Friday, August 28, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Ginger, my heart 

Chip, CEO of Dachshund Security

Anna Rose I, the love of Geoff's life

The Thai Master!

Today, Blogville is pawticipating in Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.  We have posted photos of our beloved angels, Ginger, Chip, Thai and Anna Rose, all of whom we lost in the last three years (Ginger, Thai and Anna within six months of each other)  While our hearts still mourn, we can recall all that they gave us and how they each and together improved our mundane lives.  

Ginger was my very first dachshund, and my heart.  Her sudden death tore me apart and it took over two weeks time before I wa able to come to grips with her absence. Thai followed her six weeks later due to congestive heart failure.  His loss, while not unexpected due to his numerous health issues, dealt another blow to a grieving family. Anna Rose's death was devastating- we knew from the start of her reign over us, that her time was limited- at most two years due to her kidney stones.  She ruled over Geoff with a long fur covered paw for one year and two days, succumbing to the blood clot on her heart that prevented her from breathing normally and causing her to undergo numerous seizures that took away the Anna that we knew and loved. Chip left us last year, my tough guy and shadow- he was too afraid of the outside world and could no longer cope with the love we gave him.  I still hate myself for having to put him down, for I failed him and I always will know that I did.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

We are finally BACK!!!!!

Nurse trainee Sweetie here!

WHN (and boy is that nickname accurate!), finally received the all clear from her first dogtor to get up and do anything to get out of our furs!  Yesterday she thought (and we all know how dangerous that can be)  that she would be scheduling her next surgery to have Ripley Jr removed (Ripley Jr was her smaller g tube that was inserted three weeks ago).  NO!!!!  Her g tube was removed by Dr Snoopy's fellow surgeon in his office and she is now going around wearing only a bandaid- what a big baby.  

One would think , with all of her moaning and whining about scars and surgeries and pain, that she had suffered a truly stupendous wound a la our fearless Puddles:  

Now, she does have a rather largish surgical wound that needs to heal, due to the large tubes she was wearing, but seriously-  PUDDLES has the truly fabulous wound and scar!  And no whining either!   WHN is only wearing a large bandaid for the next week while her so called gaping hole heals over, so she cannot go swimming or take a bath, but other than that- she is good to go!

So, for all of you waiting on her donations from the WDA auction- both Sasha's quilt, Gibson's stocking and the cat quilt will all go out in the mail NLT the middle of September!  WHN has a Legion of Mary banner and the wedding quilt for the WDA to finish first, and then those three projects, and then she can finally get the vestment embroidery done for her favorite priest, Father Kunz.  Yes, we know that she is forgetting someone, but you know her!

So now we get to chain her to her two machines so she finally gets cracking!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

RAINBOW BRIDGE ALERT- Gentle STORM from the White Dog Army

Gentle STORM, our newest cousin in the White Dog ARmy,went to the Rainbow Bridge completely unexpectedly.  Her pawrents, Sue and Steve, are devastated, as is her pack, Blogville's beloved White Dog ARmy.  Please click on Storm's name to leave your condolences for her family.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mark your calendars!!11 28 August 2015 is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day!

From our friend, Miss Ann of Zoolatry, we have received the following impawtant message:

Zee & Zoey have created a very special day to honor and remember "those cherished pets we have lost but not forgotten" ~Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day ~ to take place on Friday, August 28.  

Whether your beloved pet had fur or fins, scales or feathers, they had a special place in your heart of hearts.  

Please consider taking part in this first annual event ~ what we hope will be the first of many to come.  And on this special day you are encouraged to post on your blog, and on your Facebook page, or any other social media of your choice in their memory.  

We have also designed a special Facebook page just for this event, and you are invited to include your memorial post on that page as well.

This page is hosted by Purr Prints of the Heart, and although this was a day originally created in honor of  Mr. Jazz, it will now honor all those who have crossed their rainbow bridges.

For more information, please visit this posting at Zee & Zoey's Cat Chronicles:

To include your Remembrance Posting on the special FACEBOOK events page, just click here:

Saturday, August 8, 2015

WHN is HOME!!!

Head Nurse Tasha reporting!

WHN came home yesterday afternoon around four.  We were so happy to see her!!!!!  She had a second operation, another ERCP, to remove the two stents implanted on Wednesday, and sheis doing much better.  She is on a very resricted diet- she can eat no more than 220 grams of fate per day for the next month and after that cannot ever exceed 30 grams per day for the rest of her life, to prevent all of this confusion in our lives.

The nursing staff at Dachs and Beagle Hospital took over immediately- Dr. Snoopy was on the phone with his Muffin. We put her in the shower to wash off the icky smells that whe was exposed to and got her bundled up on the couch just in time to take care of us- she has three days of neglect to make up for us.  Dr. Snoopy came in to see how our patient was progressing and insisted on protecting her from the arm of the couch, while Head NUrse Tasha and Nurse Anna took care of the back of the couch and the other sideof it.  Nurse trainee Sweetie took care of ensuring no one was going anywhere and did a perimeter search, then setled in for a long nap.  

WHN has a new drain!  Lots smaller than the older one, and she has to keep it clean, but was not given any instructions as to how to acomplish this, so we are winging it!  This one is named Ripley, after her favorite character in the Alien movies.  (the first one was named after Cain, played by John Hurt in the first movie)  Now, if she would only get a job as an extra on the walking dead series, or the alien franchises!

Dad has some good news to share- he was accepted into the new class for the Diaconate in the Archdiocese of St Louis and starts his studies next month! The first year is his discernement year and then he has four years of intense study, culminating with his ordination as a Permanent Deacon in June 2020.  WHN and her mom are thrilled for him- his acceptance letter came in the mail yesterday!

BTW- in case anyone cares- WE BEHAVED while WHN abandoned us!  Dad got us chicken nuggets a couple of times, to make up for this cruelty.  

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WHN Pupdate

Dr Snoopy here!

Tomorrow WHN turns 53 years old!!!!  To celebrate, she will finally behaving her surgey, an ERCP, to correct the bile duct problems that have been bothering her this year.  (yes, my colleagues finally came up with a corect diagnosis)

She has to be at the hospital by noon, and her surgery is scheduled for 1:30 CST.  She will be staying until Friday at least, when the stent being implanted tomorrow should be removed.  This will depend upon what is actually found but we are hopeful that the end of this trauma for the four of us will be at an end!!!  Dad will be home with us Thursday and Friday, and we proably won't see him until very late tomorrow night.

Please keep WHN in your prayers!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

WHN Pupdate

Dr. Snoopy here!  WHN will be seeing the second surgeon on Tuesday!  He will examine her and her next round of surgery will be scheduled. The original appointment was for MOnday with his PA, but since she has herself just been released from the hospital, the practice wanted WHN to wait until the 17th of August!  The drain has been in for over three weeks and is interfering with our medical duties, so I put my paw down and said NO!  Head Nurse Tasha concurred as did the nurse trainees Anna and Sweetie.

WHN has adjusted to the drain and goes around describing herself as a cross between John Hurt in the first ALien movie, and the Bride of Frankenstein, with some Edward Scissorhands thrown in for good measure.  (Her Halloween costume is going to be a hoot this year).she is now abe to shower and change her dressings every day, and is sleeping much more easily.  The surgical incisions have healed and she is up to 18 scars for this year alone- thankfully they are all less than two inches in length, but are all over the abdominal area, so this was not the year for WHN to buy a bikini!

WHN has not had to take a pain pill for several days and has started spening time with her embroidery machines- up to two hours at a time as she still gets quite tired.  She is able to pick us up and has even given me some sling time!  (only 15 minutes, but I was able to get her face clean- she always forgets to wash it!)

Thank you BLogville for all of the kindnesses shown to us and to Dad.  He has been fabulous in taking care of both WHN and us.