Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

Sunday Sillies and two POTP requests

 There are two requests for POTP going around BLogville and we wanted to add our please to the crowd!  Our beloved friend Goose, who lives in Utah with his mom, Pastor Michelle, is suffering from internal bleeding and is at the emergency vet until Tuesday.  Second, our bestest bunny friend, Speedy, is not feeling his best, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers also!

And we have some good news!  BUDDY has been adopted and is living the high life in Pekin, Illinois!  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Thank you Blogville

WHN here-  I just wanted to give everyone in Blogville a virtual hug and a huge thank you. The past two weeks have been very difficult for me- Chip was my tough guy and my protector from all enemies foreign and domestic and I was heartbroken that I had to have him put down.  I felt as if I had failed him and in my heart I always will feel that, to a degree.  Chip was a loving boy but his past proved to be too big a hurdle for him, and so he now resides at the Rainbow Bridge, trauma free and happy.  I will always miss him.

Geoff brought him home Wednesday and his urn is with those of Ginger and Thai.  (Anna Rose is next to her Daddy's side of the bed)  

Your phone calls, emails, cards have helped both Geoff and myself get through this. We were speechless with shock at your kind words and thoughtful actions in this period of mourning.  Our lives have gone on, as have those of the new DWM- Tasha, Snoopy and Anna 2. Buddy is still with us, and we think that he has fallen for Anna as he and she are inseparable!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart- Our Blogville family is simply wonderful- words to describe how wonderful simply do not exist in the English language