Monday, January 31, 2011

Thai Monday Update

Thai's blood work results are back- his cortisol is much higher than before, so he will be on the Lydosene, and have his blood checked again next Monday.  What's Her Name took us with her to the vet to pick up the prescription and then to WalMart to have it filled.  THEN, she stopped at McDonald's for a delish snackeroonie- we got chicken nuggets!  (We had to share a box of 10)  Thai was so sxcited, he followed WHN into Dad's train room and ate his snackies there!  He wolfed them down!  Ginger of course ate hers slowly, and Chip followed the example set by Thai.

He had a good weekend, even though he saw the VET, and his appetite was a little off.  He is still guarding the kitchen zealously, and also stays in his throne for crate rest.  He is sleeping through the night, first on the Big Bed and then his his upstairs throne. 

Ginger and Chip are hanging in and keeping Thai company at night.  They know he is sick right now, and are making sure he is loved!

Please keep Thai in your prayers

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thai update- Saturday afternoon

Thai had blood work taken- his medication might be changed, depending upon what the tests say and we don't get the results back until Monday.

The yelping is due to his back.  The vet advised keeping him on two Tramadol a day or going the surgical route, which could be deadly due to his age and also the possibility of a blood clot.

Since he is still pretty active and only the yelping is new, he is still in pretty good shape.  

Thai is again guarding the kitchen, and is showing less interest in people food again today.  Also would not eat his treats for going outside!

Thai update- Saturday morning

Today we trek our way to the VET!  Hopefully we will have some good news!

YESTERDAY, Thai spent to entire day in the kitchen- never even tried to come into the office with everyone else. Glad we had a new bed liner for him.  Then when pizza ariived for dinner, as is usual on Friday nights, he STAYED in the kitchen and only hung around the doorway.  We had to throw him his pizza crust!  THIS IS NOT MY THAI THAI's normal pizza behavior!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thai update, part two

Dad thinks that Thai is having a reaction to his medications.  Today, when What's Her Name was trying to give him a bowl of green beans for his noon time snackeroonie, he yelped and backed away from her, cornering himself by the fridge!  Then after she left the room, he ate what was in the bowl.  Dad really thinks the yelping is for attention, and the medicaitons are causing a personality change.  What do you guys think?

UPDATE- What's Her Name took off the belly band this morning long before the noon snakeroonie incident, which is why she and Dad think it is either his meds, or yelping for attention


Thai modelling his belly band!  This is the second one, and has a "wing" in the front.  Thai is still yelping in pain this morning, but thankfully not as much as last night.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thai update

His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent, received his first belly bands from Pammer's Petwear.  He was so impressed, that he issued a patent of nobility for its proprietess, and she is henceforth to be known as Lady Phyllis of the Isle of PAmmer. 

His Majesty is also peeing a lot (the first belly band was well broken in yetserday!), but is experiencing pain- he yelps if, upon entering the kitchen behind him, he turns his head and or body to see you.  Also tonight he started yelping while settling into his bed in the train room for a post prandial snooze.  Anyone have any ideas as to what this is?  He sees the vet Saturday for a follow up on his medication for Cushings, and we gave him a second pain pill half an hour ago.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mango Minster 2011

 What's Her Name is calling for ALL DACHSHUNDS and HOUNDS to rally around our favorite girls, both competing in the Shameless Diva Category in this year's fabulous Mango Minster 2011. 

First up is our lovely entrant, Bailey Queen of Scots!!!
In the second photo, Puddles' BFF, and Baxter's secret admirer, Ginger!

Both ladies love to dress well, and enjoy the finer things in life!  Bailey Queen of SCots is modelling the latest fashions fit only for a Queen, while Ginger is modelling her inner Puddles!

This year's choice is the most difficult yet, as evidenced by these photos, but WAIT!!!!  We here that PRIZES for our followers could be in the future!!!!

Christmas Photos- last posting

Geoff and his Mom making potatoes

Thai showing Grandpa "His" room- the kitchen!

Grandpa's first peeled potato

The two Geoff's at rest

Mom was sick so could not cook, so DAD cooked! 

Christmas Photos- part 3 of many

From the Feisty Three!

Close ups!

OUR Tree and the loot underneath!

One of OUR gifts to Dad

Christmas Photos, part 2 of many

Christmas Eve with the soft touches - ie the grandparwrents

As you can see, Thai, Ginger and Chip had a very happy and healthy appetite for Christmas! 

Christmas Photos!!!! Part 1 of MANY

This is What's Her Name at the computer.  Look very clsoely and you will observe how Ginger and Chip are being tortured in the chair behind her!  Thai is safe on the floor, in his office bed
This is where What's Her Name hung only half of our cards from the mail.  She was so slow and lazy this year. 

Mango Monster 2011 Entry

 The world renowned "Puddles" view point, down to the ear flip!
 Ginger and her escort, Chip
This year, Her Majesty, Ginger, is entering the Shameless Diva contest.  As everyone knows, for Halloween, she modeled her couture outfit on what her BFF and fellow Diva, Puddles, would wear.  Pink is Ginger's signature color, and she won't go outside without wearing something pinky.  Collar, harness, outfit, nail polish- all had better be matching!  Watch out Baxter, here comes Ginger!

Feast Day of St Agnes (Mom's patronal saint)

Today is the Feast Day of St Agnes, Mom's patronal saint.  Mom is named after both her mom and her Mom's Mom! 
(According to her Mom, our Mom is named after her grandmother, but according to her Dad, our Mom is named for her own Mom)

The link below is to one of What's Her Name's favorite sites, with photos about this great saint.

When Mom was stationed in Italy, in 1986 she visited Rome and went to both of the churches in which this saint is buried (her skull in the Piazza Navona, and her body at the church on the Via Nomentana)  When she visited the latter, she had with her her grandmother's confirmation gift- a biography of the saint, from the early 1900s, complete with photos.  Mom was intears when she saw the church and frescoes depicted in her grandmother's book, and was overcome praying by the saint's tomb below the altar.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thai update

Mom and Dad have been sick- What's Her Name had a relapse today but Dad is finally better.  We have been slaving away taking care of HER- she is more demanding than PUDDLES!!!  (We ran out of her favorite drinks and snackies on Monday- horros have occurred since then!)

Anyway- What's Her Name insisted that Dad buy us the snackielicious (Baxter's favorite word) Mc Donalds to thank us for taking care of them this week- we had hamburgers!  Showed Mom how to properly eat them too.

Thai is peeing up a storm, inside and out- goes every half hour or so- could set your clock by his bladder!  his first belly band, from Pammer's Petwear ( is enroute, and the owner is thrilled to be Thai the Magnificent's official Royal Tailor!

If What's Her Name isn't too lazy tomorrow- Christmas photos!  You should see what the Feisty Three gave us!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hannity's Gospel

This video is the reason Mom and Dad refuse to watch Hannity!   He treats this beloved priest disgracefully, and has never apologized.

Sick Days!

Mom and Dad are both sick!  Both have sick tummies and stuff like that, but WE have to take care of them!  Mom was living in the bathroom from Sunday till yesterday, when Dad took over.  We have had to go shopping, make the bed, clean up (use your imaginations)- EVERYTHING! 

Ginger says that this happens every couple of years to them- first Mom gets an intestinal virus and then Dad gets it .  This time, it appears they got it at the same time, since they are both so sick- usually Mom gets better then Dad gets really sick!

Pray for US- We have to take care of them!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thaiu's anniversary!

Today is an important day in Northeast Ohio- Today is Thai's first anniversary as leader of the pack!  Yes, one year ago today, he joined Ginger and Chip, and life has never been the same.  Now we are looking at belly bands for his "lake effect" leaking; lots of beans to fill his always empty tummy; Mom now knows she has a kitchen (but is still unsure what to do in it!),;Thai can open the refrigerator; Thai sleeps on his side of the big bed, forcing Mom to sleep at the foot; Thai rides around in a green camouflage rolling throne; etc., etc.

What's Her Name is finally home- she deserted us cruelly last night to high tail it into Cleveland for a sleep apnea test.  Major headache- lots of goo in her hair, had to wear wires from all parts of her body, could not sleep, etc.  Now she just wants to grab us and hit the hay!  She also promises to FINALLY post photos of Christmas- probably tomorrow!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thai update- Saturday edition

Just back from the vet- His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent does have Cushings.  He is on Ketoconazole (1/4 tablet a day) and goes back for blood work on the 29th.

Last night, he head butted What's Her Name so hard, that when she got up, he scooted onto her pillow and refused to move!  What's Her Name had to sleep at the foot of the bed!

Friday, January 7, 2011

THAI Update

Thai has survived the horrors of the VET!!!  He had his bladder xray and there are no stones in his bladder!!!  The Cushings blood test results will be back tomorrow.  He has lost 2 lbs since his last visit- he is now a trim 19.7 lbs!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happ[y New Year!!!

Sorry to have been so quiet!  Mom's right shoulder has been acting up and made it too painful to type.  (She sees the vet today) 

All is well with the DWM.  Thai has learned how to open the refrigerator!  Mom caught him, snoot well inside and munching on green beans yesterday after she came home from the pool.  She is still trying to figure out how he opened the crisper!

New Year's Eve was quiet- we snoozed on the couch with What's Her Name till Dad brought out the champagne and munchies!  Puddles was nowhere to be found either- we did save some champagne for her, inside of one of Dad's beer bottles!

Thai is now permanently ensconced on What's Her Name's pillow at night- he lies alonsgside and tries to push her out of the bed!  Ginger and Chip are also helping in this conquest.  Dad just keeps on snoring while Mom struggles to maintain dignity and lart of the bed.

We has a great walkies on New Year's Eve- it was 58 degrees out!  Thai did about a quarter of a mile efore Mom put him in his stroller.