Thursday, September 30, 2010

WWPD (aka What Would PUDDLES Do) ?????

Mom has been fussing too much lately, worrying herself sick over WWPD!!!!  Mom is well cared for by the three of us, but she is apparently obsessed with Her Majesty>  Really!  One would think the Dachsies With Moxie were enough, but NOOOOOO!!! 

Obviously, there has to be a fan club for Puddles.  Mom can't photoshop, and so we are stuck.  What should the rules be, what should we call ourselves.  Do we let She Who Must Be Obeyed know of this (SWMBO)?  Inquiring minds want to know.

First, it was the Dachshund Wedding, which really was the wedding of the Millenium.  Instead of the groom and his lovely brides taking center stage, it was SWMBO!!!  Daily we hear of her binge drinking, and other antics, and we cannot get enough.  Maybe, instead of a fan club, it should be a support group?  Should there be a blog hop dedicated to SWMBO? 

Any idea out there in the blogosphere?

Thankful Fur 3 Thursday Blop Hop

Hope this works like magic-  What Would Puddles Do?  (WWPD)

Heart Filled With Love Engraved Dog Breed Sterling Silver Earrings: Pet Dog Lover Jewelry

And this is for the Mom's of the Dachsies With Moxie (including Puddles' and Frankie's Mom's)

Heart Filled With Love Engraved Dog Breed Sterling Silver Earrings: Pet Dog Lover Jewelry

Dachshund Sculptural Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style Lamp: Unique Dachshund Lover Home Decor Lamp

This reminded Mom of "She Who MUST Be Obeyed"!!!!! That's right, Her Majesty, Puddles!

Dachshund Sculptural Louis Comfort Tiffany-Style Lamp: Unique Dachshund Lover Home Decor Lamp

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Very Dachshund Christmas Train Collection

A Very Dachshund Christmas Train Collection


Next Thursday, Dad's parents, our grandpawrents, are coming to spend some time with us and to meet The Thai Master.  Accompanying them will be Gingie, their long furred red dachshund!!!!  Ginger and Gingie have met (she is after all Ginger's aunt) but now the boys get to meet her!  Lots of food issues and potty issues to come!!!

Maybe we should take photos for Puddles and Frankie?  Gingi's output will put both of them to shame!

Wounded Warrior Indoor Obstacle Course Test (IOCT)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Dachshund movies- starring The Thai Master

RUN, Don't walk_ hit YouTube and under "trainwife1962", you will find the newest videos of The Thai Master at the doggie park wiht Ginger and Chip.  Both were filmed today.

Thai looks wonderful, and it shows- he runs like a puppy.  Must be due to the raw venision the DWM get as par of their diet!

Mike Pence - The Constitution and the Presidency

Saturday Blog Hop!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blog Hopping Thursday Thankful Fur 3 Edition

Our friends at the, are hosting a Thankful Fur 3 Bloghop!!!!

Head on over to make new friends and read a really great blog!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Open Thread: Hale Edition

Wednesday Open Thread: Hale Edition

Today, in 1776, soldier and spy Nathan Hale was executed by the British. His purported last words were, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.”


WOW!!!!  Her Majesty, Queen of the Doxiesphere, Queen of the Canine Blogosphere, Puddles Duddles Rainwater herself, is now following us!!!!!!  The honor of this has overwhelmed our Mom, who is trying to wipe the tears of joy off of the keyboard as she tries to type.

Now, we do not want anyone else who follows us to be insulted by the above paragraph, but the canine blogosphere is ruled by Her Majesty and she has a very long reach- if she does not follow you, the torments of the damned are your fate!  No pressies in the snail mail, no private emails, nothing- you are shunned by the blogosphere furrrever!  (NOW you understand why she was the preacher at the wedding of the century last month!)  Puddles is simply "She Who Must Be Worshipped"!!!!

Now that Her Majesty is following us, we have reached 53 followers!  The blessings from Puddles are unimaginable, especially for a Dachshund.  All other canines bow low in her presence, out of respect.  Dachshunds submit to her rule of the blogosphere and become her most ardent supporters.  Our humans become her slaves.  No one can resist Her Majesty- no one!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Versatile K9

Today was the fourth of five training sessions with Scott VanDenHaute, the Dog Whisperer of Northeast Ohio. 

CHIP is doing so much better, but is off the couch again- growled at Dad twice over the last weekend!

THAI is learning "PLace"- he did very well at the training and he is only there to have fun and exercise.

GINGER- Mom's little girl is doing well too- she was a lot better on the treadmill!

McDonald's chicken strips were the appropriate reward for the Dachsies With Moxie! 

Now, what to we have to do to get Puddles Duddles to follow us?  We have been praying our paws off for her brudder!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Drum roll please!!!!!!

Run to THAI the Magnificent, The Thai Master- is the DOXIE OF THE DAY!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Wows!

Dad came home around noonish!  He was so tired.  Mom made him a triple cheeseburger, and then he showered and went to bed.  Chip supervised Dad getting into bed- he knew Mom meant business!!!!  Then he came downstairs to "help" with Mom's cheeseburger!  Mom gave each of us the middle!  Yummy.

Then, Mom received her Longaberger shipment from her friend Karen!  Inside were the Horizon of Hope baskets- Mom orders each because she loves pink and white!  Also inside were the two Halloween baskets- this year the theme was candy corn, which reminds Mom of her Dad, who loved it.  (Last year, Longaberger had a cat basket set- where is the dachshund basket set?)

Dad is still sleeping- Mom is getting him up around 4 PM EST so he can have dinner and stay up so his body clock doesn't go haywire again!

Wednesday Walkies

MOM took us for walkies this morning!  Thai was in his moveable camouflage throne, while Ginger and Chip walked alongside, using their training leads.  Everybody had a good time.  Mom's back is still bad and she wasn't feeling well, so we had walkies instead of her going to the pool.  Her back was so bad yesterday that our Dog Whisperer like training class had to be postponed- it took her almost two hours to get out of bed!  Best of all, WE BEHAVED on the walkies!  Even last night, when Dad finally returned home, we were 'have, as he puts it.  No problems in bed, but Dad was called out at midnight and we haven't seen him since!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Night!!!

Dad was out of town for work again!  Mom had some ladies over from the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians to finish their corsages for Mass this Sunday.  We had no idea what was going on but boy were we not ignored!!!  Mom's friends fawned all over us and we were very good when the Papa John's pizza came!!!  Each of the ladies gave us a piece of crust!!!!!!  Then they eventually left and left us alone with Mom. 

She and Dad talked on the phone till 9 and we all went outside forr our bedtime ablutions, and Mom carried Thai to bed first, then Ginger.  After she got ready, Mom came into the bedroom only to see GINGER peeing on her blanket and the down comforter.  MOM was very upset.  She took Ginger downstairs and put her in the big crate and then came upstairs to clean up Ginger's mess.  Then Mom went to bed, leaving Ginger in the crate for the night. All was well until 3 this morning when Ginger started barking like crazy.  Mom went down and put a blanket on the crate and came back, ignoring her princess the rest of the night.  Thai crawled up to Mom and slept on her chest the rest of the night- the first time he has ever done this!  Chip slept curled up around her legs and feet. Around six this morning, Ginger started to howl!

Mom's back is out again, so when she could get up , around 8, she took her boys out and went to get Ginger.  TO Mom's shock and horror, Ginger had taken care of her ablutions to such an extent that the dog bed was ruined and had to be thrown away.  It was filthy and the crate smelled. It took Mom a long time to clean up that mess, with her back being out.  Then she had to give Ginger a bath before she fed us.

Ginger has been acting up a little lately- she even growled at Thai this morning, but peeing on the Big Bed is the worst!!!!  She has done it in the past, but not since we moved into the new house last year.  Dad is furious and is moving the pink crate into the bedroom tonight.  Seems Ginger is no longer going to sleep on the Big Bed!

What do you guys think?

Monday, September 13, 2010

DWM news

Nothing much going on here in NE Ohio.  Just getting Mom up in time to feed us, letting her clean up after us, getting our beauty sleep.

BTW- Ever since Thai had his time at the spa, he is acting more puppyish.  He now wants to be up on the couch with the rest of the DWM, and loves to be pet by Mom and Dad.  Before, he realy wasn't into anything but food and petting was just not a sure thing.  Now he demands it! He settles in very quickly once he is on couch and no longer fusses.  Took Mom long enough to figure that out!

Also, Mom noticed that she has lost followers over the last couple of weeks.  She thinks it is due to her posting non dachsie related stuff, especially for 9-11.  As far as she is concerned, this is still America, and she will post what she wants, especially when America is still at war.  We might not be at war with Islam, but Islam is at war with us.  Mom served in the Army and was stationed in Europe in the late 1980s when terrorism was in its heyday, with the Baader Meinhof monsters, the Red Brigade, etc.  She was there when the US tried to take out Quaddafi and unfortunately failed.  She was there when a soldier was murdered by Islamic radicals after he left a Berlin disco.  Mom knows this stuff and is pretty smart for a two legger.  She was at work in NYC when the Twin Towers were bombed in 1993.  She and Dad last saw the Twin towers on 9 September 2001, when Dad was taking her to a bridal shower on Long Island.  She has served her country honorably and will defend it with her last breath.  So does Dad, and he is still in the Navy Reserve.  They hate what is happening in this country, and will speak out against the evil that is slowly strangling it.  If you are uncomfortable, Mom and Dad aren't going to change- and neither will we. 

Geert Wilders 9/11 Ground Zero Speech

Geert Wilders 9/11 Ground Zero Speech

September 12, 2010
Geert Wilders 9/11 Ground Zero SpeechAndrew G. Bostom
Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician under threat of death from radical Islamists, gave a speech yesterday at Ground Zero that all Americans should pay attention to. You can watch a video of it here. (see also: Islam Continues to Strengthen Geert Wilders' Case) The text is as follows:
Dear friends,
May I ask you to be silent for ten seconds? Just be silent and listen. Ten seconds. And listen... What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth. No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City. You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity. And that is how it should be. Always.
Now close your eyes - I know it's a beautiful day, but close your eyes. I have been told that this day nine years ago was just such a beautiful day -- and remember, or try to remember, or try to imagine the sounds which were heard here on this spot under this same blue sky exactly nine years ago. The sound of shock, the sound of destruction, the sound of panic, the sound of pain, the sound of terror.
Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this? What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds? There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line.
My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago.I have not forgotten how I felt that day. The scenes are imprinted on my soul, as they are on yours. But our hearts were not broken in the same way as the hearts of the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives here. Many relatives of the victims are here in our midst today. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to them and to all of the people of New York and America.
Darryl Worley - Have You Forgotten?
Humbly, I stand here before you as a Dutchman and a European. I, too, however, cannot forget. How can anyone forget? Let me remind you of the words from Darryl Worley's 9/11 song.
Have you forgotten how it felt that day? To see your homeland under fire And her people blown away Have you forgotten when those towers fell? We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell
Worley's response is our response: No, we will NEVER forget. We are here today because we have not forgotten all the loved ones that were lost and those left to carry on. And neither has the world. When the forces of Jihad attacked New York, they attacked the world.
Among those lost were people from 55 nations, people of every religion and every persuasion. No place on earth had a more multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-lingual workforce than New York's proud towers. That is exactly why they were targeted. They constituted an insult to those who hold that there can be no peaceful cooperation among people and nations without submission to Sharia; to those who wish to impose the legal system of Islam on the rest of us. But New York and Sharia are incompatible.
New York stands for freedom, openness and tolerance. New York's Mayor recently said that New York is "rooted in Dutch tolerance". Those are true words. New York is not intolerant. How can it be? New York is open to the world. Suppose New York were intolerant. Suppose it only allowed people of one persuasion within its walls. Then it would be like Mecca, a city without freedom. Whatever your religion, persuasion or gender is, in New York you will find a home. In Mecca, if your religion isn't Islam, you are not welcome.
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf claims the right to build a mosque, a house of Sharia here - on this hallowed ground. But, friends, I have not forgotten and neither have you. That is why we are here today. To draw the line. Here, on this sacred spot. We are here in the spirit of America's founding fathers. We are here in the spirit of freedom. We are here in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves. President Lincoln said: "Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves." These words are the key to our survival. The tolerance that is crucial to our freedom requires a line of defense.
Mayor Bloomberg uses tolerance as an argument to allow Imam Rauf and his sponsors to build their so-called Cordoba Mosque. Mayor Bloomberg forgets, however, that openness cannot be open-ended. A tolerant society is not a suicidal society. It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant - and survive. This means that we must not give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us. An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building this mosque. So is an overwhelming majority everywhere in the non-Islamic world. Because we all realize what is at stake here. We know what this so-called Cordoba mosque really means.
Imam Rauf maintains that American secular law and Sharia law are based on the same principles. He refuses to condemn terrorists because he says terrorism is "a very complex question". He says America is "an accessory to the crime that happened on 9/11." "In fact," he literally said, "in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA."He also says that "terrorism will only end when the West acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims."
That is why this man should not play the game he has in mind here in Manhattan. His "Blame the West, Blame America"-message is an insult. Americans - and by extension, all of us whose civilization was also attacked on 9/11/2001 - are not to blame for what happened here nine years ago today.
Osama bin Laden is not made in the USA. The West never "harmed" Islam before it harmed us. Most Americans do not want this so-called Cordoba Mosque to be built here. They understand that it is both a provocation and a humiliation. They understand the triumphant narrative of a mosque named after the Great Mosque of Cordoba which was constructed where a Christian cathedral stood before the land was conquered by Islam.
An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building an Islamic cultural center close to Ground Zero. There is no lack of mosques in New York. There are dozens of buildings in which Muslims can pray. It isn't about a lack of space for prayers. It's about the symbolic meaning.
We who have come to speak today, object to this mosque project because its promoter and his wealthy sponsors have never suggested building a center to promote tolerance and interfaith understanding where it is really needed: In Mecca - a town where non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter, let alone build churches, synagogues, temples or community centers. So why should we do that?
Ordinary Americans object to the mosque project because currently no fewer than ten major multi-million dollar mosque projects are being planned in the United States as well as dozens in Europe, while not a single church is allowed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia,while Jews are not even allowed to move their lips in prayer on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem,while the oldest Christians in the world, the Copts, are not free to renovate their churches, let alone to build one in Egypt.
My friends, that is why we are here today. What happens in New York must be seen in the perspective of the world. The events nine years ago made an enormous impact everywhere. Most people shared your pain, but, unfortunately, some did not. Nine years ago, when the news of the terrible atrocity in New York reached Europe, Muslim youths danced in the streets.
In a poll, two thirds of the Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands expressed partial or full understanding for the 9/11 terrorists.If a mosque were built here on Ground Zero such people would feel triumphant. But we, we will not betray those who died on 9/11. For their sakes we cannot tolerate a mosque on or near Ground Zero. For their sakes loud and clear we say: No mosque here! For their sakes, we must draw the line. So that New York, rooted in Dutch tolerance, will never become New Mecca.
But, let us also express our gratitude for the heroes of 9/11, those who went down in that Pennsylvania field, those who were standing freedom's watch at the Pentagon, and those who were here in New York nine years ago to risk and lose their lives for the victims. Friends, in honor of these victims, these heroes and their families, I believe that the words of Ronald Reagan, spoken in Normandy on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, resonate with new purpose on this hallowed spot.
President Reagan said: "We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." And, we, too, will always remember the victims of 9/11 and their loved ones who were left behind;We, too, will always be proud of the heroes;We will always defend liberty, democracy and human dignity;In the name of freedom: No mosque here!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taz update

As everyone knows, Taz (or Tazmanian Dogville, as Dad called him) was adopted and now has a great furrever home in Pennsylvania!!!!!  He has a younger brother, Archie Bean, who is also a DRNA rescue, and both love each other to pieces.  Taz is continuing in his quest for Olympic and world records- the latest are in high jumping.  He has been so active that his family had to buy a 40 inch tall gate to keep him safe and away from the front door!  Taz loves taking baths with his brother and has become a Daddy's boy.  Have no fear, his Momma gets lots of kisses in the morning when she gets up.  He and MR. Bean sleep in the big bed, curled up next to their Mom.  Soemtimes, Taz takes overs her pillow!!!!  He is well loved by both his two legger and four legger families.  Once Mom gets some photos of him, she will post them.  Taz is on facebook with his friend, Archie, on his Mom's page.  Email Mom for that info- trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com.

Chip and Ginger are doing great with the Versatile K9 training sessions!!!!  Ginger is working very hard on "place" and "come" and what a difference!  Chip is improving daily on his walkies and no more problems at home with Dad or the couch!!!!  NO MORE FRONT DOOR problems with any of the DWM!!!  Chip waits in the living room when Mom opens the front door and will only come out after Mom is on the porch and she calls him from there.  Ginger still tries to get out before Mom but she is losing that battle.
going back inside, Chip stays on his porch blanket until Mom is back inside and calls for him!  Ginger is too busy trying to track down Taz's bunny, but she is good at the froint door too.  Chip can go outside and not bark at our neighbors when they are on their own lawns.  He is a MUCH happier dachsie too.  If you live in Northeast Ohio, check out Versatile K9, or look up Scott VanDenHaute 

Thai is a trooper- running around everywhere and keeping up with the pack. He went to Tuesday's class at Versatile K9 and was a very good boy- making friends with the other dogs who were boarding there and just being Thai.  Loves his stroller, which helps since he gets fussy when his arthritis pain kicks in.  He has his after dinner nap in it and he loves having it.

Dog park adventures keep happening- Dad and Mom take us to the park every weekend!!!  We love to run around and roll in the grass- and lots of great new smells.  We heard them telling us that we would be going every weekend, as long as the weather is good. 

Check out our videos on YouTube- Mom has it under trainwife1962.  Our new blog friend Twinkiedog has checked us out and left comments!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sad day

Today would have been Mom's parents 49th anniversary and the 103rd birthday of Dad's paternal grandfather, Louis H. Bullock, Sr.  Mom mises her Dad terribly and Dad misses his grandfather.