Sunday, September 15, 2013

Looking for LOVE!!!! Today's Daily Doxie!!!

Tasha and Honey
 Today's Daily Doxie is HONEY!!!!!  Daddy is so excited for his little girl!  Now, while Honey (aka Anna to her adoring Daddy) is new to Blogville, this snausagesque beauty is looking for LOVE!!!!!  Of course, Dady will be vetting the gentlemen callers interested in squiring this lovely lady around Blogville, but who is wiling to give it a chance?

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Some news!!!! AND in honor of Benny!

Snoopy here, reporting from the wilds of St Louis County in Missouri-  as some of you may have surmised already, due to our noticeable absence from Blogville, WHN has again been struggling with her evil twin, which decided to return late in July. She has been taking her medication faithfully, but it was decided yesterday by her doctor that her dosage needs to be increased incrementally to keep her evil twin away for good.  On top of that, she tore the meniscus tendon of her right knee as well as the tendon that goes across the kneecap- she took a spill in the backyard, falling on her left side, but her right knee and ankle were damaged by the fall.  She is so talented when it comes to falling- we won't even bore you with how graceful she was as she hit the ground, or how many HBO words we did not hear as she got herself up.  She has to stay completely off of her right leg, so I have been busy keeping her on the couch, and making sure that she does not get up without help. She can use her sewing room and will be learning how to sew without the foot pedal so that she can finally finish the placemats for the Blogville auction winners! 

Now for the really impawtant news here in Missouri- as you are well aware, WHN and Dad have "successfully" fostered six dachshunds over the years for DRNA, in addition to Angel Ginger and Chip, who had been adopted outright by them without having to undergo the indignity of being fostered first.  Tasha and Angel Thai can attest to the horrors of being fostered by WHN and Dad before being adopted- the suffering that entailed is not to be spoken of in mixed company! The first foster was of course Angel Thai, followed by Taz, then Tasha, and then Snoopy, Lenny and Honey here in Missouri.  (Taz and Lenny were temporary fosters who were waiting for their adoptive parents to return from vacation) AS you can see, only two have not remained as part of the DWM pack- but wait, only two, what about Honey?  Isn't she a foster? NO!!!!!  She is now an official member of the DWM, having taken over Dad's heart and helping him get over his beloved Anna Rose, so much so that he calls her Anna and she answers to it but only he is allowed to call her Anna. WHN still has to call her Honey.  Honey Anna is an eight year old black and tan smooth beauty, who was surrendered to DRNA when her owner went into a nursing home due to Alzheimers.  She was well loved but had never been to the vet, so WHN spent most of July running back and forth to the vet with Honey, for her shots, her dental and spay, and then for more surgery to clear up an infection.  Honey Bunny Boo Boo, (which is what WHN calls her) loves her Daddy and her Mommy, is a great huntress who loves to track down the nefarious bunnies and squirrels in the neighborhood, and loves to spend time on the couch protecting WHN from the dangerous arm of the furniture. She loves going in the car and has started helping Snoopy with his security work- the two of them are inseparable.  She is not into toys, but does enjoy her food!  She does need to lose about three pounds, and is already looking a little slimmer after chasing the bunnies all over the yard each time she goes out.  She is a snausagesque beauty looking for love here in Blogville and Tasha adores having a younger sister! She also enjoys having sling time with WHN and has proven to be most helpful in the sewing room, helping Tasha keep the trundle bed secure and warm.  Please welcome Miss Honey to Blogville!!!

Third, our beloved White Dog Army has welcomed a new member! Taiko is a six year old Eskie/Samoyed mix and is now a member of this amazing family and now Blogville!  Please head on over and give him a Blogville welcome! 

Tasha and Honey

 Lastly, Tasha and Honey hugging for Benny today! (you thought that WHN would follow the directions- please! We live with her and this was the best we could do!)