Sunday, February 28, 2010

Her name is Rue

Thai has heard from the mom of his lady friend, the gorgeous mini red long furred dachshund.  Her name is Rue  How gloriously beautiful and appropriate!!!  Her mom left a comment under the PetSmart photos that our Mom posted.

Rue's Mom has the most beautiful blog at  It is NOT about dachshunds, but about her business- she does wedding favors that are edible and other such lovelies.  Go take a look and if you live in NE Ohio, check her out for your wedding or for the wedding or special occasion of someone you love

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Official Ginger Fan CLub and The Official Chip Fan CLub

So that Ginger and Chip don't feel left out, Mom is also going to have The Official Chip Fan CLub and The Official Ginger Fan CLub.  That way, none of the Dachsies With Moxie feel left out. We don't know what we will do yet, but the clamor for individual photos has become overwhelming.  Maybe Mom can finally organize our photos properly!

Yes, we know, Mom thought that our blog was enough.  Silly Momma.  Dachsies Rule!!!

The Official Thai Fan CLub

Mom has been receiving request for more photos of Thia, especially in the snow.  To honor these requests, Mom is Starting the Thai Fan Club.

Friday, February 26, 2010

87 Million Feet of Snow

Well, here in the wilds of Northeast Ohio, we are getting 87 million trillion feet of snow!!!!  Mom had to shovel the porch three times today so we could go outside, and she also did the steps and a path out to the grass.  The snow is not due to end until next week sometime.  The local weather forecasters are more accurate than the Weather Channel!!!  (Even the local NBC affiliate, which Mom loathes, is more accurate)

Mom is keeping us warm inside with Dingos rawhide chewies and we are keeping her busy with "Spot", our new DachsieBot.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pup Scout meeting today

We attended today's meeting and we kearned about playing with kittens.  That should come in handy when Liffey and Bear move in after Easter!!!  They are Mom and Dad's cats who have been living with Dad's parents due to the hotel living from last year- NOW they are going to be living with us!!!)  Bear thinks he is a dachsie, so maybe it won't be too bad.

What do you think of our squirrel badge?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Spring is in the air!!!!

Now, while we have not lived in Ohio until last August, we were unaware of some of the earliest signs to be found in Ohio.  Thanks to Franky Furter Price and his blog- one of the signs is robins!!!!!  We saw three males today in the front yard and one was huge!!!!  They flew off, so that must mean they are enroute to Frankie's place!

Back from the people vet

Dad has a stomach virus that will take 5 to 7 days to work its way through his system and he is home from work until Wednesday, if he is actually feeling better tomorrow night.  So, he has to keep drinking Gatorade and ginger ale (he drank 3/4 of a gallon of Gatorade yesterday and a 2 liter of ginger ale today so far), and he can have rice with butter for dinner.  He can try the chicken soup Mom made tonight also, but he wants to put it off until tomorrow.  That way, there is more for Frankie Furter!!!!

Dad has to go to the people vet

This weekend was pretty much a bummer for us (except for our trip to PetSmart)  Dad got sick Saturday, so he could not take Mom out to celebrate his bonus for last year.  he spent all day Sunday in bed, living off of Gatorade and yogurt since his tummy hurts.  He is NOT throwing up, so that is a good thing.  The bad thing is that Mom slept on the couch last night and we wanted to sleep in our bed!!!!  Thai and Ginger kept making Mom get up to take them out, while Chip just slept right thru it all.  Chip spent most of Sunday in bed with Dad, too, while Thai and Ginger stayed with Mom downstairs, helping her make chicken soup. 

Dad is still not feeling well, so he sees the people vet at 1 PM.  Hope he gets better soon.

(We also FINALLY got our thank you to Mango done today, which is the deadline.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Another AWARD!!!!!

LOOK what Feisty Three gave us- our third award!!!!  We have only been blogging since September too!!!!

As with all great awards, there are rules- and here they are:

The rules are to list 10 things that make us happy and do at least one of them today and then pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

What Makes Us Happy:

1. Food, and LOTS of it!!!!!.
2. Blankies as far as the eye can see.
3. Our Ikea couch
4. Our queen sized bed
5. Our Toyota RAV4
6. Treats- NOW, Mom
7. Going car whenever we want
8. DRNA, for their help in rescuing Mom and Dad
9. Snuggling on the couch with Mom and Dad
10 All of our new bloggie friends!!!!!

We are giving this award to our bloggie friends:

Yes, we know- same list as last time, but really, what can you expect from a Human?

PetSmart Saturday

Mom and Dad took us to PetSmart today- it was Thai's first such venture!!!  On the way in we met (and Thai fell in love with) the most beautiful miniature long furred dachsie.  Thankfully Frankie Furter Price was nowhere to be seen- we have seen the effect he has on unsuspecting female dachsies.  We kept seeing her inside too.  And then we met a short furred male mini.  Must have been Dachsie Day at Petmart.  We of course got more Breathbusters and the rawhides wrapped in chicken jerky.  We were the models of decorum on our leashes and Mom promises to post photos tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Westminster Dog Show

Something just occurred to our Mom- how come Frankie Furter wasn't the finalist for the long haired dachshunds at Westminster?  Ruby and Penny, we have no doubt, would vouch for this most handsome of long furrrs.  Just Saying!!!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ash Wednesday- Lent Begins

Today, Mom and Dad have to go to church to get ashes on their foreheads, AND have to give something up until Easter!!!!  McDonald's was the decision reached last night.  Are they supposed to make US give up something too?  Is that fair?

An Award From our girlfriend TWIX!!!!!

This award comes with the rules to share 10 things that make you happy and to pass it along to 10 bloggers.
Happiness =
* Lots of treats (NOW,  Mom, if you please)
* Mom and Dad
* Blankies for hiding under
* Our new bloggy friends (Here's looking at you, Frankie Furter)
* Barking at the mailman
* Our doggie beds in the window
* Guarding Mom on the couch from the dreaded couch badgers
* Helping Dad with his dinner, over his objections of course
* Ginger's new clothes and the Hug-A-Dog harnesses for the boys
* DRNA- for helping us to rescue Mom and Dad

The award is supposed to go to 10 of your bestest blogy friends, but Mom thought it really read 87 bazillion, so she made a list bigger than ten.  She forgot some, but that's Mom (she is still working on getting better at the computer- she really should leave it to the experts- US!!!!!!)  If Mom left someone we follow off the list, please help yourselves to the award with our blessings

Jazzi won at Westminster!!!!

Did you watch last night?  Jazzi won-     We had to root for someone since the dachsies were not competing for Best in Show  (the judges were BRIBED, we tell ya)    Mom had to tell us that it was another Scottie, but we are convinced that it is Jazzi who won.  What do YOU think?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Westminster Dog Show

MOm and Dad watched this last night.  OK, just the hound group, which was first this year.  They woke us up from our 8 PM naps just to watch the dachshunds lose the Hound Group-  Terrible.  Yes the Whippet is pretty, but the mini wire furr that made it to the final 8 should have won, paws down.  He was gorgeous.  (I think Ginger has a new crush)  The Short and Long furred dachsies were gorgeous too, and of course the dachsies should have taken the top three places in the hound group, and then won the whole enchilada tonight.  When has a Dachshund ever won at Westminster- 87 billion years ago?

Monday, February 15, 2010

They're Back

Well no snow yet.

Heard from Frankie Furter- he says that we won't be getting 87 million feet of snow this time!!!!!  (He also thinks that Thai has really found his furrever home- should we tell Mom and Dad this?)

Mom and Dad are a little upset with Thai right now- he keeps eating Chip and Ginger's tootsie rolls!!!  Major Yuckies!!!  Mom and Dad knew that he had that tendency when he moved in with us, so they started putting A1 Sauce in our food.  Obviously that did not work.  Now what do they do?  As it is, he has to have two Breathbusters every time he does it, and today he did it twice!!!!!  In Thai's defense, he doesn't do it every day, but if Mom just turns her head for just a second, he moves in for the kill.HELP!!!!!

More Snow coming!!!!

Frankie Furter alerted us that another 87 feet of snow are headed to Ohio!!!!!  Thankfully the robins got his message.  Dad has to dig out more trails for us to use since more of the white stuff is headed our way.  It is so bad, that Mom and Dad are going to the town square to see the ice sculptures there-  what fun is that?  At least we are staying here, where it is warm.  Let the two footers get cold- they will learn someday that we know best!

Mom just caught Thai opening one of the cabinets- he really is a scent hound. The previous owners had those plastic holders for aluminum foil on the door, so Mom put the Pupperoni bottles in it in the cabinet she once used for the dog food (before we were put on the prescription stuff).  Thai just opened it!!!!  Mom got to the Pupperoni just in time  What a great dog!!!!  He found more treats for us to have!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's Here- Valentine's Day

Today started off with a bang- Dad loved his signals for the layout and we gave Mom  a brand new Spot Bot for pets- the one with the long furred doxie on the box.  We received LOTS of new treats!!!!  (we can't eat them all at once, but we get to try a new type every day)  Then for some reason, Chip had an upset tummy and made a huge mess in the computer chair and on the floor- Mom and Dad cleaned up after him, but no one knows why it happened.  maybe he caught Mom's bronchitis.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Valentines Day, Part 3

Ginger, Chip and Thai have decided to be fair- they are askeing EVERYONE who reads this blog and write the blogs they follow to be their Valentine's this year!!!!  SO much love in the air- What do you say everybody?

(Thanks to Frankie Furter for the idea- we did not want to leave anyone out)

Valentine's Day, part 2

Indy and Molly want to be Valentines with us.  WOOF WOOF!!!!  (That's a yes!)

Valentine's Day

Now that Frankie Furter is off the market, what is Ginger supposed to do?  What about Thai and Chip?  Are there any lonely dachshunds or other canines who really want to be Valentine's with us?  Mom says that we can't just pine away from lack of canine love.  Anyone?  I know that Ginger loves Baxter and that Chip loves Twix, but Thai is playing the field.  (Twix and Baxter don't know these secrets yet, so shhhhhhhh!!!!) Thai and Chip are even willing to let Mom and Dad give them baths, and Ginger will have hers solo, just the girls, for their spa time, complete with lavender shampoo.

And since our Mom is Irish and Dad Irish by marriage, what about St. Patrick's Day?

It's cold here!!!

More snow is on the way and both Mom and Thai have colds.  Mom's is so bad, she was up all night and Dad had to bring home Chinese for dinner, so that Mom would not give him her cold ( at least that was what she said- Dad fell for her big blue eyes again)

Today will be spent on the couch, keeping warm, until it is time to go pick up Dad from work- he is oncall this weekend and even has the federal holiday off!!!  We are letting Mom use our car, since she is taking us with her.  Obviously she needs Ginger to drive and the boys to navigate- why do humans think they can do these things without us? 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

87 Million Feet of Snow

Can you believe it- we got 87 million feet of snow.  This morning Mom had to dig out a trail to the lawn, from the porch, so we could "take care of business".  Unfortunately, the snow is too tall for us to go out onto the lawn, so we started using the carpeted step just off the porch, much to Mom's dismay.  Then she had to take Dad (she called him Geoff in the posting about the beach- sorry for the confusion- you know how blondes are!!!) to work, since his company truck is in the shop till Monday, AND SHE LEFT US HOME!!!!!!  Can you believe the cruelty- should we file a grievance with the ASPCA?  Any ideas how to get back at her?  She didn't even ask our permission to use OUR CAR!!!!!

(For all our doggie friends and bloggers- thanks for the love!!!!  We stayed at the La Quinta Inn and Suites at Broadway at the Beach, because the chain is dachshund friendly (and their prices are just right!!!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PHOTOS!!!!!!! The computer is working today!!!!

Geoff being walked by Thai, Chip and Ginger, who are waiting for Mom to catch up to them!!!

Ginger showing Chip how to really enjoy the beach by rolling in the sand.

Hot Dog!!!!!

Profiles in Courage- Ginger, Thai and Chip (from top to bottom)

Geoff with Ginger and Thai.

Geoff with the Dachsies With Moxie, as Thai decides in which direction to lead the pack

Thai leading the pack

Enjoying the king size bed

Chip and Ginger on the bed

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hug-A-Dog Harnesses, part 2

Forgot to mention, but the harnesses we boys wore were great- we got lots of compliments at the beach and we were safe in the car.  Mom just ordered Ginger her very own- the pink glamour fabric one. And yes, the computer still won't find her computer card.  Guess we have to go to Walmart to get one made for our fans!!!!

Just for Frankie Furter, whose idea this was- the ordering info for these great fashion accessories:


And there are two options- a walking only harness or the one with the seat belt loop, which is what we get.

WE're back!!!!

WOW- we made it, and there are 87 million flakeys on our front lawn!!!!!!  We want to go back to SC!!!!!

What an amazing adventure- we left Friday at 6 AM.  Mom and Dad thought we would be awake, but we showed them.  Chip and Thai snoozed away in the back seat of the RAV4, while Her Majesty took the front, first on Dad's lap, and then on Mom's.  Mom drove the first three hours until we hit Exit 170 in West Virginia, for a Cracker Barrel break.  Mom and Dad ate inside while we suffered in the car.  BUT, then they brought us breakfast- BACON!!!!  All was immediately forgiven, especially since we each had our own serving, cut up by Mom, just the way we like it.  By then it was pouring rain out, so we attended to business very quickly both before and after they came out of the restaurant.  They sat where we could keep an eye on them- Ginger kept giving them "The Look", her patented hard stare, just like Paddington Bear.  The boys protected the car from strangers, barking at anything that moved.  Mom was proud of us. Then we continued south through WV, and we hit the snow storm!!!!  Lucky for us, Dad was driving.  Chip insisted on being up front to protect Mom and Ginger from the flakes, and Thai dozed in back, if he wasn't checking out the sites.  We had snow from WV, into VA and then North Carolina!!!!!  Then we had pouring rain.  It cleared up a little in SC< but not much.  We finally arrived at the hotel around 10:30 Friday night.  While Dad checked us in, Mom got us out of the car to take care of business, so we could show everyone how good were are. Then, we took off running, just like a dahcsie race, through the lobby and to our room.  What fun!!!!  (Yes, we were leashed, and we pulled Mom along behind us- she is so SLOW@!!!!)  Our room was huge- we had a king sized bed, which meant more room for us.  Mom, Dad and Ginger had already stayed at this hotel, and in the same room, when Mom's father died in September.  We played on the bed, we wrestled, and we had dinner in bed!!! What luxury!!!!

We were so good in the room- only a couple of presents and puddles the entire three days there.

On Saturday, Mom and Dad left us in the room while they went to the hospice to see Aunt Regina.  Mom came back very upset, so Dad took all of us to the beach!!!  WOWEE!!!  We could have run to Florida that very day if Mom had let us.  We ran up and down all of South Carolina, and barked at the waves, looking for the dreaded beach badgers.  Luckily, we did not find any, or they would have been taught a lesson- don't mess with the Dachsies With Moxie!!!!!  Mom took lots of photos so when the computer works again, she will post them.  Ginger showed us how to roll in the sand, but the boys wanted to run so they did.  Thai starts out running and then starts to hop like a bunny- it was so cute to see. After the beach, we went back to the room and Mom and Dad had lunch at the Mellow Mushroom pizza place next door to the hotel.  Mom says it is the best pizza she ever ate.  Then they spent the rest of the day with Aunt Regina. 

Saturday night- we had SONIC HOT DOGS for dinner!!!!!!  Mom was trying to make up for the fact that we boys had NEVER had hot dogs since we started living with her.  Chip ate his right away.  Thai knocked his over and ate the bun first, then the hot dog.  Ginger ate her hot dog and then her bun.  Delicious!!!!  Dad says we are what we eat.

Sunday, Mom and Dad went to see Aunt Regina again, and then went to lunch with Mom's mom.  Then they packed the car and we played in the bedroom.  Mom and DAd had packed our doggie beds and we only played in them while they were gone.  We also had Dachshund Races in the hallway- Chip and Thai always won!!!  Dad took Mom to Broadway at the Beach, which was right near our hotel, the La Quinta Inn and Suites on 21st Avenue North, and they bought Thai a Myrtle Beach t shirt, so now we all have one.  Chip got a black Security Tshirt, and Ginger got a pink and green camouflage hoodie for her treat this trip. Then they had dinner at Captain George's seafood buffet.  We had our dry crunchies when they got back to our room, after the car was loaded.  WE had dinner on the bed again, and MOM fed us our food, a handful at a time. 

We were so tired that we slept very well that night, and then we left Monday at 6 AM again.  (What is it with these people and 6 AM)  We got home at 8 PM, and our really nice neighbors had cleared our driveway with a snow blower!!!  We have a really great neighborhood.  Dad unloaded the car while Mom mad us dinner and scrambled eggs for Dad.  WE went to bed at 9 and snoozed the night away. 

Dad went to work this morning and it is snowing more flakey things right now!!!!  Thai slept on Mom for a while, and is still wearing his t shirt, as is Chip.  Photos tomorrow, if the computer thingy works.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hug-A-Dog Harnesses

We just got back from a very traumatic experience!!!!  Mom finished packing the car, and then after she cleaned up (she was very messy), took us to McD's so that she could make sure that our travel arrangements would work for us. Ginger, of course, will be in the front with Mom and Dad.  Thai and I, wearing our brand new Hug-A-Dog harnesses, were seatbelted in the back, on our doggy beds.  (Thai received the harnesses since he is a foster for DRNA- they sent two because he has cysts on his tummy, and they wanted to get the sizing right for his comfort.  Mom is going to pay for the other harness, since Thai wears the XL and Chip wears the L)  Everything seemed ok, until Chip realized that he was belted into his seat and then he tried to wriggle out of his harness. Thankfully he settled down and enjoyed the ride.  Thai did well until he could smell the food in the car and cried all the way home!!!!  While Mom cut up our repast, everyone was dervishing around her ankles , and the food was wolfed down so fast!  Boy, did it taste good!!!!


Mom is on a tear- last night while she and Dad were packing for our trip, we all pee'd in the house!!!!  Neither Mom nor Dad were amused with us for this, and this morning, since it was so cold, we all left Mom presents!!!  THAT has never happened before.  The Dachsie Bot got quite a work out.

After we went to bed, there were some adventures which kept Mom up all night- she even wrote about them on her non-Dachsie blog (we forgot she had one)

Trouble in Ohio

Thanks to Frankie Furter, we know that there is a HUGE snow storm heading our way!!!!  Frankie says we can expect 87 feet of the stuff, after we got rid of it all (until it snowed again this week)

What a way to start our trip- Mom looked up the storm on Drudge, and we are driving right through it tomorrow- Won't miss out on the snow until we hit SC!!!!!  Help- Pray that the 87 million feet of snow doesn't start until after everyone is home from work!!!

The Daily Chip and Thai Show!!! Premier Issue

Chip teaching Thai how to use the computer!!!!

As you can clearly see, Chip is in complete control of the chair and is showing Thai the ropes vis-a-vis the computer and how to steal Mom's seat!!!  This is the Thai Master's first such excursion into this world of deception, playing upon Mom's inability to ignore the slightest thing that a dachsie wants

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Daily Thai- Wednesday Edition

Well, Mom finally posted my profile at!!!  I mean really- I have been here for three weeks now! 

Mom is very busy getting us ready for our weekend adventure to South Carolina.  Lots of laundry, getting the oil changed in the car, etc.  She even took us to McDonald's for dinner yesterday!!!  YUMMY- we were allowed a double cheeseburger with chees only for dinner.  We had to eat at home, so that Mom could cut them up for us (and hide our glucosamine pills in them- yuck) but it was worth the wait.  The Thai Master won the eating contest, followed by Chip and then Ginger, who ate at a more leisurely pace.  Then we gave Mom the big stare down while she ate hers- and she didn't even share!!!

Thai has decided that he is now head dachsie, and is playing with Chip more.  he even allows us to put him on the couch for family time. Mom loves to watch us play on the bed while she is trying to make it- Thai just gets up and tries to sit on Chip.  Both boys love thier Hug-A-Dog harnesses.  Ginger gets hers after we get back from the beach (We hope we get to go at least once- Ginger told us all about it!!)

Well, back to the planning!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Mango Minster 2010

The hound group is up for voting today!!!!  Please vote for us!!!  Gin ger and Chip each have one vote but Thai has NONE!!!!  This is so unfair!