packing up for our move (we move three weeks from tomorrow!) we wanted to thank Blogville for being such a big part of our lives!

happy Barkday Snoopy!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

POTP Needed!!!!


Our beloved Lily Belle and Muffin's Daddy is in need of POTP- he is having issues with his bladder and they are keeping a close eye on him as only two dachsies can, but Blogville's prayers are needed!!!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Exciting News!!!!!

OMD!!!!  Do we have exciting news for Blogville!!!

We are MOVING!!!!!  No, not to a new city as we did in 2012 but to a new house!!!!!  WHN and Dad have finally had enough with our landlord not repairing anything- the kitchen floor is so bad that Dad is afraid the subfloor will give way while he is at work!    So,  he and WHN started looking at houses, in order to be ready for the time when our old home in Ohio closes (this coming June!) and the lease ends here (Dad is going to break the lease if it kills him, but that ends on July 31st).  WHN has had her eye on a pawticular home for some time, and two weeks ago , there was an open house at this home and off they went, abandoning us again!  WHN simply wanted to get this house out of her system, since other houses had not lived up to the listings at all.

To their surprise, they loved the house- they did look at three other houses that Sunday, but this one was THE ONE!.  It is 1500 sq ft, and has a huge basement for Dad.  Three bedrooms, great kitchen, and two full baths, plus an open dining room and living room, plus a family room and fireplace.  The backyard is fenced and bigger than anything we have had before.  Two car garage, and we close on March 17th, moving out of the rentl house by March 31st (notice has been given!)

we are going to show you our new kingdom- Look out Blogville- we are going to have a huge pawty this summer!!!!!

Our new kitchen
living room and dining room
family room
our bedroom
guest bedroom and office
new sewing room
Dad's train room
front of our castle