Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday walkies, part deux

We walked furever today.  (MOm says only a half mile, but what does she know- it was clearly 87 bazillion dachsie steps for each of us)  Ginger stayed with Mom while the boys went with Dad.  Mom had the camera of course and she is going to put up the photos later.  We all were wearing our Hug-A-Dog harnesses (Frankie- the groomsmen should wear the ones Thai and Chip wear and the bridesmaids the one that Ginger wears- we are just saying)  The smells- there were more than 87 of them- we did not think we could count that high.  The snow is still out but the sidewalks are cleared off and we ran and sniffed to our hearts content.  Afterwards, we slept on the couch- walking is sooo tiring.  We overheard Mom ask Dad is we should try it again around 3- we think she missed the tail wagging in our dreams but we say YES!!!

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Frankie Furter said...

Oh Yeah, I just came inside myself. I did some sniffing and stuff too. I didn't go on the sidewalk... I went in the mud.. It was GRRRRREAT.
I can't wait to see your new "walkies wear". I hope R. & P. take a look too. I'll remind them, Justin Case. I don't think they have made up their minds about the when where who and what stuff yet. They are very through about everything.

I am sooooo glad your mom felt like a walkie. Maybe even TWO!!!! Enjoy your naps. I'm just sayin'.