Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We're BACK!!!!!

After the wedding of the century, Mom decided to take the ole sledgehammer to the puter, since even Staples couldn't fix it!  So she took it off to the shop and finally got it back today.  Had to pay 233 green papers for it, but what the hey- we are now blogging again.

THAI is now an official BULLOCK!!!  His sanctuary adoption came through and we picked him up on Saturday!  His blood work did not show anything so the VET thought that he might have a brain tumor. So, he will now live out his life in comfort with US!!!!  No meds right now, since he hasn't had anymore seizures.  He is back on the big bed where he belongs!

Chip did not do as well this week at training- the trainer saw him "in action" so to speak, but says he can train the MOM to make it go away.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thai news

Thai had blood work yesterday- results sometime today.

In other news, the DWM computer goes into the shop for some sledgehammer work.  Will be back Friday, in time for THE WEDDING!!!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Thai Master has had a couple of seizures this week, and will hopefully get to the vet Monday.  he had a mild one earlier this week, and this morning when he was taken out of his stroller, he fell over on his side.  He has had episodes where his teeth have been chattering, which he did have once in a while living with us but we thought it meant he was cold, but these episodes have increased greatly and then this week with him having the two seizures.  The DRNA board met on his issues and blood work and a vet visit are approved.  His spa lady is taking him. 

Please pray for Thia, Mom's heart is breaking and she feels even worse about this since she can't be with him to take care of him and make the monsters go away.

Friday, August 13, 2010

July is the Month of Puddles, so what does that make August?

Now everybody knows that July is the Month of Puddles, as she told us this herself on her blog!!!  Puddles Duddles brings love and laughter, especially the latter to all of our lives.  BUT.......

Her Mom's birthday is in August, Lucy's Mom's birthday is in August, our Mom's birthday is in August (and all in the same week!).  AND THAI's birthday is in August.

Wouldn't you expect Puddles of Duddles to have created August as the Month of Dog Mommas, especially to honor her Mom?  Or has her ordination gone to her head? 

Andrew Klavan: A Young Person's Guide to the United States Constitution

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chip and Ginger- training day

Yesterday Chip and Ginger had their first training with Scott VanDenHaute, owner and trainer extarordinaire of VersatileK9,  Northeast Ohio's best training and behaviorist program for canines.  He is affiliated with Cesar Milan, which is a bonus!!!

Mr. Scott (that is what MOM says we have to call him) was great- he certainly had Mom's number and started off training her!!!!  :)  The three of us worked on us going to a "Place" when the doorbell rings and Mom goes to answer it.  it wasn't too hard, but STAYING was, especially for Ginger!!!!  We worked our tails off for an hour and then Mr. Scott had to leave.  He will be emailing homework to Mom and we see him again in two weeks. 

Today the Mom Monster had us doing "Place" for 87 thousand million hours!!!!  She took all of our favorite pillows and blankies and made us "Place" on each one, and then "Stay".  We only got treats if we did it completely right.  That is so unfair!!!!  Chip got more treats than Ginger!!!!  Mom even used the couch as a place for us!!!!

We heard the MM (Mom Monster) telling Dad that she plans on working us to death after Rush Limbaugh is over at 3, and then again when she gets home from her prayer shawl group tonight!


Friday, August 6, 2010


Yesterday was Mom's birthday- she is now 87 million years old or 48 for humans).  We celebrated by taking her for a morning walkie, and then we took her to lunch at Wendy's, since she had a dollar off coupon.  Then we napped till Chip's appointment with the NE Ohio Cesar Milan.  Mom was nuts again- she has been so worried about everything, but we only need 5 training sessions, and they are at home!!!!  We start Tuesday, and then two weeks later every Tuesday at noon for four more weeks.  MOM has to be retrained, which is funny!!!  Dad took MOm out for dinner and the birthday fairy found the second season of Burn Notice on dvd for her. WE got her a new mousepad from PetSmart, which had a dachshund on it!!!!  Mom heard from over 100 of her facebook friends, and Thai sent her a photo of himself wearing a happy birthday hat. 

Can you believe it- the spa did NOT know that Thai's birthday is today!!!!  (They know now)  Mom posted four videos of us on youtube, so look up trainwife1962 to check out the videos.  She has more to post, but the computer keeps freezing up for some reason, so no photos or videos till who knows!

Thai will have to open his card from Frankie when he gets home- MOM forgot to send it with him.  Wonder what he is up to today?

Chipmunks - Happy Birthday to You!!! Happy Birthday Thai!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yeah, They Lied (x 10)

Mary Katherine Ham and Guy Benson have a guest post at HotAir setting forth 10 key false promises by Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats about Obamacare, ObamaCare: The sum of all fears. The post is long, but worth the read.

Here are the 10 false promises:
  • Promise #1: If you are satisfied with your existing health care arrangement, you can keep it.
  • Promise #2: Reform will lower America’s health care spending.
  • Promise #3: Reform will lower Americans’ health care premiums.
  • Promise #4: Obamacare will not lead to a doctor shortage, or escalate the primary-care physician shortfall.
  • Promise #5: There will be no government rationing of medical care.
  • Promise #6: “The firm pledge” – Ninety-five percent of Americans will not see any form of tax increase because of Obamacare (or anything else).
  • Promise #7: Health care reform won’t add “a single dime” to the deficit—and will actually cut it.
  • Promise #8: Health care reform will help businesses—employers and employees, alike.
  • Promise #9: Obamacare will not allow for funding of abortions with taxpayer money.
  • Promise #10: Obamacare will not only satisfy each of the promises above, but satisfy all of them at the same time with virtually no downsides.
In case you have any doubts about the need to vote in November, and to get your friends and neighbors to to the same, carry this list around as a reminder.

happy birthday

Happy Birthday Mom!!! LOve Thai

Dachsies With Moxie at the Medina Dog Park

Dachsies With Moxie at the Medina Dog Park

Dachsies With Moxie- The Thai Master

happy birthay

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chip News, Updated

Chip saw Dr. Sternecker today, who gave him a clean bill of health and referred him to a behaviorist.  The appointment is for Thursday at 3:45.  The Versatile K9 Academy is where we hope Chip and our family find answers and can better deal with Chip.  The owner is affiliated with Cesar Milan, so there is lots to hope for!!!  (Number one being more walkies every day, no matter the weather, which Mom knows is her fault)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chip News

Please pray for Chip- he goes to the VET tomorrow because he has been acting very strangely lately- a couple of days a week he turns into Cujo and yesterday when I was holding him, he went into Cujo persona and bit Geoff.  Taz is being moved to another foster home this week, as he is the "beneficiary" of Chip's wrath when his alter ego Cujo appears.  According to our DRNA friend Dona, it is probably a thyroid problem, which is becoming more prevalent in older dogs all of a sudden.  Cujo appears only a couple of times a week, but Taz is his favorite target.  The rest of the time, Chip is fine, but yesterday he scared the wits out of uis.  This also puts Thai's adoption on hold- until Chip is on medication and recovering, Thai cannot return to our home and we will probably not be allowed to folster anymore.

Please pray for Chip  (Ironically- he was fine all last week- with a MINOR Cujo appearance.)