Friday, March 30, 2012

Free Motion Quilting - March entry

WHN has been learning how to free motion quilt, thanks to a great blog- SewCal Gal.

this month's challenge involved loops, stars, swirls and flowers!  WHN was working on her daily rpactice piece when her Janome decided to quit!  (The bobbin case keeps getting bent and twisting the top thread so she goes to the shop tomorrow!) The musling with the dark green thread has our names and WHN's and Dad's names also.  The one with the neon yellow thread (which is what WHN was doing today) has her name and the names of her two new machines, plus she was making some pretty big flowers on it!  When Janome (her real name is Jeannie) comes back, WHN will finish her up and then bind it and use it on the arm rest of the couch!  In January,  when the challenges started, WHN learned how to do leaves- and hers look like hearts!  February, WHN learned how to make feathers and that was very difficult, but the teacher Diane Gaudynski, has a really wonderful book and WHN simply needs more practice!  This month's you see above.  Every month there is a new challenge and prizes!

WHN will be working on the Crossed Paws auction items this weekend- a pillow for our furiend Honeybuzz aka Fendi, and a set of placemats for the WDA!  yesterday, Dad took all of us to the Quilt Expo in Cleveland- WHN behaved and Dad picked out some patterns for her to do for him!  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rally for Religious Freedom, Cleveland, OH 23 March 2012

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Look out world!

 Well, WHN is up and out of bed for once!  She checked her email and saw this great link_ a write up she submitted to the blog, Dakota's Den,about her Etsy shop and the Blogville inspired quilts and placemats!  We hope that you like it! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Night

Right side of the altar at St Francis Xavier parish
We, the Dachsies With Moxie, would like to apologize for the lack of posting- apparently we are not paying WHN enough to do her job!  She has been completely slacking off lately- Dad says that her evil twin, Depression, is rearing her ugly head again, so we have to be patient and wait it out.  Hopefully Evil Twin won't be staying long(she has been here three weeks already!)

Dad and WHN have been busy at the parish lately ( and out of our furs!)  Dad was on the team for the Men's Renewal and the following weekend both of them were on the Pre Cana team for the engaged couples in the parish.  They are also in the Marriage Ministry and once a quarter, Father Stock says Mass for couple who are renewing their vows.  Last night, Dad and WHN renewed their vows after nine years, two months and fourteen days of marriage!   Dad wore the same shirt and tie that he did when he married WHN, and WHN wore an outfit that she bought over fifteen years ago and never wore!  (Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of her "fat girl" surgery and she has lost over 125 lbs so far!)

Left side of the altar

Father Stock, WHN and Dad

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today in History- The IDES of MARCH

Today is the birthday of the Momma of the fabulous White Dog Army!  In honor of this momentous occasion, WHN created a Smilebox that shows the creative process in making her quilt!  Happy Birthday SUE!  (Below is the link to their post concerning the arrival of the lng awaited WDA Quilt- without Sue, the Fearless Five Quilt would never have been completed on time!)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Our Dad, Puddles' favorite drinking buddy and all around All American Male model, has a job interview with Norfolk Southern Railroad on Thursday, in Norfolk, Virginia.  NS is flaying him there tomorrow and he will be home late Thursday night.  Please keep him in your prayers!

Look what THAI slept with last night!

Yesterday, His Majesty, The Thai Master, received the most beautiful card from his lady love, Amber Da Weenie!  Inside was a portrait of dachshund loveliness that Thai immediately started growling at Chip, yet another of Amber's numerous suitors.  Thai was adamant that this portrait reside in his bed last night so that he could gaze upon this luscious beauty and he slept through the night and awakened feeling much better!  Amber, who is currently nursing her Momma, deserves the credit for this medical breakthrough!

Not only is AMber Da Weenie gorgeous, but brilliant- who else would have captured Thai so perfectly in a card?

Please send LOTS of healing vibes to Thai's future mother in law!

Religious Liberty Homily.mp4

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Thai Master - UPDATE

WHN just heard from the vet- The Thai Master's thyroid levels are on the low side of normal but his liver enzymes are way up!  He will be taking the Vetoryl Liver tablets- half of one each day, to correct this!  He is pooping again, and while he is not peeing as often, he is eating and drinking!  Maybe once the liver pills kick in he will become Captain Belly Band again!  (He is Mr Fussy Pants, though, which is a good sign that he is recovering)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fearless Five Memory Quilt Smilebox

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Fearless Five Quilt- SURPRISES

 Not everyone in Blogville is aware of this, but WHN was commissioned by several residents to make gifts for the family to be included with the quilt.  The Ladies of Leisure, our beloved Chihuahua Mafia, Coco Bean, Lady Godiva and Truffle, were the first to commission such a surprise.  Coco Bean donated a beautiful chenille blanket that would not have done well as a quilt square, so a pillow for Sandra was made, using Fearless Five fabric!  Bert the Dog also donated two of his Rescue Dog harnesses, but the fabric was more suitable for a pillow for Baby Josh, and voila- using matching fabric that Tiger and his lady Mona had in harnesses and a dress, the Baby Josh pillow was created!  The Trubblesome Trio sent a silky fabric with US flags on it, from the UK, and asked that bandannas for Brinks and Bella be made, and they were!  Remember the red and white heart fabrics that WHN used?  Well, since there was no room in the quilt itself, she made a prayer shawl for Sandra, blocked in the same red used for the bandannas.  Finally, using fabric donated by the Furst Mom of BLogville, and of course for which WHN did not take a photo, a prayer shawl was made for Grammish, who is Sandra's Mom and with whom Shelby slept at night.AS WHN and Sandra are both Catholic, both prayer shawls were blessed at her parish and are now with the Fearless Five family.  In fact, all of these gifts were shipped out while our WFQ, Cynthia, was busy quilting the Fearless Five quilt and were held by Sarah, Mona and Weenie's Mom until the quilt was finished and arrived safely.  These surprises were opened at the same time as the quilt itself.  FINALLY, since WHN had an extra block of the Fearless Five from the quilt, at the suggestion of our WFQ, a baby quilt for Josh was made- also using fabric leftover from the Ruby and Penny quilt that The Mayor sleeps on each night!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Post Three- in one day!

RUN, don't walk and order your super duper bags from Cynthia today!  Mine just arrived and I cannot believe the quality- Surpassed all expectations!  Will NEVER even look at a Vera Bradley again!   The handle strap also has "What's Her Name" embroidered on it!!!!!!!

From now on, I will be referring to Cynthia as WGQ (World's Greatest Quilter)!

The Thai Master - UPDATE

We have returned from the evil VET!  His Majesty, The Thai Master probably has a gastrointestinal infection- now on antibiotics and new food (EN) for a few days.  IF his blood work comes back ok, he will be having a dental- he has an absessed tooth and another problematic one that the vet diagnosed when she opened his mouth!  We are so used to his bad breath (his dental cleaning when we got him as a DRNA foster did NOT imrpove matters at all) that we don't even notice it!

OnThis Date in History.....

Yes, it is that time of year again- Today is the fourth anniversary of GINGER becoming the leader of our family!  Four years ago today, while we were living in a one bedroom apartment in SLingerlands, NY, just outside of Albany, we loaded up the car with a couple of blankets, and went to the home of DRNA Rep Michelle Warg, to meet Ginger and see if she would want to live with us.  We also took with us a set of pink booties for her, since we had lots of snow and we didn't want her feet to get wet. We expected to return the following week to pick her up as we had not yet made our payment for her!  She took one look at us, and history was made and our lives were never the same again!  She lived with several other dachsies and a German Shepherd and a cat or two, and slept in the daughter's bed every night.  Can we say spoiled?  She came right up to WHN and when she was picked up, put her snoot and snoobiedo (the long part of the face which holds the snoot) into WHN's face and that was it!  If she was put down for any reason, she did her trademark sit by self and was immediately picked up!  Imagine our shock when we learned that she could go home with us!  She came with her green bankie, a pink bag filled with toys, a snowman collar, a red harness and a leash, plus some food to get us through the first couple of days. During the car ride home (two hours!) She rode in the back seat for the frist and last time! We made a stop for food, and picked up hotdogs- of the three, she ate two!  As Geoff says, you are what you eat!  I do have photos of her eating these hotdogs, and will post them when I can find them.  We stopped at PetSmart and picked up food and treats, and returned to the apartment, where she met Max, Liffey and Bear, the cats!  She took over immeditaely. She of course slept in the Big Bed, and WHN learned how much room she was allotted in the bed!   On the second night with our family, Geoff was out of town, and Ginger just dove under the covers and slept curled up behind my knees and didn't move all night.  She still does that today, but on top of the covers.

Happy Gotcha Day, Ginger!  (The above photos are from that momentous ride home- still carry them on my phone!)

PeeEss- The Thai Master update- HE PEED LAST NIGHT!  wolfed down his breakfast and meds this morning and pooped both in his carriage and on the porch, which is what he always does.  He became very fussy all of a sudden last night, around 8:s0, which is his usual routine, so I put him out and he was sitting on the porch.  When I moved him, I saw a huge very wet Thai puddle!  Mr Fussy Pants is returning!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

WDA Quilt and Captain Belly Band update

His Majesty, The Thai Master, sees Dr. Parker tomorrow at 10:15 (earliest appointment we could get)  He is still lethargic and is sleeping the day away but is drinking lots of water every couple of hours.  Just wish he needed to pee!

The WDA Quilt is in the mail!  ETA is Saturday!

Captain Belly Band!

His Majesty, The Thai Master aka Captain Belly Band, had a very quiet night- he tried to eat his favorite bedtime treats, but simply turned them into crumbs which Tasha vacuumed up this morning for WHN.  He awakened at six, and drank a LOT of water!  He was taken outside and had a bout of Thaiarrea, and ATE HIS ENTIRE BREAKFAST!  He also devoured his morning medicines and had more water.  He is still lethargic, which is not his normal behavior- he has never been this way before.  He is having a lot of trouble walking, but will be going to the vet today if I can get him in. WHile he did eat all of his breakfast, he did not inhale it as is his wont, but took his time.  BUT< he ate all of it!

Thank you for all of your prayers! 

PeeeEss, The WDA quilt is done and goes out in the mail today!  Don't forget, WDA Momma celebrates her "18th" birthday on 15 March!  AND tomorrow, 9 March is Ginger's 4th Gotcha Day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Captain Belly Band update!

Yes, we have news concerning Captain Belly Band!!!!  hE JUST GOT UP A COUPLE OF MINUTES AGO AND POOPED IN THE OFFICE!!!!  AND, he quickly became Mr Fussy Pants went Dad took him outside to finish and HE ATE SOME CANNED FOOD!!!!!!!

Prayer REquest- URGENT!!! The Thai Master, aka Captain Belly Band

While WHN has been properly chained to Bella (her BabyLock Ellure Plus, which she finally named!!!), and Dad was busy working on finding a job, The Thai Master, Captain Belly Band has had a very unusual day-  While Blogville knows that he has Cushings, he has been very active and basically very fussy.  Well, not today- he wolfed down his breakfast and took his pill pocket full of medicine, but then he spent most of the day sleeping on the floor in the train room. *He NEVER sleeps on the floor- he has a bed in that room and woe falls upon any miscreant who gets on it!)  Usually, he fusses and is very demanding of our time, even though he does not like to be held, be on the couch, sleep in the Big Bed, etc- he just wants to be waited on hand and paw.  Not until a little after six tonight did we suspect anything was different- usually he lets us know, starting around 4:30, that he needs his dinner and he needs it now (dinner has been moved up to 5 PM to accommodate Captain Belly Band)

Well, for the first time since he came to live with us, he did not eat his dinner- in fact, when I gave him Tasha's leftover breakfast kibble, he didn't eat that either.  He fell asleep in his bowl and we had to keep Ginger and Chip away, which caused a ruckus resulting in Chip biting GEoff again.  His belly band is dry and he hasn't peed or asked to go out since we can't remember (his routine is in and out multiple times a n hour)  We put him outside, but he did not go, but scarfed down some water- he licked at his canned dinner, but fell asleep in his bowl.  we are going to try to get him to Dr. Parker tomorrow, if she can squeeze him in, but we don;t know what is wrong -   We don''t know if the Cushings can kick in this suddenly, but please keep Thai in your prayers- I feel terrible since I was so caught up today that I completely failed to notice a damned thing about Thai and I just pray that this isn't the beginning of the end. 


Yes, we had WHN chained to her BabyLock Ellure Plus super duper embroidery machine that Dad bought her in order to finish this amazing work of art!  And yes, she FINALLY finished the top yesterday about 6 PM- we had her working from sunup till sundown to get this done in time for the big birthday bash in New Mexico!  WHN should,  after she and Dad get back from the pool, finish the backing and put it together and hopefully get it quilted today!

We closely supervised the finishing touches to the top- WE insisted on a special surprise for our WDA Momma!  (We hope you love it WDA Momma!)  So, since a surprise is involved- no photos, not even for WDA!

Monday, March 5, 2012

We're BACK!!!!!!

Yes, WHN has finally retrieved her computer from the repair shop!

We will begin bloggin again tomorrow, once she gets off her duff!  (she is busy with the WDA quilt top- which should be done tomorrow and the quilt should be in the mail NLT Friday!)