Monday, February 28, 2011

Thai update!

Thai's cortisol is UP!  Now it is 6.3, which is way above the normal range (normal is 1.0 to 5.0)  A third medicine is going to be prescribed and hopefully will work!  A tumor on the adrenal or pituitary glands could be the cause of the constantly rising cortisol levels, and due to his advanced age of 14, surgery is out. 

What's Her Name and Dad took Ginger, Chip and Thai to Pet Supplies Plus for their food shopping- What's Her Name almost ran out of our kibble- the nerve of her!  Usually, Thai is chauffered around in his throne, trying to get out and follow Chip and Ginger on the leash.  This time, he enjoyed the adulation shown by his subjects, and enjoyed the comforts of his throne. 

What's Her Name is really upset by this- she wants her baby back NOW- Thai is fussy all the time and restless, due to the Cushings, BUT he doesn't smile anymore!  He isn't in any pain, but is getting picky about his foodables, and is suspicious as to what the daily chees holds!  He spits out the meds, so What's Her Name has to camoflage it with the duck treats from Canada sent by Ruby and Penny.  (Thai LOVES those, even though they give him the runs, so to speak)

Please keep him in your prayers, and go bid on the auction being held for Ronnii and Richie!

Pets For Vets movie

Pro-Life Flash Mob in Chicago Surprises "Walk for Choice"

Friday, February 25, 2011

Impawtant News- Ronniii and Richie's Mom needs our help

PLEASE go to the above link!  Ronnii and Richie's Mom needs help paying for Ritchie's vet bills- apparently the rescue organization can no longer pay them and they are simply HUGE!   What's Her Name is busy going through all her drawers looking for extra chnage to send Frankie's Mom , so maybe you can help too.

There is also going to be an auction this weekend on a new blog set up to help them out:

Rumor has it that a LORENZA couture outfit will be up for bid!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vet trip today!

His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent, after spending the night head butting What's her Name (again), returns to the VET for more blood work for his Cushings. Blood sample for the test to see how the Lysodren is handling the cortisol levels.  What's Her Name is thinking of asking for anit anxiety pills for him also, as he is suffering from separation anxiety, even though What's her Name is home all day with him- he panics and whines if he cannot see her.  What do you think?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, again

Yes, we have been visited by another 87 trillion of the flakey things, which left 5 inches on the ground for us.  What's Her Name is NOT happy about this-she hates the snow about as much as we do this year, and wants it to end.  We think the arthritis in her back and hips isn't helping either!  At least we have our new coats from the First Ladies of Blogville to keep us warm-and What's Her Name has us!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Doctor Explains Fake 'Sick' Medical Note

Paging Dr. Shropshire: You’re Guilty Of Theft Of State Taxpayers’ Money

Paging Dr. Shropshire: You’re Guilty Of Theft Of State Taxpayers’ Money
Saturday, February 19, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin—home to fourteen cowardly Democrats who slinked away in the dark of night to cross state lines rather than show up to do the people’s business; home to thousands of unionized teachers who called out sick when they weren’t to protest a budget repair bill meant to keep the state from going bankrupt and home to disgraceful doctors who wrote fake notes to excuse those very teachers from work.

Can you say theft of state taxpayers’ money? These “doctors” are nothing more than charlatans.

What a stellar example of sniveling little socialists you are. Is this what you want your children to see and mimic later in their lives? Really? Really?

Instapundit shares some of the emails he received from doctors who found the actions of their peers reprehensible.

Professor Reynolds says it best, “You could hardly ask for behavior better tailored to lower respect for the medical profession.” Amen, Professor, amen.

I’d like to thank Ann Althouse for capturing for posterity these doctors in action in the video embedded below.

Read more:

Dad has the sickies today

Dad came home from Florida with a pretty bad sinus infection.  Lucky for him, the DWM know what is needed and went right to work!  Ginger and Chip have bed duty- making sure Dad stays put and toasty warm.  When Dad ventures downstairs, their job continues, and Thai takes over, parked next to the couch in his command and control throne, to make sure Dad does not get up from his much needed snoozies.

On another front, our frined Ronnii and Richies Mom is fighting cancer in the UK, and Paws of Prayer are needed for her.  Details found at Frankie Furter's blog this morning

Friday, February 18, 2011

Exploring our backyard

Backyard explorations!

Here we are exploring our backyard for the first time in 87 months!  Look- NO SNOW!
Ginger and Chip at the back door
His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent

Ginger and Thai

How to enjoy a King Size Bed, Lesson 1

 These are the photos What's Her Name took of us at our hotel room.  AS you can see, it is extremely difficult to get comfortable on a bed, and even more so on a king size one! It takes a great deal of skill and patience, but we managed!  (And yes, those are the famous First Ladies of Blogville couture coats!  There was 87 trillion feet of snow and ice in Willard, and we were determined NOT to be cold!)

The SNOW is GONE!!!

When we got out of bed today, after Dad's triumphal return from the wilds of FLorida and its SUNSHINE, all of the snow, all 87 million feet of it, was GONE!

What's Her Name doesn't have our car today- she gave it to Dad since his company truck battery died, so we have to suffer at home, but we heard that we are going to be playing on the front lawn!  Grass- we love grass.

Definitely the bestest gift from Dad ever (and yes he did forget to get us something, but since he made the snow disappear, we forgive him)

And, on the What's her name front- she has a tentative date for her "fat Lady" surgery of 22 March 2011.  (She calls it that, not us- she has a nice soft tummy to lie on and next to in bed at night, when we aren't trying to puch her out of it like Thai tried last night!)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dad is coming home tonight!

We are going to get Dad at the airport tonight!  His flight arrives around 9:24 PM, so we are going to leave around 9ish.  What's Her Name already cleaned out the car and our baskets so we don't have to sleep or sit in crumbs from our last adventure. 

Wonder what gifts Dad is brining home from Florida?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Back from our road trip!

We actually returned on Sunday, having endured the horrors of a king sized bed at our hotel in Willard.  We endured the indignities that this presented and allowed What's Her Name to sleep in the bed with us.  Dad of course stayed very close to us.  We are thinking of ways to raise money for the purchase of a king sized bed for us- it will probably have to be set up in the living room or the dining room, for our convenience!

We sent What's Her Name out to do our Valentine's Day shopping- Dad received a Panda pillow Pet from us (WalMart was out of the dog!)  He also received three dachshund cards!  What's Her Name received our thanks for being allowed to do our shopping for us!

We are fully unpacked and even had another adventure today!  We had to take Dad to the airport in Cleveland, since he has to be in FLorida for the rest of the week!  None of us have been to an airport before and it was wild!  Dad was glad we went- flying makes him nervous and our presence made him feel better about abandoing us and not taking us to Florida, where it is warm!  Now, we are stuck with What's Her Name for the week!

Lat night we watched Westminster and again saw the BLATANT discrimination against Dachshunds!  The mini wire fur made it to the cut, but did not place.  The two standards didn't even make the final cut- We find that the judges are blind and have no idea what they are doing- NO DACHSHUNDS in the HOUND GROUP FINALS? 

Anyway, we have to get some snoozies in- What's Her Name has a therapist coming over to show her how to use her sleep apnea machine again!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Road Trip packing list

Inspired by a comment by our beloved Mayor of Blogville, Frankie Furter, What's Her Name is going to post the packing list that she uses to get our stuff together and in the car.  (Remember, her stuff is the non essential stuff!)

1)  Thai's camouflage throne
2)  Blankies- three for each dachshund
3)  Food- two cans per day, plus the kibble packed into a Lock n Lock cereal container
4)  Treats- ALL of them, and packed into Lock n Lock containers
5)  plastic spoons and paper bowls- What's Her Name picks these up the day before- cuts down on the dish washing
6)  Medications- already packed in a Lock n Lock container
7)  String cheese- so Thai will take his medications!  (put in car right before you leave)
8)  canned pumpkin- the kind without spices.  We take several cans, as dachshund indigestion is known to hit us and affect our partying
9)  Leashes and Hug a Dog harnesses-  dachshunds should be wearing a harness, and their leashes come along - readily available for pit stops
10)  Paper towels, vinegar, Cottonelle wipes- What's Her Name picks up an 8 pack of paper towels, a gallon of vinegar and 4 packages of the wipes, in case there are accidents at the hotel
11)  laundry baskets, pillows and beds- one per dachshund, used for the hotel and the car- We ride in the baskets in the back seat, until What's Her Name gives in and holds us on her lap in the front seat
12)  water and bowl- We have a special mug from WalMart that we use for our car water.  What's Her Name picks up a case of water for the trip, to lessen dachshund indigestion
13)  Clothing- we bring a couple of coats in case the weather changes
14)  green beans- our favorite car treat
15)  can opener and aluminium foil- to open cans and to make a cover for the refrigerator
16) face cloths dampened in water- in a baggie for the car
17) hand sanitizer
18) plastic or poop bags
19) belly bands and liners
20)  box of garbage bags and gallon sized ziploc bags- we like the kitchen size (for our trip and room garbage).  The ziploc bags we use for storing ice on the road.
21)  crate- optional
22) portable hand held fan- optional
23) hard sided cooler- we have one that we use only during the summer to store our food stuffs. 
24) Resolve rug cleaner for pet stains

Now, this seems like a lot of stuff, but it really isn't- The big items usually get stored in the roof top carrier, with the exception of the throne.  The blankets and pillows get stored in the laundry basket that Ginger and Chip are not using while they help Dad navigate.  Thai spends most of his time snoozing in his basket, well lined with his favorite blankies.  The food stuffs, bowls and spoons are packed into a large insulated tote, along with the can opener and the foil. What's Her Name has a small insulated tote for our green beans and for the face cloths and hand sanitizer.  The throne also has a storage area, where the poop bags and a roll of paper towels are stored.  The belly bands are stored in the back pocket of the throne with several liners, while the rest of the liners are stored in a Lock n Lock container with What's Her Name's toiletries.  Since we don't always have a refrigerator in our room, the canned food is not opened and we are forced to live on kibble.  If we have a fridge, we are properly fed.  The string cheese can be bought on location if needed. 

Dad and What's Her Name use Land's End tote bags for their stuff- clothing and toiletries, etc, but as you can see, we have them trained about our needs coming first.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Road trip!

The Dachsies With Moxie are going to Willard, OH to join Dad who is staying there for several more nights and cannot live without us!  What's Her Name is busy getting us packed- throne, bankies, pillows and FOOD!  Of course we will be wearing our new coats from the First Ladies of Blogville- they won;t know what hit thme in Willard!  Our stuff has been safely secured in our car, and now Mom gets to finish laundry the dishes and pack her stuff(all non essentials)  We won't have access to blogville so have asafe and happy Valentine's Day.  (Mom did say you can reach us at her email  trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com!!!!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thai test results

Thai's baseline cortisol is a 4.5, which is at the high end of the normal range (noraml runs from 1,0 to 5.0) Thankfully that is not a change from last week, and he gets to keep taking the Lysodren (half a tblet a day, every other day) and is retested on 24 February at 10:45.

Right now he is taking a much needed nap in his throne!  The coat from the mom of the First Ladies of Blogville has turned him into a fashion icon at the vet.  When he was there yesterday, ensconced in his throne, Ginger and Chip also were present, all three wearing their much loved coats!  Whne What's Her Name or Dad take them down from the rack, the Dachsies With Moxie know that means one thing- CAR RIDE!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thai Update

Thai had his blood work today.  We should have the results tomorrow- Hopefuuly the Lysodren is working!  He is acting more like himself- running around after Chip and Ginger, and being happy.  His appetite is as voracious as ever too.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twix the Twixerrific needs our prayers

Our well loved friend Twix, is in great need of our prayers- She is ill again, without diagnosis.  Twix sees her vet again tomorrow, so please keep her and her grandmother in your prayers.

What's Her Name posted the link above so you can read and post your prayers for Twix!

The Daily Thai

Here we see His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent, relaxing in his room, while on crate rest!