Friday, March 12, 2010

Thai- The Morning After the VET

Thai slept through the night but was up very early (before 5) and discovered the stitches on his right front leg. Needless to say, the Cone of Shame was immediately utilized. He is definitely feeling pain, as he hates to be picked up, but he has been outside to take care of business. He took his antibiotic, wrapped in a piece of cheese, and Ginger has been his close companion since bedtime. He has been drinking a lot of water, and he ate some steak last night. (Yes, MOM knows, but Dad insisted on sharing his dinner with his tough guy. Don't fret, Chip and Ginger also were allowed to partake in Dad's largesse)

He is again sleeping on Chip's pillow in front of our front window. 


Frankie Furter said...

It sounds like he is doing grrreat. I'm very much glad. Does he have 87 stitches???

Agnes B Bullock said...

87 stitches on each incision!!!!