Friday, February 24, 2012

America: Meet Sarah Palin

PayPal hacking, etc.

As our fans know, WHN PayPal account was hacked earlier this week and PayPal was far less than helpful in fixing the situation!  It went so far as to blame her and her bank for their security lapses! 

The Medina PD did a bang up job- Sarge and his crew must have been involved with the investigation.  Apparently thieves in NJ and California were involved, but our force does not have the resources to investigate further.  PayPal - well we doubt that anything will come of it at their end.  WHN had to open new accounts and get new cards, and create new emails again!

Due to this problem, WHN and Dad will be taking the computer in for a complete cleanup tomorrow so we will be without a computer for about a week..  We will be able to keep up via email so please email us the good news!

We do have to thank several friends for awards- Nina and her Mom Cindy , Shelle, and Nola for the Liebster Award, Nola for a Hug award and the Trubblesome Trio for another award- we will be posting about all of these after the Dell comes back!

Pee Ess-  Ginger's tail got caught in a door today- she is fine, and her tail is still a tad swollen, but WHN and Dad are very upset!  She is eating and waling fine, and goes to the vet on Monday for a checkup

Awards Friday!

HAVE YOU BEEN TO FRANKIE'S BLOG YET?!!!!! The Mayor is at it again!-  He has awarded the KEY TO BLOGVILLE to another PEEP!  Who, might you ask, was so deserving of this honor?  IT IS OUR VERY OWN WORLD FAMOUS QUILTER,  AND MOM OF NINA,  CINDY!!!!!!!!  WHN has linked to the blog post so you can just click on it and see the reactions of BLogville- lots of fainting, but even more importatnly, LOTS OF FOOD- we provided the Bud Light Platinum, the adult beverage of choice for discriminating dachshunds and all residents of Blogville, the Cheetohs and the hot dogs.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Look at what Cindy, our favorite world class quilter is making now!

Cindy, our world famous quilter, is making clutches and three sizes of knitting bags!  WHN has already placed an early Christmas order for several and so can you_ She also makes great totes and once we find a photo, we will post it.  WHN is having Cindy make her a clutch in pink with the sewing snowflake and a large knitting bag for the car for US!

KNitting bags
Isn't Nina a lucky dog?!!!!!


WHN was unable to work on the WDA quilt yesterday as her PayPal account was hacked and she had to spend the day dealing with the Police, PayPal, the bank, the FTC and the three credit bureaus!

Today she has to go to Social Security and then hopefully she will commence phase 2 of the WDA quilt!

Have you placed your orders with Cindy for a tote bag, knitting bag or clutch yet? 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


 UPDATE 1-   We, the DWM have kept WHN busy busy busy today!  Our beloved Dad finished making the patterns and WHN sketched out her basic pattern and cut the fabric for the top (excluding the faces of our beloved WDA- that is tomorrow's task for our favorite slave)  Top photo shows the strips for the borders of the multiple blocks, the large blank block as well as the blocks for the faces and the Earth.  The second photo shows the sketch and a better shot of the fabrics being used (and which DAD selected- he has a much better eye for fabric than WHN!)


 We the Dachsies With Moxie (hereafter known as the DWM)  have again chained WHN to her sewing machine!  Why- she has the White Dog Army quilt to make!  Dad has graciously agreed to help out- he is in charge of the pattern making, as you can see in the photo below!  The quilt will be a replica of the first photo, albeit without the wording!  (WHN does have a new machine- a BabyLock Ellure Plus embroidery and quilting machine which DAD insisted on getting her for this quilt, so maybe she will master the alphabet in order to do so!)

We, the illustrious DWM, will be posting progress pictures as this masterpiece is created for our favorite American Eskimo friends in New Mexico!  Due Date- 1 March 2012! 

Pee Ess- WDA Mom's birthday is 15 March, so we need to wish her a Happy Birthday on their blog on that wonderful date!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#Occupy Our Toys!!!!

Our friends in California, Lady Godiva, Coco Bean and Truffle, are conducting #Occupy Our Toys as their home is currently in disarray due to their Mom person!  Items of furniture and clothing are disappearing, so these intrepid and gorgeous Chihuahua "Ladies of Leisure" desire that we all rise up and defend our beloved toys.  Stuffed or unstuffed, squeaky or unsqueaky, clean and smelling just the way we like them- our toys are not to be trifled with  by our humans!

The DWM join the Ladies of Leisure and support #Occupy Our Toys!  Our toys may be taken from us , but only from our cold dead paws!

Friday, February 17, 2012


 Dear Puddles Duddles Rainwater,

Your favorite drinking buddy, Mr. Geoff, wishes to congratulate you on the fabulous news concerning the evil next door neighbors.  As such, he proffers the new beer, Bud Light Platinum, as an appropriate adult beverage for the discriminating dachshund/greyhound to imbibe. (Yes, he now drinks Bud Light Platinum in your honor!)

This Bud's for you, Puddles!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post Party activities

MIA- reported stolen!
The culprits
Well, we just about danced our paws off at the Valentine's Day Dance.  Ginger and Tasha were well looked after by their beau, Shiloh, who everbuddy knows was the Beagle who won Best of Show at Westminster several years ago.  (He has been living incognito since then).  Anna Rose and her luv, Max, cuddled the night away under the disco ball, and later in the Weinermobile.  Amber and her beaus, Chip and Thai, led the way with the conga line and then hit the bars for Cheetohs and beers, plus lots of hot dogs to keep up their strength! AFterwards, the weinermobiles were full of partiers getting ready to go home- Sagira and Bokeh joined us, Puddles made a quick stop with her beau to stock up on Cheetohs for the drive home  (PUDDLES, we did not know that Cheetohs were a controlled substance or that SARGE would give you a ticket- our bad!) The Furst Family of Blogville stopped by for hot dogs and ERnie had his furst beer, but DON'tT TELL FRANKIE!!!!  We had to make a pit stop along the way and when we all returned from visitng our favorite trees- a Weinermobile had been stolen!  Shiloh, GInger, and Tasha had to squeexe in with Amber, Chip and Thai, and we were off in pursuit.  (Anna Rose and Max decided to stay at the rest stop and wait for the police- )

We could see a red long haired head hanging out of the window, waving a suspiciously large disco ball and screaming her head off-  Then we could see the driver's head- black and tan long fur, covered with flowers-  FRANCINE AND ERNESTINE had struck- Last sighting of the Weinermobile and the disco ball was near No More Leans.  WE hope that they enjoy their ill gotten gains!  That was the WEinermobile that still had beer, hot dogs and Cheetohs stocked!  

Well, at least Amber Da Weenie got to drive her Weinermobile home.  Now Chip has to finish cleaning thee two remaining ones out and explain to Oscar Mayer what happened to the third- maybe Sarge and Zona can go on a road trip to No More Leans to recover the stolen property?  At least PUDDLES has not been implicated in this horrendous crime!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UPDATED!!!!! Amber Da Weenie, Shiloh and Max Da Odder Weenie, The Limos are here!

 Amber, are you ready yet?  The Limos are here!  You get to choose ours, then Anna will pick hers and then Ginger, Tasha and Shiloh will ride off into the sunset in the third!

LOVE, Chip and Thai

PEE ESSSS- We have hot dogs, Cheetohs and Beer inside for everyone!

Tim Hawkins - The Government Can

Happy Valentines Day!!!

 Happy Valentine's Day, Blogville!!!!  WHN has posted some photos of what the three ladies are wearing for the Big Dance!  Dad picked these out for his trio of beauties, since WHN slacked off and failed to make them dresses (we will be making her pay, with the help of our BFF Amber Da Weenie)  First up, a photo of Tasha for Shiloh!  Then we have a photo of Thai for AMber- Chip is away getting the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile ready for the Big Dance- he wants to pick up Amber in STYLE!  In the third photo, Anna Rose and Ginger model their Dadd'ys girl outfits, and in the fifth photo is the Daily Anna Rose photo for Max!

Photo four shows the gift from Minn Krebs, Pickles Rooney and Ditto- we know it is for us, but WHN is hogging it!  At least WHN used a good looking male model!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Westminster 1012 ( NO, NOT the real one- the Mango Minster, the other one)

The Hound group has a winner- a WIRE HAIR BITCH!  She is GORGEOUS!



FINN, Tag!!!

HHS mandate insulting and dangerous

HHS mandate insulting and dangerous

We're IT! Dachshund Nola Tagged us!

Saturday we were tagged by the beautiful Dachshund Nola of the Sunshine State!  Here we go at are answers to her tough questions:

1)  Describe yourself/yourselves in seven words
      GINGER-  Gorgeous, Princess, Diva, demanding, perfection, girlie, pink
       CHIP-       Tough guy, security blanket, snuggler extraordinaire, overprotective, love bug, handsome, athletic
       THAI-       Regal, handsome, tough, demanding, gourmand, The Thai Master of all He Surveys
       TASHA- Daddy's girl, feisty, full of energy, athletic, snuggler, blankie lover, navigator,
   ANNA ROSE- Dad's owner, love bug, Fur, pretty, pink, loveable, sweet

2)  What keeps you up at night- Thai- lack of water when I need it from Mom;  everyone else- when Mom thinks she has any room in the bed and tries to move us so that she (the nerve of it all) can get comfortable so she can sleep

3)  Who would you like to be- US!  We have the people here trained just the way wwe want them!

4)  What are you wearing now?  All of us are wearing our collars, tags, and Id charms.  Chip and Tasha are buried under the blankets on the couch, so they technically are wearing the blankets.  Anna is working on her tan for the dance on her bed in front of the big window.  Ginger is wearing Mom- she is curled up under her sweater.  Thai is modeling his morning belly band!

5)  What scares you- when Mom and Dad leave us home alone?  Who do they think they are to go in the car without us?

6)  What are the best and worst parts of blogging?  Best is meeting new friends.  WOrst is news that the Rainbow Bridge has another member.

7)  Last website visited- WHN visited one of her quilting blogs- Sew Bitter Sweet.  WE last visited Dachshund Nola!

8)  Slankets?  YES-  WHN has a couple, as does Dad.  Tasha loves to get right into the sleeves while WHN is wearing it, while Chip curls up under it on the other side of WHN.  ginger loves to nurse them until she makes a hole in it- like swiss cheese!  WHN loves them as they are great for travelling!

9)  One thing that you would change?  NOTHING- we are perfect the way we are!

10)  Tell us something about the person who tagged you- Dachshund Nola is perfection in a tiny package!  She is adorable and looks great in pink.  WHN is going to ask our vet about using her Mom's recipes since Tasha and Chip have food allergies.  She wants to see is Anna Rose will be allowed to eat these recipes due to her kidney and bladder stones.


Kissa Bull (Houston Pittie Pack)
Trubblesome Trio
Mona and Weenie
Minna Krebs and pack
Da Weenies of FLorida
Team Beaglebratz
How Sam Sees It
Bert the Dog
Dennis the Vicsla and his brother and sister
Sasha Doxie
Zona and Sarge
Rubie the Schnauser
Ruby and Penny
Frankie and ERnie
and everyone else we follow or who follows us!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anna Rose is the DAILY DOXIE!!!!

That's right- Anna Rose, the true love of Max Da Brudder, future sister in law of Amber Da Weenie, is the DAILY DOXIE!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tasha News

OMD!!!!!   OMD!!!!!!

Tasha is the DAILY DOXIE at!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. Chewy Review

Back in January, What's Her Name was emailed by the Mr. Chewy company to review their pet food service and options.  Now, of course, she failed to take any photos, claiming that she was busy with other stuff for the DWM!  

Anyway, WHN went to to see what brands were available and if the brands that she preferred for us  were included and found that Nature's Variety Instinct and BilJac were!  She was so happy- she wanted to put Chip and Tasha back on the grain and gluten free kibble, and so she ordered two 4.4 lb bags of Nature's Variety Instinct- the duck and turkey and the beef.  Then she ordered us the 6lb Bil Jac and to round out the order, a box of Nature's Variety chicken dog biscuits.  NO SALES TAX and since the order was over 49.00, NO SHIPPING!  The prices were comparable to what Pet Supplies Plus charges (PetSmart does not carry NV), but if you include the no sales tax and free shipping, financially Mr. Chewy is the better bargain!   Best of all, the food was delivered by Fedex on a SATURDAY!.  What's Her Name immediately set up a delivery schedule so that we don't run out of food and starve because she fell down on the job again- Now, she doesn't have to wait for Dad to take her to the store with us and do all of the heavy lifting, but sits at home eating bon bons while Mr. Chewy does all the work for her!  On March 14th, our next delivery is due!  Even better, Mom can control the spending- she can easily keep track of what we need and not overbuy at the stores when she takes us!  Now, if they only carried Anna Rose's prescription diet!  (That will come in time- Mr. Chewy does carry Royal Canin and Science Diet prescription dog and cat formulas- just not the one that Anna Rose needs)  Lastly, sine we are a one car family, the delivery service is fantastic- when Dad goes back to work and has the car all day, Mom doesn't have to worry about getting out to the store to get our foodables!

We love Mr. Chewy!  Thank you for making us so happy!  

Mr. Chewy also has a referral service- a free code which will give all new customers 10% off of their first order, and will also includ a 10% donation to several pet charities, such as the North Shore Animal League and Bide a Wee.  Our code, which anyone may freely use, is DACH2641.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don't forget to check in with our beloved and world famous quilter!

As all Blogville now knows, the Fearless Five quilt is in the more than capable hands or our resident quilt expert Cindy.  She is simply a fantastic artist with fabric and we are lucky to have her!  (Did you hear that BRINKS is
taking her NINA to the Valentine's Day dance!) 

Follow her blog and check out her other fabric creations:

Chip update

 Chip is healing nicely!  at night he must have been in some pain since he tried to bite Dad, and kept trying for about ten minutes (but failed)  He returns to the vet next Tuesday to have his stitches removed
This is the card that he received in t mail yesterday from his love, Amber Da Weenie!

Monday, February 6, 2012

It has arrived!

Heard from our world famous quilter, Cindy!  The quilt arrived today as did the fabric from Rottrover and PUDDLES!!!!!  She plans on getting started on the quilt tomorrow!

PS- Did you see how the Giants just romped all over the Pats yesterday.  They are 4-0 in the Superbowl!  GO GIANTS!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday- GO GIANTS!!!

What's Her Name is a HUGE fan of the New York Giants, ever since she was three years old.  NEVER even suggest in her hearing that her beloved Big Blue will not win- THAT is a statistical improbability that will get you banned furrever!  Her beloved Big Blue again enters this magnificent sporting event as the underdog, yet in teir previous three apperances, they appeared as the underdog and WON.  First, back in 1987, when she was stationed in Germany, The GIANTS defeated the Denver Broncos to the shock and horror of all (except WHN, whe knew that they would win)  Fast forward a few years and again, her darling appear in the Big Game, this time against Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills, again the underdogs- BEST GAME EVER- The Big Blue took down the Bills and won by one point!  Four years ago, history repeated itself.  her beloved underdogs appear against the undefeated Patriots and made history!  Yes, this game was even better than the blow out over the Bills- In the last two minutes, ELi Manning led and crushed the undefeated Patriots!  No team deserved that whipping that year.  Today, Eli and Company will again appear, in  Indianapolis, home town of Big Bro Peyton and the Indianapolis Colts. This time, the Pattie girls are NOT undefeated- Big BLue stomped all over them on their home turf in Massachusetts during regular season play.  Crybabies all claim that Brady was off due a bad ankle, but he is game for today!  Sorry, but ELi overcame him four years ago and will again today!  GO BIG BLUE!!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chip and Quilt UPDATES

Our vet called yesterday with Chip a Dee Doo Da's test results- and his cyst was BENIGN!!!!!

The quilt top left Warrendale, PA at 9:23 AM, and is due to arrive on 6 February 2012.  It was shipped delivery confirmation and insured.

Remember, the tracking number is


Friday, February 3, 2012


Dad just returned from the Post Office and the quilt top is on its way to our Cynthia!

Tracking number is 03103490000150304649, if you want to track its progress to NY!

The Fearless Five Quilt Donor List- FINAL!!!!

1.  Sarge
2.  Dennis the Vicsla
3.  Goose
4.  Max (South Africa)
5.  Frankie and Ernie Furter
6.  Madi
7.  Zona
8.  The SLimmer Pugs
9.  Sagira
10.  Minnie and Max
11.  Max Da Odder Weenie
12.  Amber Da Weenie
13.  Winnie (UK)
14.  Bert the Dog
15.  Mona and Weenie
16.  Bert the Dog- second donation
17.  Hood's Happenings
18.  Jacque and Pippen
19.  Alasandra, the cats and Dog
20.  Peggy Frezon
21.  Elanor Tuska
22.  Roo
23.  MADI- second donation
24.  Janelle Richardson
25.  Daily Dose of Jack
26.  Chris of Fabric, Food and Fido
27.  Mango
28.  Jazzy and Addy (quilt squares)
29.  Shiloh and Shasta
30.  Trubblesome Trio  (UK)
31.  Lady Godiva, Coco Bean and Truffle
32.  5 Sibes
33.  Rubie (Australia)
34.  Cindy (our quilter)
35.  MilShelb
36.  Cowspot Dogs
37.  HoneyBuzz
38.  Molly Jo and Bobo
39.  Jazzi and Addy (fabric from their MOm)
40.  Rocky Creek Scotties
41.  K9 Katastrophie
42.  Frankie and Ernie- second donation
43.  Minna Krebs
44.  Pip
45.  Amber Da Weenie and pack- second donation
46.  The Heartbeats
47.  Pibbles and pack
48.  Jackie and Dillon (oregon)
49.  Stella
50.  Dachshund Nola
51.  Mayzie and pack
52.  Ruby and Penny Furter (Canada)
54.  Tank's 2 Cents
55. Tucker (from Maine)- arrived today- lovely LARGE piece of black fleece!
56.  Sugar the Golden Retriever- lovely heart fabric 
57.  Nubbin's Tails
58.  Sagira- second donation
59.  Rottrover
60. Puddles 

Rottorver and Puddles' squares are being sent directly to our beloved quilter Cindy and will be added to the back of the quilt

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Fearless Five Quilt- Block Placement

Since I will not be posting photos until sometime later this month, I am listing, from top to bottom, left to right, the names of the quilt square donors.  EVERYONE who donated is listed and this is where you will find your square.  If a name is listed more than once, it is because I was able to cut multiple squares fro the quilt from the fabric that was donated from that particular person, or that I was sent more than one square.

ROW 1, Squares 1 - 15, from left to right:

Stella, Stella, MilShelb, Stella, Stella, Rocky Creek Scotties, MilShelb, Stella, What's Her Name, Stella, Stella, Stella, Stella, Rocky Creek Scotties, MADI

Slimmer Pugs, Goose, What's Her Name
Fabric Food and Fido, What's Her Name, Ruby and Penny Furter, Ruby and Penny, Shiloh and Shasta, Ruby and Penny, Slimmer Pugs, What's Her Name, What's Her Name, Stella, Stella, Fabric Food and Fido

Elinor Teska, Elinor Teska, Elinor Teska, Peggy Frezon, Gloria Hood, What's Her Name, What's Her Name, WHN, WHN, WHN, Amber Da Weenie, Sagira, Minna Krebs, Peggy Frezon, MilShelb

Row 4
Elinor Teska, Jazzi and Addy, Goose, Elinor Teska, Peggy Frezon, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Dachshund Nola, Max from South Africa, Max Da Weenie, Minna Krebs, Roo

GLoria Hood, CowSpot Dogs, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, WHN< WHN< WHN< WHN< WHN< Five Sibes, Goose Zona, Goose Cindy our quilter

Peggy Frezon, Hood's Happenings, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog,  WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN,Winnie, Zona, Sarge, Zona, SLimmer Pugs

Hood's Happenings, Peggy Frezon, Fabric Food and Fido AND Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, Fabric Food and Fido and Bert the Dog, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Da Weenies of FLorida, Goose, Zona, Goose, Jazzi and Addy
Rows 8,  9, 10, 11, 12- What's Her Name with the Fearless Five fabrics

Row 13
Jacque and Pippen, Cowspot Dogs, Goose, Zona, Goose, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Fabric Food and Fido (X3), Stella AND ALassandra the Cat and the Dogs (X2)

Row 14
Cowspot Dogs, K9 Katastrophie (Ruthie), Zona, Goose, Zona, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Mango (X3), Stella and Alassandra (X2)

Row 15
HoneyBuzz, Jacque and Pippen, Goose, Zona, Goose, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Fabric Food and Fido (X3), Jazzy and Addy, Trubblesome Trio

Row 16
Janelle Richardson, Cowspot Dogs, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Ruby and Penny, Frankie and ERnie, Ruby and Penny, Dennis Tucker and Trixie, Junior 

Row 17
Cowspot Dogs, Daily Dose of Jack, Whn, Mona and Weenie, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, WHN, Ruby and Penny, Ruby and Penny, Ruby and Penny, The Heartbeats, Jackie and Dillon

Row 18
MADI, Cowspot Dogs, WHN, WHN, WHN, Molly Jo and Bobo, Rubie the Schnauzer, Sugar the Golden Retriever, Minnie and Mack, Nubbins Tails, Ruby and Penny, WHN, Ruby and Penny, Junior Babee, Tucker

Row 19
Jazzi and Addy, Jazzi and Addy, WHN, Jazzi and Addy, Sugar, Sagira, Jazzi and Addy, MADI, Sagira, Jazzi and Addy, Maysiegal, Tank, Pip, Pibbles, Rottrover



The Quilt is DONE!!!!!

We, the Dachsies With Moxie, are pleased to inform you that the Fearless Five quilt top is DONE!  19 squares long by 15 squares wide!  Yes, we chained What's Her Name to her Janome, but it was worth it.

Tomorrow it goes to our beloved quilter Cindy!

NO PICTURES are available- Sandra and her family will have the very first view of it in its glory!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chip- AND A Fearless Five Quilt blog mention!!!!

My Chip a Dee Doo Da, the scourge of the USPS and UPS, as well as all enemies foreign and domestic, had a good night.  He ate his dinner, as previously noted, and was given a half tablet of Tramadol in a pill pocket, to keep him comfy last night.  We incorrectly thought that he would sleep in Thai's rolling camouflage command post next to my side of the bed, due to the wearing of the Cone of Fame (Thai sleeps in Ginger's pink command post located next to my side of the bed, so that he is seen in public in his macho man rolling throne- NOT going to ruin his manly reputation)  NOOOOOOO!!!!  We had to sleep curled up next to the Mom person and keep her up all night as we tried to find a comfy position under the covers for the COF.  I gave up all pretence of sleep at 3:36 AM and just lay there so Chip could relax and finally catch some ZZZZZ's.  He had bouts of shivering between his bouts of grogginess- typical post surgical reaction, and what I did not expect from him.  Kept him rolled up in blankies while the shivering passed and then he would sleep with his elevated by the COF.  This morning he ate his breakfast (at least the canned) but did not pee or poop- AND he can get the COF open!  He is going to be a handful but he is doing much better.  Gave him a second half tablet of Tramadol to keep him calm so that he does not try to lick his stitches since the COF is not going to be the deterrent we had hoped it would be!

Just glad he is home!  Test results on the cyst due late this week or early next week, but I am not worried. 

Chip is Chipper!

 Check out the blog post from Peggy Frezon, about the Fearless Five Quilt- Peggy donated several gorgeous blocks to our quilt and has a wonderful blog, which we of course follow!  Hurry up, check out the ost and follow her blog!