Monday, July 31, 2017


 As you can see, WHN is no longer capable of keeping track of what week we are in of Sweetie's IVDD journey (it is Week 5)  So far she is doing fine but depressions is making its ugly way into her life and we are not surprised to see it.  Sweetie is not interested in going outside and exploring , just wants to sit or lie on her bed and sleep all day- she doesn't even sit up when she needs to "go". 

No these photos are not indicative of this new phenomena- they were taken this morning after WHN and Dad returned from an emergency run to McDonald's to use the facilities- the water main on our street is broken so we have no water so we all no what that means!  We went outside and Sweetie had been on her bed, BUT when the pawrents returned had messed her bed and after it had been changed by WHN simply refused to go back on the it- wanted to stay on the floor and rug and is still there
 two hours later!

It is getting easier moving her around with her GingerLead , with her booties and using the Gorilla Grip bedding on her beds.  Her depression will be a new challenge, especially since we already live with WHN and her episodes.  This past weekend the weather was actually livable so we had Sweetie outside on the grass and she appeared to enjoy being in her yard again- tonight we are going to rig up the dolly and pull her around the yard to give her the feel of being mobile .

Remember, she now has her own Facebook page!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sweetie on Facebook

Sweetie has her own facebark page!  WHN started it and finally posted a couple of photos on it today!  She thought that it would be easier than starting a separate blog for her.  It is called Sweetie, the Princess Regal Beagle with IVDD so please check it out!

Also, thanks to our Aunt Mindy, our jewelry fund raiser made 12.00 for Sweetie's wheelchair!

Thank you for everyone who ordered from our Aunt Mica!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coming Soon!!!! 10 August 2017- PETS ON QUILTS!!!!

Pets on Quilts 2017

Week 4!!! Sweetie is truly our Princess Regal Beagle!

Week four has come and gone and Princess Regal Beagle is proving to be a champ! 

While her dachshund siblings still give her lots of room, she is improving on a daily basis- We now have new signs that she needs to GO!  She is now getting herself off of her bed to pee, or at least to get herself off of the mess that she left behind!  This started Sunday, and prior to that our previous such notification was that she would raise herself up into a seated position and that would alert us to the fact that her bladder was no longer full and that she would appreciate a change in her bedding, slaves. 

On Saturday, WHN observed that Sweetie was attempting to use her right rear leg to scratch herself in the neck area- Sweetie was sitting on her bed, and you could see that she was trying to get her leg to do what she wanted it to do- unfortunately she had to settle for WHN giving her scritches  instead, but this shows that the nerves are communicating. 

Unfortunately, her rear feet both still knuckle, but we are still stacking her outside after she does her business.

Her appetite is still Regal Beagle sized and she is drinking up a storm!''

Dad even came up with a great idea- instead of buying disposable pee pads, he had WHN buy some of the incontinence pads used on people beds which are then thrown in the washer and dryer -   Four cost less than 60.00, which is a lot less than disposable diapers and pee pads are for a month.  These have proven themselves to be lifesavers and are a less stressful to use- we bought the largest size available and they are easy to change out on her bed- no more having to swap out the bedding, the pads and the bed and waiting for them to dry.  Sweetie stays clean as does the house!  WHN has ordered two more as we are going through 8 a day right now, and plans are to buy two more each pay day until we have three days worth on hand, in order to cut down on the amount of laundry- instead of washing just one or two, WHN can wash four or more at a time and still keep Her Majesty clean and dry without worry.

Sweetie is a complete drag!  She manages to drag herself to wherever the action is and WHN needs to remember to return and replace the drag bag she did order for one in the correct size- While Sweetie is a statuesque 36 lb Beagle she is NOT an XL!  WHN was able to go the convent last week and sew, leaving Sweetie in her diaper panties, and lo and behold, Sweetie met her at the door! (Yes her diaper was soaking wet and the floor needed to be washed, but that is irrelevant to Sweetie)

Dad came up with another great idea for Sweetie and it arrived late last night!  He had the idea of using a mechanic's dolly to allow Sweetie some mobility within the house so that she could be moved more easily from room to room so as not to feel left out.  She tried it last night and was unsure of it as it moves a little easily, but she loved that she could be right next to WHN for tv time instead of across the room.  Dad will be getting a couple of small bricks this weekend to use as breaks to keep the dolly from moving while Sweetie uses it.

On the two legger front- this past week, both Dad and WHN came down with yet another gastrointestinal viral infection- the third since their return from NJ.  Yes, another trip to the ER- Dad's fourth since May and WHN's third since May.  Neither could keep anything down, not even ginger ale, and both ended up dehydrated after only 24 hours.  Taking care of Sweetie became a challenge due to the light headedness of both parents and the continued incipient muscle weakness for WHN.  It is making the rounds of ST Louis and since it is viral, nothing can be prescribed but all must be endured.  Dad was able to return to work yesterday, but WHN has to forgo her volunteering for another day.

Next week we have a fabulous story to tell!  Miracles do come true!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sweetie's search for wheels!

As Blogville knows, Sweetie is our beloved Princess Regal Beagle, and now suffers from IVDD.  WHN and Dad are looking into obtaining a cart for her and WHN is in charge of the fundraising for this effort!

Yesterday we learned of a charity, Red Flyer, the Handicapped Pets Community on Facebook  that helps provide carts to disabled fur babies, with the caveat that they are returned once no longer needed, due to full recovery or the passing of the fur baby.  SO, WHN applied to have Sweetie placed on their waitlist and Sweetie was accepted!!!!  She is one of 17 fur babies in need of mobility support.

Please visit their Facebook page to learn what this charity does and possibly leave a donation so that they can continue this work

We also wish to thank Aunt Mindy Slimmer !  She helped coordinate  a fundraiser for Sweetie last night on Facebook, and with Mica Coulter of Premier Jewelry.  If anyone wishes to look at what was available, here is the link to the catalogues-    This company even has a heart ring named for Sweetie! 

Thank you so much for you love and support!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 3!!!!

So, we have survived to the end of our third week as an IVDD family!!!!!

Sweetie is showing fantastic signs of improvement! None of which involve food, btw.

While she is outside taking care of business, she is attempting to stand on her rear legs, by using her rear knees to raise herself up.  She is also using her rear knees to move around on the grass and does not drag herself as much outside.  Inside, her happy personality has returned, albeit incontinent and dragging herself around instead of running around as her former self did.

We are going to have to get her a larger crate for when I am gone at the local convent or when I am gone for Adoration- the current one, which met her former needs, does not allow her to turn around without difficulty.  It is also difficult to get her out without causing her distress, which is why her crate rest is now occurring on her Coolaroo beds only. As long as her pack is in the room with her, she stays put. However, if either Geoff or I leave, all bets are off.

This past week, she has returned to greeting us at the front door after Mass, having dragged herself to be with her dachshund siblings.

Her incontinence continues- she is not telling us when she needs to go, so our only "tell" from her is when she is licking her hind quarters and rear legs, after she has urinated.  At least the pee pads are helping- we have them under her bed so she does not have that to worry about.

The Ginger Lead had been simply wonderful- even with my back issues, I am able to get her outside safely!!!!She is able to walk around with the lead, and we work on stacking her feet properly to improve muscle tone in her legs and feet. She appears to like the lead and never fights it when I put it on her.

This past week, starting July 5th, I no longer sleep on the couch in the family room with Sweetie. The entire pack, four leggers and two leggers, are now sleeping in their big bed! Sweetie of course, has her own bed next to me, and is not only sleeping through the night, but is not urinating either! This has helped bring down the stress levels for all parties!

Sweetie is still a happy love, and while she knows that she is unable to walk and run as before, is not letting this challenge dampen her spirits in any way-she is remarkable . Geoff and I still are struggling, but that is probably due to her size- we never expected her to go down, and so were not prepared for that but were for the possibility of one of the dachshunds going down.

We learn more every single day and I am doing more research- once we have the money for her cart, next up is the wheelchair ramp and then a stock tank for the backyard to use for water therapy. 

Have to go-need to order more pee pads for some reason!

Monday, July 3, 2017

For Love of Sweetie- pet portraits of your loved ones!

As promised, today WHN is offering embroidered pet portraits for sale to offset Sweetie's IVDD expenses!

These portraits are embroidered, based upon a photo sent to WHN, then framed for hanging!  They are one of a kind masterpieces, with upwards of 110,000 plus stitches in an 8 inch by 10 inch area.

This portrait is of Siku Marie, head of the White Dog Army.  She volunteered to be WHN's first model and look how her portrait came out- over 117,000 stitches, fifteen different colors, four and half hours of stitch time! 

These portraits can also be done on the back of denim jackets or used on pillows. Sizes from 4 x4 up through 8 x 12.  For multiple portraits, a wall hanging can be made instead!  Lap quilts are also a great gift option as are Christmas Stockings and placemats. (The stockings would be done in either a 4x4 or a 5 x 7 size)

Normally these would run for 75.00 and up but WHN will be offering them for 40.00 in support of Sweetie!  Shipping in the US will be included- overseas shipping needs to be paid by the recipient. (Those details will be worked out when the portrait is commissioned).  

Turn around time will be three weeks.

If you are interested, please leave a comment here at the blog or email WHN- DachsiesWithMoxieMama  AT  gmail  DOT  com. 


Saturday, July 1, 2017

Week 2!!!!

Week 2 is done and under our belts!!!!

Sweetie is continuing to improve- while she cannot support herself on her rear legs, she is able to wag her tail easily and one is able to see the muscles in her legs tremble during he day

She is urinatng up a storm!  WHN is having to change out and wash her bedding up to five times a day and last night was the first time that everyone slept in the bedroom!  Sweetie did urinate while sleeping but the pee pad under her bed helped with that situation.

She is suffering from the urinating- her skin is red where she pees so we are washing her off each time to alleviate the irritation.  Hopefully that will end as her steroids taper off- she starts the one a day dosage today and next weekend starts the once every other day

Her appetite is fantastic and she has not lost any interest in food.

While not expecting a full recovery, her improvement is wonderful.