Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sundays with Snoopys and Sweetie!!!

Howdy Blogville!!!!  Yes, we know that this column is supposed to be Saturdays with Snoopy and Sweetie, but WHN and Dad were gone all day yesterday, and abandoned us for 87 hours!!!!! 

This week was nice and quiet!  I, Miss Sweetie, now have a pawfect bed!  WHN wanted me to feel at home and she knows how impawtant it is for a girl to have her own special space, so she found me the pawfect place to relax.  I now have a large size bed that sits off the ground and is cool- I won't be sweating through my furs all summer long.  I probably needed a size medium bed, but WHN thinks that I will be sharing this bed with Anna before long, as she and I are best buds- we do everything together! 

I even slept in the big bed the other night!  I juped up twice, and acidentally scared everyone when I did so-  Tasha and I had a barking contest to get everything sorted out.  I really liked the big bed, but I do prefer my own bed on the floor- it was great that everyone made room for me.  

I am fitting in quite nicely here too- I already know the pack's routines, and am busy helping them keep WHN out of trouble (as if that were even remotely possible)  I snoopervise her at all times, as per the guidance provided by Snoopy and Anna- one of  us is with her at all times since she canot be trusted to be alone.  Tasha rules the roost from the couch, and leaves these chores to us to handle- she might break a nail or ruin her pawdicure.  I know when bed time is and I vigorously enorce this every night- it has become my special job- this way, we are ensured of getting bed time treats!  

In the mornings, I provide cover for Anna when we go outside to potty- WHN has to look after me while Anna goes on a neighborhood swalkabout!  I chase the birds and the tree rats and they are definitly afraid of me!

I have become quite the connoisseur of chicken nuggets- my favorites come from McDonald's but I will deign to eat those that come from Jack in the Box- someone must make sacrifices!  
WHN is going crazy- I have to take three different medications for my skin issues, and I know all of her tricks when it comes to hiding them- and I absolutley refue to let her put them in my mouth!  I love playing this game with her!

Snoopy has been busy protecting us and WHN- he and I take turns barking at the mailman and the UPS man.  

Have no idea what this week will bring, so try and keep up with us!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturdays with Snoopy and Sweetie

Today is the inaugural column from that intrepid duo- Snoopy and Sweetie.  Come with them each Saturday and learn of their adventures in Blogville and beyond!  Tasha and Anna will of course make their presences known, but since Sweetie is our newest pack and BLogville family memeber, she wanted some quality time!

As some of you know, WHN and Dad went to Myrtle Beach last week to visit WHN's mom. (She had been in the hospital and then a rehab center for over five weeks due to blood clots in her legs that moved to her lungs, which her doctor mised!)   Dad had WHN fly down, and then he drove the family car down to surprise Grandma for her 87th birthday last Saturday.  WHN had to be able to keep a secret and she actually succeeded!  Grandma was so happy to see Dad!

HOWEVER-----  we got stuck being boarded!  Can you believe that!  We were abandoned and left alone at Dr. Pernikoff's for a week! Snoopy and Sweetie shared a kennel, as did Tasha and Anna.  Snoopy "behaved"- he had to be sedated since he was so busy protecting his females that he was very rambunctious towards Dr. Pernikoff and his staff! WHN and Dad did expect this and had several pages of instructions typed out on the pack for all to read.  Sweetie is now a permanent patient of Dr. Pernikoff and was updated on all of her shots, and is on three medicines for her skin infections.  (She keeps licking her paws raw!)  Anna is on a cough medicine for her heart, which is enlarged, and that is the only course of treatment for her.  Tasha is the only  DWM not on any kind of medicine.

We should have realized something was up, with WHN going around muttering to herself and putting our foodables, treats, and other nice snackies together in a large travel bag.  Then she went around checking out our beds and sundry blankets and pillows- that is never a good sign!  Lastly, she put the dachsies in their Ruffwear harnesses (Sweetie has to be measured for hers).  Dad took her to the airport and then took us to the torture camp the next day!  We was robbed!  We had our temps taken, and our bodily fluids stolen- Sweetie even had her tushie poked!  The only thing that can make up for this is lots of chicken nuggets and we have been getting some, but not as many as we want.!  Anna and Snoopy have been alternating sling time since WHN came back Wednesday.

Sweetie and Snoopy have bonded nicely- she still does not come up on the couch or the big bed, but she has fit in nicely with us. Tasha still lets her know who is the Queen around here and Anna also is bonding with Sweetie.  

no fights over food bowls or treats- and Sweetie knows when bed time is- her tummy is her alarm clock!  (We get bed time treats each night and Sweetie now tells WHN and Dad when it is time for bed since she wants her treats!)  At least WHN and Dad bought us great tshirts to wear- we all have We love weiners shirts to wear!  None of us have let WHN out of our sight since her return on Wednesday-  she is loving the extra snuggles and cuddles and she says that she missed us terribly!

This week we will be barbequeing in honor of Memorial Day and having lots of fun with WHN and Dad- we will be doing lots of pack walks this weekedn and every day this week, weather permitting!

So that is how Snoopy and Sweetie spent the last two weeks-  what did you  do?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rainbow Bridge Alert! TAIKO of the White Dog ARmy

TAIKO, our beloved cussin in New Mexico, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Plese head on over and leave your condolences for his Mom, our aunt Sue, his Dad our Uncle Steve, and the rest of the White Dog Army.  (WHN learned of his journey while siting in O'Hare airport yesterday, while en route home to us)

How to Embroider a Baseball Hat

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Her name is Sweetie

Today, we the DWM are announcing the arrival of our newest pack member, Sweetie!  She is a pure bred beagle, and is approximately 6 years old.  She has lived next door to us for almost two years, and last Monday her owner died.  She had been staying with us while he was in the hospital, when he died suddenly.  Arrangements had been made for her adoption by someone else when Bud died, but we learned yesterday that those arrangements were for naught.  So, Sweetie is going to stay with us furever and be a part of Blogville.