Tuesday, November 11, 2014

MORE boring family photos for Veterans Day- this time starring WHN

Viucenza, Italy 1985  as a 2LT

2LT Black 1985

Cadet Black and Cadet De Armas- Ft Dix 1982

Commissioning May 1984

Commissioning May 1984

Commissioning May 1984

Scuba diving certification, Lake Garda, Italy October 1985

ROTC sophomore year- Fort Dix, NJ March 1982
Landlord's house (looking out rear door) Vancimuglio, Italy 1985

Some boring family photos for Veterans Day

These are photos of my eldest brother, Robert G. Black, Jr, LTC, Field Artillery (retired).  He served during both Gulf Wars, bosnia and other sundry places.  and yes, that is Steve Martin in the photos- on a USO tour during the first Gulf War.

For our Canadian, English, Scottish, Welsh, Australian and New Zealand allies- Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veteran's Day

"Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of readiness to die." ~ G.K. Chesterton

This is a very important holiday here in the Bullock Household- What's Her Name gets all teary eyed for Veteran's Day and Memorial Day, and we join her and Dad in saying THANKS to those who served!  So, to honor her family, Mom is going to name the names of all of her ancestors and family who have served this great nation of ours in the military.

1)  Jacob Maple- Revolutionary War- Middlesex (NJ) Militia, Private- Battles of Trenton and Monmouth

2)  William Maple (son of Jacob)- War of 1812- Guernsey, County, OH
3)  Joseph Black - War of 1812- Guernsey County, OH

4)  Albert Gallup Maple (grandson of William)- War Between the States- Union Army- Peoria, Illinois

5)  Albert Gain Black (grandson of Albert Gallup Maple and great grandson of Joseph Black)- World War I-  served in France 1917 to 1918, 1st Lieutenant .  From Peoria, Illinois- buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

6)  Robert Gain Black, Sr- (son of Albert G. Black)- Korean War

7)  Robert Gain Black, Jr (son of Robert G. Black, Sr and eldest brother of WHN)- both Gulf Wars, Bosnia, etc.  retired from US Army as a LTC,  Field Artillery
8)  What's Her Name- peacetime service in the US Army from 1984 to 1988- commissioned in the Ordnance Corps on the same day that she graduated from college.  Served in Italy and Germany and was living in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down.

9)  Geoffrey C. Bullock (Dad)-  USN Individual Ready Reserve- is currently a LCDR and will retire with 20 years of service in September 2012

10)  Geoffrey S. Bullock (Dad's Dad)- Us Army during the 1960s- played with tanks!

11) Louis Bullock (Dad's uncle)-  US Army medic- late 1950s