Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke Discussing Abortion and Voting

TAZ Photos!!!

 According to Taz's Mom, who sent our Mom these pictures late last night, Taz and his little brother, Mr. Archibald Bean, sleep in this position all the time.  They are best buds!

 Taz looks a lot bigger in this photo, but his Mom wrote that is due to the angle of her camera when she took the picture.  Don't Taz and Mr. Bean look great?
Taz doing one of his many tricks, UP on a table!

Call Me Senator - From David Zucker

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Promised pictures

 Here are the contents of our pawty bag from the Wine and Halloweiners party!  THREE neckerchiefs, three fancy collars, three bags of delicious dog treats, a raw hide card, etc.  Dad called this the people bag, since people get doggie bags from restaurants

Here are the prizes that Ginger and Chip won for Beans and Weiners and the Tunnel Monster

 This is Thai looking at his prize for being the eldest dachsie at the pawty!

This is the card that was attached to the homemade doggie treats!!!!  They were yummy and we have one more bag left!!!!

Billy Connolly - Dachshund [Part 6 of 19]

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picture link

Check out the pictures at the above link.  Mom had 53 pictures and thought it would be easier to link to her Shutterfly account for us, than post all of them.  She will be taking pictures tomorrow of our PRIZES!!!

BTW- Ginger tried to be as PUDDLES like as possible- peeing and pooing everywhere she could- No photos though!


Back from the first ever Wine and Halloweiners party in Garretsville, OH.  Too tired to post photos, but there were dachsie races, and tricks for treats- bobbing for weiners was a favorite and Thai was VERY good at it.  Thai even won the prize for being the oldest dachsie present!!!  EVeryone seemed to know of Thai and his IVDD and hip issues and EVERYONE thought he looked great!  He saw his therapist, MIss PAt and her gentleman friend, Mr. Steve, and his BFFs Butchie and Chance.  Butchie has a cart and Chance has only three legs, but boy does he get around!  Ginger and Chip had a ball- they raced but did not win (It was their first time and they had fun)  They ran through the tunnel and Chip did the agility course.  Lots of great toys for prizes too!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom hasn't been posting a lot since she droveoff our grandpawrents and Aunt Gingie!  (We are channelling She Who Must Be Obeyed- PUDDLES!!!)  She actually fell down the outside stairs, (her right heel caught on the bottom of a step), landed on her bottom, and wrenched her back again.  WE had to wait on her hand and paw,listening to her so called cries of agony when she tried to get out of bed (and waking us up rudely, we might add)  She was able to hit the pool three times this week and her back is much better.  ( We told her to lay off the bonbons, but NOOOOO, would she listen to us?)

Anyway- tomorrow we are attending a Wine and Halloweiners party at the
Candlelight Winery in Northeast Ohio.  It is being held by the ladies who make the Hug A Dog harnesses, which are found at>  There will be a costume contest, bobbing for weiners, tricks for treats, raffles, prizes and more!!!!!  WE also hear that HOT DOGS are on the menu!

Look it up on Facebook!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Our grandpawrents and Aunt Gingie are back home in New Jersey.  They left yesterday and we have been totally bummed out!

On Friday, while Dad was at work, Grandpaw took us to McDonald's for lunch!!!  We got to ride in their rental car- a Chryslaer Town and Country mini van.  What comfort and luxury- LOTS of room for dachsies and their treats!  Thai and Ginger found the treats in the car and Thai actually got them open!

Saturday, everybody BUT the DWM and Gingie went to Lake Erie for the afternoon.  WE got left behind for some reason!  Dad and Grandpaw went on the ore boat near the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.  Mom and Grandmaw stayed inside at the Science Museum.

SUNDAY- we went to the dog park AND PetSMart!!!!!  With the excitement of our family's visitng, MOM FURGOT GINGER'S 10th BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY!!!!!  (We showed them though, we left lots of puddles and presents for them over the weekend.)

Thai having a drink on the porch

Gingie having a drink on the front porch

Ginger looking for treats in the van

Chip enjnoying his seat

Ginger and Gingie on a treat hunt

Thai getting the treats open

Grandpawrents at the park
Mom uploaded three videos from the dog park at YouTube under trainwife1962. 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Aunt Gingie

This is our Aunt Gingie!!!  The grandpawrents arrived about 6 last night and we had PIZZA for dinner (after our kibble and venison nuggets, of course) 

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mom forgt to tell everybody- but Chip and Ginger are done with their training!!!! It was hard work, but worth it.  Chip was on the treadmill Tuesday for over 35 minutes, and didn't even break a sweat!  Ginger of course had to be held- she did not want to get her dress dirty.  Thai of course tagged along- he made friends with the other dogs being boarded and was on the lookout for treats and food. 

Ginger has been spending her time looking for the dreaded porch badger- the bunny we found earlier this summer and taken up permanent residence under the porch, but uses the far right hand side for his entryway.  Ginger is trying to dig through the rug and the porch to get to him.  Wonder what she will do when she succeeds?  She is so determined to reach him that she started chewing the carpet on the porch!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Tomorrow, our grandpawrents arrive, with their long furred dachsie, Gingie.  Blogging will be light, but the chauffeurette promises to take lots of photos.

So, we plan on getting lots of naps in so that we can have lots of play time for the long weekend!  (They don't leave until Monday)

Mom stocked up on our kibble, and she checked to make sure we had enough venison chunks in the house (we did, Thank Dawg).  She is also busy doing laundry, changing the bed and cleaning the bathroom.  Dad is working at the railroad, but will be home to help (BOL!!!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

St Francis of Assisi

Yesterday, our chauffeur and chaufferette took us to St Franics Xavier to be blessed!  As you can see the DWM are far more interested in checking out the two goats who were present. 

Mom took furrrrrever picking out Ginger's outfit.  She has so many that Mom had to buy a large bone shaped storage bin to store them.  She finally decked Ginger out in a WalMart sweatshirt dress.  Chip wore his wingman shirt and Thai wore his Hug A Dog harness.

We behaved at the church, and each animal present was blessed individually by Father Lorkowski.  He even has a relic of that great Saint.  Father even blessed the chauffuer and chaufferette.

When we got home, we did "misbehave" - we crowded around Mom while she was getting dinner ready that she dropped eggs on the floor, so we only had kibble for dinner.

What a life!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

The DWM had a busy weekend, with LOTS of shopping!!!  MOm and Dad, our chauffuer and chaufferrette, took us to PetSmart AND Pet Supplies Plus on Saturday!  We had to get a new bed for Thai to use in Dad's train room- there simply isn't enough room on the one in there now.  We also got our Howloweiner costumes!  Thai is going to be a devil, Ginger will be wearing a dress with pumpkins on it and Chip will be wearing a Howloweiner tshirt.    Then, Mom stocked up on our kibble for the month.  No raw venison yet, we haven't finished our first bag of it but boy are we working on it.  THEN we had chicken nuggets from McDonald's for dinner!!!  We let our staf have some too, but what a treat.  Thai was ensconced in his camouflage throne, which was a good thing as it started to rain while we were in PetSmart.  Ginger and Chip led the charge on their leashes.  Everyone at both stores was jealous of us.  (Wonder what PUDDLES will say about all of this fame for us?)  They thought we were too cute and so well behaved!  (THAT was easy- no interesting peemail to read!)

Sunday was a day of rest, and we rested!  Saturday wore us out!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood

Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)

Have You Forgotten?

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (The Angry American)

WWPD, part 2

Mom wants to apologize to the blogosphere.  SHe did NOT realize that what she wrote about Her Majesty, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Puddles, would be misconstrued in any way.  Some readers have mistakenly interpreted what Mom wrote as CRITICISM of Her Majesty.

Let us assure you, Mom adores Puddles and has fallen under her spell.  We have to live with the Puddles phenomenon.  Mom would not even think a bad thought of Puddles, or any dachshund, for that matter.