Sunday, September 1, 2019

A Furtia Pupdate!

Hello Blogville!!!

I have settled in quite nicely and really love The Daddy and WHN.  I am now enrolled in puppy school and have learned Look and Touch and am walking on a leash- I had no idea how much fun leash waking is!  Teaching your humans how to walk at the end of a leash is hard work but someone has to do it!  I am still teething and the shoe count is four pairs but no complaints from WahN- she gets to go shoe shopping with her girlfriends to replace my chew toys.

We had a scare earlier this week- I was throwing up unexpectedly and The adaddy stumised it was due to my external flea and tick medicine. The vet had WHN give me a bath and I felt so much better.  And The Daddy has to help with the bath- I hated having it which was a surprise as I love baths.  I even sneak into the shower with WHN for a quick rinse.

I now weigh 9.6 lbs and my long fur is starting to come in- my ears are starting to really show it as are my paws!

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