Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A New Blogville Resident!!!!

Hello Blogville!!!!

Sorry that we have been missing since the loss of Anna in January but we have been busy taking care of What’s Her Name and Her never ending back issues and helping her take care of and plan a big parish celebration that was held in May (trust us- if Sweetie and I had not helped nothing would have gotten done)

In real Blogville news- WHN and Dad have adopted a dachshund puppy from a breeder!  A Black and Tan dapple long haired mini, who has Ben named Anna Rose the Third! Furtia (as she has been nicknamed) was born April 16th in South Dakota and last week we went to South Dakota to pick her up!!!  We combined the trio with some genealogical research into WHN’s family and we had a great time!

Furtia has settled in nicely- she is teething and has discovered a love of shoes!  To date, WHN has lost only two but for some reason she finds a shoe in the kitchen every day!

Dad is over the moon as he has needed a female dachshund to keep him in line and Furtia has certainly managed that difficult role.

She sleeps through the night without having an accident and lives the big bed- Daddy has to sing her to sleep otherwise she plays for at least an hour.