Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mom's Aunt Regina

Mom has this really great godmother, Aunt Regina, who is our Great aunt.  Ginger met her last November when she went into hospice care, and now she is doing very poorly.  She is in the hospital right now and will be moved into a nursing home soon.  We don't know if it s regular or hospice nursing home.  Mom's Mom is very upset (they are identical twins), and our human family has already had two deaths in it this year- Jennifer Amber in April (she died an hour after she was born) and then Grandpaw Black in September. (He was Mom's Dad and she misses him terribly, as does Dad.  Mom talks about him all the time and there are lots of pictures of him around the hosue)

Please keep Aunt Regina in your prayers.

She and Dad are in this photo- it is from Mom and Dad's honeymoon in Myrtle Beach, SC, January 2003.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SNOW!!!! When will this end?

Looking out from the safety of our garage- what is a dachsie to do?

Our driveway is overrun by the snowflake brigades.

View of the damaging snowflake brigades from the street

Closeup of the snowflakes


A Christmas STory House

Mom and Dad took all of us to the Christmas story House in Cleveland.  We could not go in, but here are our grandpawrents!!!!

Christmas Day photos

Christmas Day, chilling out with our grandpawrents, our Dad's parents.  Chip is hanging out with Grandpaw and Ginger is with Grandmaw.

One of our many closeups!

Chip and Grandpaw- it's a guy thing!

Chip relaxing on the loveseat, away from the maddening crowd (but not from Mom's camera!)

Another close up of the Dachsies With Moxie

Family time!!!

More mutual adoration society stuff.

Christmas Eve photos

Here is Ginger with one of her Christmas toys, a Nutcracker woobie.  We also received a real beef bone and a second squeakie toy.  We were too fast for photos as our gifts came out.

Here is Ginger, all tuckered out after a night of gifts and great people food and treats.

Chip getting ready for bed.  He wore his Reindeer in Training sweatshirt to the train station and did not take it off until his grandpawrents left.  Ginger wore her Elf Sized outfit to the station, but stripped it off when we arrived home.

Monday, December 28, 2009

More computer problems!!!

Can you believe it- just when Mom is getting ready to post the pictures of the snow from today and of course, the photos of Grandpaw and Grandmaw, the EVIL DELL loses the hard drive thingy on her.  Now she cannot use her computer to look at these great photos!!!  What is a poor dachsie to do?  How are our fans to survive without these photos of us? 

On a better topic- still snowing here in NE Ohio.  We are supposed to get from 1 to 3 inches more, but Mom and Dad think that we will get more than that.  It is supposed to snow tomorrow and again from Thursday thru Sunday.

We promise our legions of fans photos- We can see Mom scheming away right now!!!!


We received about four inches last night and more is coming.  Grandpaw and Grandmaw are back home and called from their train to tell us that they miss us already!!!  Will post photos of them with us later as Mom has to help Dad- his company truck broke down and we have to go car!!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We think that Santa Paws came early, since we got a great gift!!!  Our paternal grandpawrents are here for Christmas!!!!

We could not understand why Mom and Dad went  to bed so early last night, like at 8:30, and when they got us up at 3 this morning for a car ride, we were still concerned, especially since Mom put us into our Christmas outfits that we wore to see Santa.  We ended up at the Cleveland Amtrak station, and thought WE were going for a ride, but then Dad disappeared and reappeared with Grandpaw and Grandmaw.  What a great gift.

We snuggled upt to Grandmaw in the back seat of our RAV4 while Grandpaw sat up front to help Dad drive. Grandmaw is a great cuddler and petter. Mom could take lesdons.  We even had lots of treats for the drive that Mom had packed for us.

It was too cold to take photos at the train station, so we will post some later today for everybody.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jazzi's World: Cookies were made and a really FUNNY trick!!

Jazzi's World: Cookies were made and a really FUNNY trick!!

Fiesty Three blog and Christmas photos

Everyone needs to check out the Fiesty Three at their great blog.  They are doing a  countdown to Santa Paws and posting pictures of their blogging friends.  Guess what- we were part of today's list of friends!!!!  Mom had sent their Mom several of our photos, and their Mom posted all of them.  I think pressies for the F3 (the Fiesty Three in code- Chip) are next, i order to properly thank them for this great honor.  What do you think?

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Snow!!!!

We received more snow last night, about two inches total so far. Dad made Mom stay home from daily Mass today since the driveway was too icy for her  Today, we went out into the backyard to check out the snow there, then we helped Mom make the bed and start the laundry.  Sheeesh, Santa Paws need to be taking notes!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


While our grandparents received over a foot of snow, we have only an inch, and it is already melting!!!  However, the evil snowflake brigade makes it very uncomfortable when we are answering the call of nature, so to speak.

We helped Mom and Dad get Mom's craft room cleaned up today.  We were very helpful- always getting underfoot.  Thankfully Mom has a quilt and a body pillow for us to use when we follow her into the :Lady Cave" right off of the laundry room.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ginger's Latest close ups

The computer is now working!!!!

Now, for some up close and personal shots of us doing what we do best!!!!!!  Mom must have done something since the computer is working again.

Mom's computer still stinks!!!!! NEver buy a Dell

And so the computer saga continues as we enter the fourth year of Dell ownership!!!!!  NEVER BUY A DELL!!!!!

Anyhoo- Ginger and I finally gave in and ate our dry kibble last night, but only after Mom and Dad brought our bowls to us on the couch.  My acting classes have come in handy- I pretended to be under the weather all day and hid under the bankies on the back of the couch all day, so Mom was frantic by dinnertime.  Mom will learn not to starve us, but again she gave us only dry kibble for breakfast.  We'll see who breaks first!!!!

Dad ran his LGB trains under the tree last night.  LOTS of stuffed animals under the tree, but not for us.  Santa Paws has not come yet, so we have to wait.  Hmmmm-  maybe we should keep eating the dry kibble!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mom's computer stinks!!!!

Mom spend a lot of time yesterday working on the computer, backing all of her photos up onto an external hard drive, and now she cannot use the card reader on the computer to upload the new photos of us!!!  Apparently, there is no longer an F, G, H or an I drive and no external ports can be read.  She has a Dell Dimension E520 and it is over 3 years old.  She hates it as it has been a problem from the get go and had to be replaced twice in the first six months while it was under warranty.  Any ideas on how to fix this thing?  There are valuable photos of us just waiting to be shown to the world !!!!

In other news, Ginger threw up in the big bed last nights and Mom and Dad are not happy.  The bed had to be stripped and the down blanket washed in the tub, but I was good Santa Paws.  Never mind that both of us left puddles and presents all day long yesterday- I was not getting wet!!!!

Mom only put out the dry dog food today to see if Ginger's stomach will settle down some.  She hasn't thrown up since last night so I don't see why I have to suffer too> 

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ginger and Chip- update!!!

We heard from the vet yesterday- the growth was benign as suspected.  To our shock, we learned that it may grow back, as all of it could not be removed due to its location and the bone.  No worries- just means Ginger gets to see the vet twice a year or more!!!

Had a dusting of snow yesterday, but the temperature hit 19.  19!!!!  What in the world are poor dachsies with moxie to do about taking care of nature?  They do their business under the Christmas tree, in our bedroom, wherever they bloody feel like it and we have the "honor" of cleaning it up!!!!!  At least with the Hill's prescription diet there is the reduces size to the presents and to their smell, and the puddle issue is easier to eradicate with the Dachsie Bot (which is wearing out- thanks Ginger!!!- I think that I am getting a new one in January for my 7th anniversary:  maybe it will be the dachsie gift?)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Her Majesty will be returning home about 2:30 today- the teeth are now sparkling and the growth removed, but will be tested by a pathologist to be sure.  No teeth were removed. 

IN other Dachsies With Moxie news (also posted at my other blog)-          We had a very busy weekend- first Chip and Ginger, our beloved dachshunds and bloggers at, had to see Santa Paws at PetSmart. We managed to get them dressed in their outfits- Ginger was an Elf and Chip a reindeer, and get to PetSmart. Upon their arrival, a hush fell upon the expectant crowd as they made their way into the store, in their plush luxury cart. The peasantry were respectful- the men pulled on their forelocks and the women curtsied as Their Majesties went by. There was a hush in the store as the Royal couple patiently waited their turn to see Santa- none of the nonsense of pushing their way to the head of the line!!!! The oohs and ahhs of envy at the attire they were modelling- they did set quite an example with their stylish panache. . No other canine or feline had dressed appropriately to see Santa- even their Daddy wore red. The rest is history- the photos were taken and even Chip looked at the camera. Afterwards, we ventured to Medina Square to see the gazebo and the tree. Again, photos were a success and we had a great time, even in the cold.

Sunday, Chip and Ginger supervised the construction of the Christmas tree and the adding of the lights. Blue, white and silver are the Bullock family colors for the tree lights and ornaments, with touches of red and green scattered about with abandon. Geoff's trips into the crawl space to uncover our Christmas treasures were closely monitored by Their Majesties.

While this is Chip's first Christmas with us, and Ginger's second, we have not had a full sized tree since 2006, living for 2007 and 2008 in an apartment in Slingerlands, NY. This year, in the vastness of our VRWC bunker in Northeast Ohio, the works are planned!!!

Geoff also put out a garland on our front porch, as wellas two topiaries. More lights to come this coming weekend, as well as the ornaments themselves on the tree!!!

Ginger at the Vet

Today Ginger is at the vet in order to have her teeth cleaned and that benign growth removed. She did not want to go with the veterinarian's assistant when we arrived, and clawed me quite well when I picked her up. She has her bankie with her and a second blanket for curling up in and keeping warm. Chip of course is now out of sorts while big sis is away- only ate half of his breakfast when I fed him. The good news is that Ginger lost .2 lbs on the CD diet- she is now a svelte 15.8 lbs.

Remember Pearl Harbor!!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa Paws

SANTA is coming!!!!!!! Mom and Dad took us to see him today and we were sooooo good!

Presents are to be had this month, and LOTS of dachsie treats

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Wow, what a weekend. After two weeks on a dog food only diet (the horror, the cruelty) we were allowed to have turkey!!!!! Mom shredded it for us and added a touch of gravy- YUMMO! We behaved perfectly, for dachsies, while Mom and Dad had their turkey. Of course, Mom fell for the big sad soulful eyes and we had even more turkey!!!

Friday and Saturday we worked on the man cave where Dad has his humongous train layout- we can now walk around the whole thing (it is 8 X 16 feet).

We met our neighbors' son Anthony, and he know where a dachsie needs to be scratched- he is now Chip's new best friend. Ginger is back on antibiotics since she is running a slight fever and could not get in to see Dr. S for her teeth cleaning and growth removal until next Monday. At least the antibiotics seem to be working again.

Other than that, Ginger and Chip went to the post office and Kinko's yesterday, as well as the vet for the antibiotics.

Too cold to do more than answer nature's call- Mom pulled out the winter coats yesterday for us. Lots of blankies for snuggling under appeared mysteriously on the couch too- We never knew MOm had so many, and just for us!!!