Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pittie Pack Quilt Blocks 9 through 12 arrived today!!!!!!

 I has a boo boo

Dad with Her Majesty, Anna Rose
Da Weenies of FLorida
 Today's mail brought an overflowing of love for Sandra and her family, via Blogville!  Quilt blocks from Sagira (red), from Minnie and Mack Cooper  (black) and TWO from Da Weenies of Florida (Winnie the Pooh and green with bones) WHN also is posting Anna Rose's homecoming photos, for her boyfriend Max Da Odder Weinie
From Sagira

From Minnie and Mack

From Amber Da Weenie


Yes, the love of Dad's life, Her Majesty, Anna Rose, Queen of Fur, is home!!!!  Full of perkiness and on a new diet- kidney/renal and NO TREATS!  Low protein too.  Will have to see which of the three brands of canned she will eat and also if she will eat the new kibble.  What's Her Name is going to try and find recipes that she can make- Anna Rose will not eat even canned foodables without something homemade!  Her calcium levels and something else are elevated, and she returns on 9 January for a follow up blood test.  At that time, Dr. Parker will determine if Fur will need IV fluids every other day to keep her kidneys flushed out.  DAD will be the one handling this!  What's Her Name and needles- maybe on her sewing machine, but no where near a dachshund!  She also has a new, one a day prescription treat, which she will eat if she is hand fed by her adoring servant, Daddy.  Right now the two of them are ensconced on the couch, watching Emergency, Season 1. 

BTW,  Zona's auction item arrived yesterday and was successfully installed for Fur's return home- Yes it is a wonderful car seat and apparently was made just for Anna Rose, who was seated in it onher triumphal journey home from the vet.

Friday, December 30, 2011

UPDATE- ANNA ROSE, part 2 and Pittie Pack Quilt Progress- Blocks 7 and 8 arrived today!

 For Max, Da Odder Weenie, a few photos of his girl, Anna Rose.

Dad called the vet earlier and Anna Rose is a lot perkier and will be coming home tomorrow morning.  Dad could not find a veterinarian in Northeast Ohio that does the laser surgery, but Ohio State down in Columbus does the hydrotherapy procedure.  We will know more tomorrow.  

Ginger was very busy today, keeping WHN chained to her Janome and making sure she did something other than cry!  You can see how hard a job it was for Ginger to keep WHN under control, as usual.  Puddles suggested lots of adult beverages, such as beer, so WHN will be taking her up on that idea once she gets off the computer!  

The quilt is coming along nicely- ZONA and the SLIMMER PUGS sent fabric that arrived today- blocks 7 and 8.  WHN was able to combine Goose's donation with both Zona's and Sarge's and came up with two nine patch blocks!  Then Dad laid out the Fearless Five blocks with these on our bed, to see how they look- What do you think?

Jazzi's Mom will be sending lots of fabrics next week and posting on her blog!  LOVE JAZZI'S MOM!!!!

What's Her Name would like to thank everyone in Blogville for their kind comments and their prayers for Anna Rose- It has been a very unpleasant shock and she is embarrassed that she didn't handle it well, but at least Dad knows how to be the grownup in this group!  The Furst Mom of Blogville, the Head Flake, has been a great support for WHN and she wants everyone to know what a great person Lana is.  We are lucky to have her.

Ginger busy supervising What's Her Name

Zona's quilt donation

Slimmer Pugs Donation

The Fearless Five Blocks with theGoose, Zona and Sarge blocks on a queen sized bed

Goose, Sarge and Zona Quilt Block

Goose and Zona Quilt Block


Her Majesty, Queen of Daddy's Heart, Daddy's Beloved Fur, is at the vet as we speak!  She will be there overnight and on IV fluids to flush her system out and should return home tomorrow.  Dr. Parker does not think she needs surgery and that this is what she went through when we first got her.  Dr. Parker wants to get her better first, and then we are going to look into the emergency vet doing laser removal of her kidney stone.  What's Her Name of course broke down in tears at the vet, even though it is better news than expected- what else would you expect from her, the blonde moment nitwit!  Dad is a rock, and is doing his best to keep the blonde moments from taking over completely. 


Yesterday afternoon, Anna Rose started to tremble as if she were in pain.  We thought that her back was going down.  As our vets were unavailable, we had to take her to an emergency vet, who determined that it was NOT a back problem, but an abdominal one, requiring xrays and blood work, which she will have done today at our vet..  She make have eaten a foreign object or have another kind of bowel blockage, ore pancreatitis.  (She is the only pack member who does not eat everything in sight- she is very picky so we hope and pray that it isn't the first two things)  .  She would only eat her canned foodables if Geoff hand fed her and she screamed in pain when the vet, during his exam, touched parts of her tummy. 

We had a sleepless night and her vet's appointment is for 11, if we cannot get her in sooner.  PLEASE PRAY FOR US!  Geoff as you know is out of work and she is his baby- her nickname (to which she does call when used ONLY by him, is "Fur")  Anna Rose slept in the big bed curled up with me till 4 AM then her Daddy till we got up just now at 7:30- she would not eat her bedtime snackie and refused her tramadol in the pill pocket, but did drink water.  She dozed most of the night but would wake for us to pet her.  She went out for her morning constitutional and had no problems and had no pain when we picked her up.  She was even playing her favorite game with Geoff if catch me if you can!

We are praying that surgery is NOT needed, but your prayers are for her and for Geoff. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pittie Pack Quilt- Blocks 5 and 6 have arrived!!!!!

Today, we have What's Her Name CHAINED to her Janome sewing machine!  She is making FIVE blocks in honor of the FEARLESS FIVE!  Each block consists of five different fabrics and each block will be five blocks across and five down, and will have five blocks of each fabric dedicated to the meory of these heroes.  Guerro is represented by the red roses, Coco Chanel by the pink damask, Shelby by the cream background with the multi colored hearts and flowers, Tiger by the blue floral, and Lucky by  the pink and red hearts.  Dad is holding one of the finished blocks so that you can see how they will appear on the quilt.  

Frankie and Ernie have provided a block and scraps in honor of Baron, for their contribution to the Memory Quilt.  Madi and her Mom have contributed TWO BLOCKS to the quilt- a beautiful blue print!
Coco Chanel




Frankie and Ernie's block

Madi and Cecilia from

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pittie Pack Quilt- nine patch squares completed

 Here are photos of the five nine squares that What's Her Name threw together for the Pittie Pack Quilt today!  (Ignore the beer bottles in the garbage can- Puddles made a quick visit last night and we were up all night drinking- sorry, no Cheetohs, but boy did we have fun!  No photos either- have to protect Puddles' reputation!)  WHN has lots more fabric to cut oput today, but we wanted all of you to see what is going to be in the quilt!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH AFRICA- Pittie Pack Quilt block/fabric has arrived!!!!!

 Yes, it has arrived!  Caryl mailed it on 21 December 2011 and it arrived, safe and sound TODAY!!!!!!!!

This beautiful piece of fabric, and its beautiful note for Sandra, are the fourth block for the Pittie Pack quilt to arrive!

A queen sized quilt runs 90 inches by 108 inches.  With 5.5 inch borders, that leaves 84.5 and 102.5 inches respectively to fill with the quilt blocks and the five portraits of our Fearless Five heroes.  (These blocks will average 18 X 22 inches apiece.  The quilt  calls for 16 quilt blocks across by 19 quilt blocks down, which is 304 blocks total (NOT counting the portraits of our beloved heroes).  A TOTAL OF 224 quilt blocks for the quilt are needed!  (80 quilt blocks equals the area covered by our heroes portraits!) We have four now- we only need 220 more!  Email What's Her Name at trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com for our address and for ideas for the blocks.  You do not need to sew anything, just send a 6 inch by 6 inch piece of washable fabric that means something to you and your four legger(s), a note explaining the connection and a photo of your furbaby!!!!

In Memory of the Fearless Five, by Mayor Frankie, his Puppy Ernie and Furst Mom of BLogville, Lana

For Sandra and the Pittie Pack

Presented by Frankie Furter in Loving memory, understanding, and friendship for Brinks & Bella and Angels Coco, Shelby, Lucky, Tiger, Guero.

We KNEW that IT was coming. We could Feel IT in the very air. We KNEW we would Not be able to Stop IT, but we Had to Protect our beloved two leggers. We, the Houston Pittie Pack and Wee Ones, Had to make Plans.

From the first moment that we Sensed IT was coming, we were very aware that some of us would need to STAY BEHIND to continue to Love and Protect and Care for our Mommish, Daddish, Grammish , and our Baby Two Legger. That would be a most important assignment. None of us felt worthy. Each believed another possessed the qualities needed to take on the task.

We also admit that we each wanted to take the Easy Path.. The one where we would chase IT completely away... Well beyond the Rainbow.. and then be able to REST on the other side of the Bridge.

Oh the SHAME we felt. WHY? WHY was IT coming to OUR Safe Home? WHY to Sandra's Sanctuary, as we love to call it. And WHY couldn't we Prevent IT's Evil Arrival?

We wanted, but could not find a way to make our people Aware of what was going to happen. WHY couldn't we make the DANGER KNOWN? WHY couldn't we Stop IT? Our saintly mommish had SAVED each and EVERY One of Us. WHY could we not save her from what was going to happen?

OH the GUILT. The Horrible GUILT we all felt. We Should have been able to do for HER what SHE had done fur US. Our Hearts were CRUSHED. We were miserable and felt Useless. OH, the GUILT.

It was Shelby who finally made it clear that we needed to face some difficult facts. We could NOT change the fact that there would be great sadness, but the most important thing of all was to ensure that EVERY ONE of our Humans WOULD SURVIVE and be watched over once we managed to drive IT away.

Shelby made us understand that WE had Mommish, and the other people in our home, to thank for saving US and for showing us such tenderness. It was OUR turn to give back to HER. We, Guero, Shelby, Coco Chanel, Tiger, Lucky, Brinks, and Bella, had known more devotion than any of us ever dreamed possible and it was due to the people who had taken us in and made our lives worth living. Our lives were so wonderful. Not to be measured in the Number of Days ... but by the QUALITY of those days.

There was never a question in our minds.. Mommish, Daddish, Grammish, and the precious baby two legger Must be protected and SAVED. We may not be able to PREVENT, but we Could SAVE, at any cost. SHE saved US we needed to SAVE HER and Her FAMILY.

Who will Go and Who will Stay? We could not decide. We could not VOTE. We resorted to the silly game BONE STUFFIE PAW Bone outweighs Stuffie Stuffie has no Paw and Paw Buries Bone. We had seen people play that with rocks and paper and scissors. Our friends will get a laugh out of that. They will remember how we always Love to have FUN together. Although we enjoyed our game we knew the results would be Serious and must be accepted with Strength and Conviction, just as OUR Mommish has always shown us to do. Yes, we DID enjoy our last game... until we are all together again.

The result of the game was that Brinks and Bella would be the ones entrusted to Remain Behind. They would Comfort and PROTECT in our absence. The rest of us would Drive IT away.

Bella immediately sensed that the little two legger needed to be very close to Mommish and Daddish...especially at NIGHT.. because we were sure that IT would choose the DARKEST TIME to do IT's DARKEST Deed. Bella worked for two days to make the humans AWARE that the two legger baby... was not feeling well and needed to be watched closely... They finally seemed to understand her looks and body language. Bella was finally able to convince the people to move the baby's bed into their bedroom. Bella proved her skill at watching over our little one with all her power.

Brinks would be our Strength.. Our Bone Solid Strength. He would be the one to show Mommish, that all of the days to come, are OUR legacy to HER.

The Plan was ready... we each had our jobs... and when IT came... we did NOT shirk. We Sounded the Alarm and with all our might we Barked and BARKED. IT tried to get to the two leggers but we drove IT back. We gave them the time they needed to get safely away.

Some of the people who were there that night, did not understand that we CHOSE to be where we were.. and to do what we had planned, in order to hold IT at BAY. They foolishly tried to break our concentration. That would have been a disaster. We did not allow it to happen. They didn't realize that WE had everything under control. They didn't KNOW about our PLAN. They did not know that we had been taught to let Nothing stand in the way of what needs to be done. We felt sad that they did not understand our mission. It nearly broke our hearts to hear our names being called and not being able to leave our stations. We stood fast, but hoped that Some Day everyone would understand and forgive us for steadfastly holding IT back.

We took up our positions and we did NOT waver. We began to Bark... Furious Barks.. NOT barks of fear. We Barked our most FIERCE Barks and we were Finally able to Confuse and Frighten IT, and to cause IT to retreat.
We Barked until IT was far enough away that we needed to transform ourselves so that we could continue to drive IT even farther and faster. The FIVE of us made the transition to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge where we could move with the speed and agility needed to pursue the evil thing and to chase IT to a place far beyond where IT could ever harm our dear ones ever again.

We Five are now together, resting with friends we had not seen for a very long time. Brinks and Bella will join us some day, when their jobs are finished. We will never know Why IT chose to attack our beautiful home, but the SHAME and GUILT, which we once felt, have been lifted from our backs. WE saved our people. We did NOT Fail them.
We, the Houston Pittie Pack and Wee Ones, will think often of the night we were able to show OUR devotion.

PLEASE don't forget- Sandra's memory quilt will be made next month after all the fabric is received!  Deadline for fabric/quilt blocks is 16 January 2012, which is The Thai Master's second Gotcha Day!  Overseas readers of BLogville- PLEASE send your quilt fabric anyway- The quilt is due to be finished in time for Valentine's Day !  Quilt blocks/fabric need to be AT LEAST six inches square (six inches on each side)  PLEASE include a letter or note detailing the source of the donations- someone's favorite toy, blankie, etc and a photo of the furbaby making the donation!  Email What's Her Name at trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com if you have any questions and for our mailing address (If you participated in the Christmas Card exchange this year or in 2010, our address is on the list!)  Other fabric donations and quilt stuffs will also be accepted- This is a gift of love for our beloved Sandra and her Pittie Pack.  

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dachsies With MOxie Tapestries, Quilts and More

 First up is the Scottie Quilt made for the Rocky Creek Scotties for the 2011 Gift Exchange organized by our beloved Jazzi!  Then there is the placemat won by Bailey and Kay of the Sheltie TImes, in the Pet BLogs UNited giveaway hosted by Oskar and his Mom.  We hope that they like it, but if not, What's Her Name will redo a placemat for each of the girls so they each have their very own!  The pink placemat features Meemo, and was won by Ruthie of K9 Katastrophe as part of the Crossed Paws Auction.  WHN could not post a photo sooner as it was a surprise Christmas pressie for Ruthie's Mom Kim for HER Mom.  Then we have Syd, the handsome greyhound pal of JD and Max of Crossed Paws.  He is showcased on royal blue, befitting a citizen of the United Kingdom.  This was ordered by the Mom of JD and Max!  We hope that it arrived in time for Father Christmas to have delivered!  After SYD is the Baxter quilt- Baxter celebrated his fifthe birthday and Mom made him a quilt.  These two photos are of the applique work for his face- the completed quilt is at, under the post O Christmas Me (part 2)  Apparently Baxter loved his pressie!  Last but not least, is the thank you gift for Sugar, whose Mom made the ETsy shop header for What's Her Name!  We hope that you enjoy what What's Her Name has been creating the last four weeks!  Now she gets to start the White Dog Army Quilt- and then , of course, the Pittie Pack Quilt.
Rocky Creek Scotties quilt

Bailey and Katie





Baxter- applique

Sugar Sima
As you all know, What's Her Name started her own Etsy shop and the listings below are what she made for Christmas and giveaways this year (And she has only been quilting since October 2011)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Quilt Block Fabric has Arrived!

 Look at what Goose and his Momma, Pastor Michelle from Ogden, UT sent for the Pittie Pack Quilt!  A half yard of yummy dog themed fabric!  Pastor Michelle wrote and did include a picture of the handsome Goose, and told us that the fabric was used for a bed cover for Goose and for a blanket for Goose .  WHN just wants to know where she can get some for us!  Follow Goose at http://Gospelof Goose.blogspot.comTell them we sent you!  We are new followers and are forever indebted to them for this donation! 

Christmas Quilt for Grandma!

 Here is the Christmas Quilt that WHN AND DAD made for WHN's mom- our grandma in South Carolina!  It arrived Wednesday but won't be opened until tomorrow!  WHN used a pattern from Irish Quilting magazine, and included the red Celtic designs from the same issue, from a different project!  It took furever and from the bottom photos, you can see that DAD had to take her in hand and help her out (she was having a major Blonde moment/meltdown and was worried, as usual, about getting it done on time!)  We don't have to worry about Grandma reading the blog- she doesn't even have a computer!  You can also see some of the cards that WE received in the mail- the pawrents received 6 to our 87 million, and that doesn't include the email ones!  We filled the door and the wall next to it.  We hear that we will be getting three card holders next year to handle the cards in a more appropriate manner- so that we can drool over them and not let them get damaged by WHN!
 WHN hopes that the Sheltie Times liked their place mat from the giveaway, and that everyone else enjoyed their quilted pieces of art. 

We, the Dachsies With Moxie, wish all of our Blogville friends and family a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chanukah, and a Happy New Year.  May 2012 bring all of us blessings and lots of love!