Wednesday, February 26, 2014


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The Power of a Smile

Dad is starting to smile again and I can't tell you how much that WARMED my heart! It gave me HOPE that I have a small piece of my Dad back right now.


It's been a very long and tiring few months and I know that we are ALL happy to finally have some answers.

Dad's congestive heart failure will never get better. It will only get worse. I found out yesterday morning that he now has a bad aortic heart valve. Because of this, the heart will have to work more which is not a good thing for an 89 year old man. Cardiology said he is NOT a surgical candidate because of his bad health. So it is something Dad will have to live with. And we are praying that his heart can handle the additional stress and pressure.

They are controlling his newly diagnosed Complex Partial Seizures with medication. They have him on a very high dosage at the moment to shock the system. Then they will slowly taper it down to see if they can keep him fairly seizure free. He is still having seizures but nothing like it has been!

When we first noticed something was wrong with Dad at the beginning of January (2014) we thought he was just falling asleep all of the time which is what I blogged about. Then right after that, things started to get much worse (which I did not blog too much about.) When I said I really had to watch him 24/7 I wasn't kidding one bit.

This is the information from the Epilepsy Foundation describing Complex Partial Seizures (and Grandpa Bob is a "text book case":

First Aid for Complex Partial Seizures
  • Do not restrain the person.
  • Remove dangerous objects from the person's path.
  • Calmly direct the person to sit down and guide him or her from dangerous situations. Use force only in an emergency to protect the person from immediate harm, such as walking in front of an oncoming car.
  • Observe, but do not approach, a person who appears angry or combative.
  • Remain with the person until he or she is fully alert.

"During a complex partial seizure, a person cannot interact normally with other people."

Complex partial seizures affect a larger area of the brain than simple partial seizures and they affect consciousness.

During a complex partial seizure, a person cannot interact normally with other people, is not in control of his or her movements, speech or actions; doesn't know what he or she is doing; and cannot remember afterwards what happened during the seizure.

Although someone may appear to be conscious because he or she remains standing with their eyes open and moving about, it will be an altered consciousness—a dreamlike, almost trance like state.
Often accompanied by movements called automatisms. These may include chewing movements of the mouth, picking at clothes or fumbling.

A person may even be able to speak, but the words are unlikely to make sense and he or she will not be able to respond to others in an appropriate way.

Although complex partial seizures can affect any area of the brain, they often take place in one of the brain's two temporal lobes. Because of this, the condition is sometimes called "temporal lobe epilepsy."

 Typically, a complex partial seizure starts with a blank stare and loss of contact with surroundings.
This is often followed by chewing movements with the mouth, picking at or fumbling with clothing, mumbling and performing simple, unorganized movements over and over again.

Sometimes people wander around during complex partial seizures. For example, a person might leave a room, go downstairs and out into the street, completely unaware of what he or she was doing.

In rare cases, a person might try to undress during a seizure, or become very agitated, screaming, running or making flailing movements with his arms or bicycling movements with his legs.

Other complex partial seizures may cause a person to run in apparent fear, or cry out, or repeat the same phrase over and over again.

Actions and movements are typically unorganized, confused and unfocused during a complex partial seizure.
However, if a complex partial seizure suddenly begins while someone is in the middle of a repetitive action—like dealing cards or stirring a cup of coffee—he or she may stare for a moment then continue with the action during the seizure, but in a mechanical, unorganized kind of way.

Safety Issues

Partial seizures take many forms and medical treatment does not always control them. People who live with frequent complex partial seizures may face many challenges. One involves personal safety.

Things like fire, heat, water, heights, certain machinery and sharp objects are all potential hazards when people are unaware of what they're doing and don't feel pain.

However, there may be ways to reduce obvious risks. For example:

  • Using a microwave oven for cooking instead of a gas or electric range;
  • Taking plates to the oven or stove to serve oneself to avoid having to carry pans of hot food or liquid;
  • Using a regular knife for carving, not an electric knife or, if possible, leaving the carving to someone else;
  • Keeping electric mixers and other electric appliances far away from the sink or source of water;
  • Setting the water heater low enough to prevent scalding during a seizure and taking sit down showers if drop attacks are frequent;
  • Making sure open fires have guards and that electric or other space heaters can't be tipped over;
  • Not smoking and not carrying lighted candles or hot ashes from the fireplace through the house;
  • Limiting ironing as much as possible;
  • Padding sharp corners and carpeting floors.

Although some risks can be limited, others are accepted with partial seizures as part of living a normal life.

Public Understanding

Every day, people living with this type of epilepsy go to work, take care of their children, take part in sports, ride buses, cross busy streets, go on escalators, wait for trains and—perhaps most difficult of all—risk having a seizure in front of a public that too often does not understand.

Dealing with the reactions of others may be the biggest challenge of all for people with complex partial seizures. That's because many people find it hard to believe or accept that behavior which looks deliberate may not be.

Lack of public understanding has led to people with complex partial seizures to be unfairly arrested as drunk or disorderly, accused by others of unlawful activity, indecent exposure or drug abuse—all because of actions produced by seizures.

Such actions may even be misdiagnosed as symptoms of mental illness, leading to inappropriate treatment and, in some cases, commitment to an institution.

The Epilepsy Foundation and its network of affiliates are committed to making the public more aware of this type of epilepsy so that painful misunderstandings can be avoided.

 Not uncommonly, simple partial or complex partial may spread to involve the entire brain will result in a later phase with generalized convulsions this kind of seizure is called partial with secondary generalization.

All my life, I have been used to dealing with someone who has seizures. My Aunt Marcia (Dad's sister who passed 2 years ago) was born with Epilepsy (Grand Mal with Convulsions.) But these Complex Partial Seizures are totally different from what she had.

The Neurologist said that because Dad played football in high school, college and in the Navy, and because he has recently been falling quite a bit and hitting his head, that is the cause for his brain injury (which causes the seizures.)

Dad will be going to a Rehab Facility once he leaves the hospital. We don't know how long he will be there. We found a beautiful place and it is like a 5 start hotel! I'd like to go there for a few weeks myself, it's that beautiful!! Once he is settled in, we can bring Lily and Muffin to visit.

Thank you all so very much for all your prayers and good wishes for us all. Dad has really enjoyed all your comments. Agnes & Shelle, you ROCK! Thanks for keeping our furends updated.

We all love Grandpa Bob and are doing what ever it takes so that he can live the remainder of his life as happy as possible.

Much love,

Blogger is still being a real Bugger! I took some nice pictures of the Rehab Facility from our tour but Blogger still don't want to share them with you. It took me over an hour to get that one picture posted!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


WHN just heard from Miss Kim, the mom of Miss Lily Belle and Muffin! Here is the email:

Got to meet and talk to the hospital neurologist yesterday morning (different neurologist than we met on Friday morning). He watched many of the video's that I have taken over the past 2 months of Dad. He said I'm the first to have done this! He knew exactly what was wrong with Dad as soon as he watched the first video. He said it is Complex Partial Seizures. If you look it up on the internet, Dad is doing everything it says in the description. He ran the brain scan to confirm. Dad is now on Dilantin. Dosage may need to be tweeked. Said it most likely was caused by all the football playing years in his youth then falling recently and banging his head when he does.
The congestive heart failure has been getting better because they have been draining the fluid out of his body via lasics.
Still giving Iron to tackle the anemia (and who knows why he has that!)
Then this evening I was informed that another Cardio Consult will be done tomorrow. They did an echo test 2 days ago and appears they found ANOTHER problem.
I'm going back up to hospital by 7:30am tomorrow to meet with his Dr. again. It's getting to be a daily meet-up with him. I spend 90% of the day with Dad. Today we went and looked at a Rehab facility as they most likely will be sending him to one for a week or two to gain some strength back in his ol'e bones.
Off to bed (hopefully.) One of these days I'm just gonna fall over dead.....

Monday, February 24, 2014

Penny - Three legged escape artist

This video is of Miss Hope's new foster sister, Priceless Penny
Hope went to her pawmanent home on Saturday, and WHN cried after she
left her there.  Hope has three canine brothers and sisters, as well as a
feline brother!  Her Pawrents are wonderful and her new pack welcomed
her with open paws!  Please click on the links to learn more about
Hope's furever family and welcome them to Blogville!  Her new Mom also blogs at, so please follow her and giver her a fabulous Blogville Hello!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tickle Me Thursday

We have been undergoing a terrible week thanks to WHN!  Yesterday, Chip, Tasha and Snoopy had to visit the dreaded V-E-T for their annual toofies cleaning and it hurt!!! Tasha lost one incisor, Chip had to have part of his gum packed with antibiotics to save a tooth, and Snoopy has a UTI!  Everybuddy is very mad at WHN beclaws we knows it is her fault!   All three are on medications too!

 Anna and Hope stayed home while we were being tortured, and gave us the update on what WHN does when she is unsnoopervised.  They tell us that it is horrible- they were forced to sleep on her lap and keep her company.  Forget about the chicken nugget bribes that were doled out by Dad when he came and rescued us- we are mad at WHN! 

Hope is busy packing for her new home!  Her clothes and harnesses are in her Christmas stocking and Dad will be picking up her medical records tonight.  She is going to be missed.  (Finally, WHN was able to successfully foster a dachshund!)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our poor aching heads!

Friday was an absolutely fabulous day! I do not even know where to begin-  Dad and Anna danced their feet off;  Chip finally has a fabulous new girlfriend, the gawjus Miss Prissy;  Shiloh swept his Tasha off her feet and into the air with his Sopwith Camel-   still waiting for her to come home and Dad is NOT HAPPY about this development Shiloh! Snoopy and Miss Muffin snuck off during the dance for some "pawsonal" time, but don't worry, Snoopy kept his paws in sight at all times! Hope was thrilled to be asked to attend by Gaylord  and she was enchanted with his manners- she never even guessed that she was dancing with a cat!  She was so happy to be part of the dance and we think that she is in love! Thankfully, BVPD wasn't called out- only one false alarm quickly dealt with .  The foodables were great as always- Sasha is definitely the gourmet chef of Blogville!  The band, Bad Dawg Agency- top notch!  Looking forward to the next concert- hopefully we can get their cd and some tshirts before their crazed fans buy them out! It was wonderful to pawticipate and we have lots of photos to post, but we have some impawtant news!

HOPE HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!!  WHN heard the news yesterday and Hope leaves for her new home in Illinois on Saturday.  Dad and WHN will be conducting the home visit, and iif that goes will, Hope will be saying hello to a cat and three chihuahua brother and sisters! ,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Only one more day!

Only one more day until the Blogville event of the year- the Queen of hearts Dance!  Chip is taking the Weinermobile and heading out to Texas to pick up Prissy and Mona;  Tasha will be getting ready for her fabulous anniversary date with Shiloh- she hopes that he will be using the Sopwith Camel this year- they are celebrating two years together tomorrow!  Snoopy is taking the second Weinermobile down to Florida to pick up his beauty queen Miss Muffin and her sister Lily Belle- then heading back through Georgia, both Carolinas and other points South so if you need a ride (Puddles) just let us know!  Hope is waiting for her date, Alfie, to fly in from the UK, and Anna will be showing up with her Daddy!  (Dady rented every single Weinermobile available to enure the safety of his girls, so there are plrenty of rides available if needed!)

Friday, February 7, 2014


We, the Dachsies With Moxie, would like to thank Blogville for the love and friendships that we have come to rely on to get WHN through life.  (If you only knew what she puts us through each and every day!)

Last year, attempts were made to get the Pet Blogger Mall up and running, but unfortunately the timing was not right. With the blessing of Mayoress Diva Madi and Mayor Emeritus Frankie, WHN will be posting every week, on Tuesday and Thursdays, a blog post about a Blogville resident who is also a crafter. The idea is very simple- a Blogville crafter, such as Tasha's beloved Aunt Cindy, sends WHN a short paragaph or two about what he or she creates for sale, complete with photos and links to his/her Etsy shop (if they have one) and to his/her blog.  Then, two or three months later, WHN will publish reviews from customers, BUT only after the reviews submitted have been forwarded first to the appropriate shop keeper.  NO NEGATIVE reviews will be posted, but will be forwarded so that any issues may be resolved quietly in the BLogville manner.

WHN was inspired to volunteer to give this a go after reading about Coccolino's mom's newest venture- pet beds! WHN will never make these for us ( we suffer so) but she will be buying us pawmade beds from Miss katie! 

WHN will not be advertising or posting about her items in these postings as that is not the purpose of them. She will be posting links to satisfied customers bogs so that you can see them and to possibly met new BLogville friends!

WHN would like to start these postings as soon as possible, so please submit your posts to her at DachsiesWithMoxieMama AT gmail DOT com

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Opening Day- Blogville Winter Olympics!

We, the Dachsies With Moxie, hope that all of Blogville enjoys this year's premier Blogville Winter Olympiad. As such, we are relaxing on our dachshund bench in Sochi, and working on our exercises so we can root on our team to victory! As you can see, our stretching exercises are very strenuous, but the rewards are worth the effort! 

Our cheering seats

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In honor of the Blogville Olympics

In honor of our upcoming Blogville Winter Olympics, for which our mini mes are assiduously training, WHN is posting this photo which she found on Facebook, of a dachshund bench in a Sochi, Russia park.