Sunday, March 30, 2014

POTP requested!!!!!

WHN here!!!!

 WHile the DWM have welcomed a new foster to the pack- now being called BUDDY (the shelter called him Oscar but he answers to Buddy),  WHN and Dad learned today that our Grandma in SC is having surgery on April 14th and WHN will be driving down on the 11th to take care of her Mom.  She will be gone for a week, but blogging will probably not resume until after Easter since she has to get Buddy to the vet for his spay and dental before she goes.  Dad will betaking care of us while she is gone.

Sunday in the South!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Happy Barkday SHILOH!!!!!

 Today Shiloh, of Team Beaglebratz, celebrates birthday! His lady love, Miss Tasha, is currently out in Kansas holding his paw and whispering sweet nothings in his ear, as he had his dental yesterday and ended up losing three teeth!  Please click on the link above and leave him a barkday message!

Dreaming of Shiloh

The beautiful couple- Shiloh and his Tasha

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tweedles Auction winners

Applique pattern

Applique before stitching


Blogville is a wonderful place and we have been very happy residents!  Earlier this year, a new blog debuted with the purpose of helping to alleviate the humungous medical costs that our peeps sometimes face over the course of our lives.  The first auction was held on behalf of Tweedles, a lovely pug princess who lives in the Pacific Northwest.  WHN donated a custom placemat, and two custom Christmas stockings.  The stockings  were similar to what she has previously crafted  for the Slimmer Pugs and Purrs the last two Christmases. In 2012 WHN made five appliqued stockings for the Purrs, and in 2013 she made the photo stockings for the Pugs.  

The first winner of a custom appliqued stocking was FENDI!  Her mom had previously won an appliqued placemat when we were still in Ohio and now she has her own stocking!  WHN took her photo, enlarged it and created a multi fabric applique of Fendi's face, then appliqued it to her custom made stocking and voila! The perfect combination of canine beauty and Parisian inspired  fabric.  WHN believes that this pawticular applique is the best representation of a four legger to date!

 The next winner of the photo appliqued stocking was the Idaho Pug Ranch pack- Bailey, Greta and Hazel!  Miss Linda, their Mom, also asked WHN to make stockings for the ladies, so that they did not feel left out!  As you can see, these stockings also came out quite well, and we are green with jellyness since our stockings do not have our portraits on them.  Hmmmm, maybe we should go on a hunger strike! 

Due to the time of year, finding the right fabric was challenging- not a lot of Christmas fabric left in the stores!  WHN did have the Parisian fabric in her stash, but had to hunt high and low for the pawfect fabric for the Pugs!  Thank heavens for cell phones with cameras!  Makes communicating the available fabrics so much easier and WHN took a chance and bought what was left of the cream fabric. 

Now, these stockings will be making an appearance in WHN's Etsy shop, and the stocking line will be named after the SLimmer Pugs and Purrs, who in fact started the Blogville stocking craze!  Blogville residents may order them for forty dollars via email, as they will be 55.00 in the Etsy shop  (shipping included for Blogville residents!).  We do not have the winning place mat to show, as WHN has never heard back from the winner. 

Now WHN has Lily Belle's place mat to make and some hats for Paws to People!

It's Thursday! DWM and Hope update

Howdy Blogville!  The DWM pack is back and better than ever!  

Life has gotten quieter now that we are a four bowl family- Hope has settled in beautifully into her furrever home- she plays with the cat!  While she is missed here, she is where she is meant to be and we are very happy for her! 

To make up for it, Snoopy has been getting lots of sling time at his request, Chip has been keeping WHN under a tight security blanket of protection, Anna has been keeping her comfy on the couch and Tasha has been busy dreaming her days away, thinking of her Shiloh!

WHN has been under the weather- she and Dad suspect that the evil depression monster is making a quick appearance, so we are on constant guard duty- you know how quirky she gets when this happens!  WHN has been learning how to digitize embroidery patterns- Dad bought her a program for Christmas and she is struggling with it but is making improvements each day! (The new computer is on the fritz again- second time in less than a year, and that isn't helping)~  She finished up the stockings for the Tweedles auction and will be posting photos of them tomorrow! 

We have been keeping up with our BLogville friends, reading every day but not leaving comments.  Thank goodness for BLogville- without it we would be lost and so would WHN!