Friday, April 30, 2010

Entryway floor is done- before and after- CAUTION_ PROTECT YOUR EYES!!!!

Same rules for this post- DANGEROUS TO THE EYES OF FOUR LEGGERS!!!!  The seond picture is safe

The Kitchen floor is done!!!

DO NOT LET YOUR FOUR LEGGERS LOOK AT THE FIRST TWO PICTURES!!!!  They may be blinded by the ugliness of Mom's old flooring, which was hidden under the blue rug !!!  FRANKIE THIS MEANS YOU!!!!!

Major yuck factor isn't it?

Tile laid down and grouted!!!!!  The grout gets sealant applied tonight and then we can go back into our kitchen!!!!

Closeup of Mom's new floor

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New kitchen floor!!!

Right now, Mom is getting a new kitchen floor installed thanks to us.  Originally when Mom and Dad bought the house last summer, every room had wall to wall carpeting - YUCK!!!!  Mom and Dad expected to redo the floors in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen, but the downstairs toilet intervened and backed up the very first weekend in the house.  Thankfully the insurance paid for that, but would only pay for carpeting in the half bath/laundry room and in the basement, which is what was originally there.  The vinyl underneath was UGLY!!!  Now the walls are a light yellow with navy blue carpeting.  Upstairs in the kitchen we had a blue berber carpet that was ok, but in a kitchen?   Anyhoo, after Thai joined us, there seemed to be a LOT of puddle accidents in the kitchen- so many that the original Dachsie Bot wore out!!!  Then we got Mom a new one for Valentine's Day, and it has been hard at work keeping up with us and the kitchen and living room.  Well, Mom had enough.  If a tax return was in our future (and it was) it would be used for home repairs and a new ceramic tile kitchen floor!!!  See Mom, we had your best interests at heart!!!

Anyway, Dad and Sistine Steve are laying the tile today and will maybe grout tomorrow so Mom and cook again.  We have been banned to the front porch since Thursday, but Mom stays with us.  Today we are staying inside, to help Mom photograph Dad's butt!!!!

Cat crap and butt barkers (just like Captain Frankie would say)- the kitchen and the floor right in front of the front door (which is also getting ceramic tile) had the UGLIEST linoleum for floors.  Mom took photos but we aren't sure if we should post them, in case the ugliness could cause canine eye problems.  At least the backer boards are down to hide these horrific sites from our delicate eyes.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GINGER- Today's Daily Doxie at

 Mom is bumping this back to the top (OK, she cut and pasted it) since she posted so many photos- she did not want you to miss the Great News  Frankie Furter is going to join today, he was so excited about this honor.  Wonder when he is the Daily Doxie.  Same with Twix, who is also on this great site.

GINGER is Doxie of the day at  !!!!!  Go check it out and leave comments!!!!! 
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Does anyone know what these flowers are?  MOm absolutely loves them and wants to get a lot more for her front garden but has no idea what they are.

More Fan CLub Photos, part two

Yesterday, Mom let the dogs out!!!!  We got to play and roll in the LONG grass before our next door neighbor cut it for Dad.  (He does it because Dad's schedule is so strange- he doesn't have a 9 to 5 job)

More Fan CLub Photos

Due to the high demand (and the fact that Mom has been under the weather) here are some of the photos Mom took of us this month!!!

Mom is Crazy

Mom took some pictures of Chip and the Thaiminator while in the car and she held the camera upside down!!!!

O My DAWG!!!!!!

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A Gift from TWIX!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday with the DAchsies With Moxie

Mom did her usual stuff- Mass then the pool.  She came back with double cheeseburgers for us!!!!  She apologized for being so upset lately and for Thaiminator getting out.  Apparently, according to Dad, she is grieving for all three people who died this past year and it all caught up with her.  We of course gave Mom lots of quality dachsie time, complete with kisses.  We even helped MOm do laundry, and helped eat her lunch for her.  (We determined that a double cheeseburger was NOT good for her- we sacrificed, really!!!)

Mom took lots of photos of us today, playing on the front lawn-  She hasn't done this for ages.

Mom also promises lots of photos of the new floors, and even butt pix, just like Frankie's Dad's.  We think it will take 87 trillion years for the living room and dining room floors, and only 87 million years for the kitchen floor.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Thaiminator

Yesterday while Dad and Mom were working on pulling out all of the yucky pink carpet downstairs, Thai decided he needed a breather so went on a walkabout, just like they do in  Australia.  What happened was, Mom and Dad had been told by both the inspector and the realtors that they had wood flooring under the pink mess and now they wanted to refinish it, as the kitchen is getting tiled this week.  Mom was outside dachsie sitting on the porch when the horrible discovery was made by Dad and Mr. Hawkins, who is our next door neighbor and is called Sistine Steve because he does floors really nicely.  There was only 3/4 inch plywood- NO HARDWOOD in sight.  So, Mom had to go in and she forgot to put up the porch gate (she uses a baby gate to keep us on the porch).  About a half hour later, she and Dad came out to let us in, and they noticed that Thai was missing.  (Chip and Ginger were still on the porch)  Dad sped off in our car while Mom ran up and down our street looking for him, as he likes to visit other peoples garages when on walkies.  No one saw him and then they got a call.  Thai had made it over a half mile away to someone else's house!!!!  They saw his tag an called Dad.  He had cut through the backyard, leaving a "Thai pile" on the way, and then followed the morning walkies route, but turned right instead of left, and walked up to some boys playing in their front yard!!!  Mom had treats with her and shared them with Thai's new friend a huge golden retriever.  He looked like he wanted to stay where he was and did not want to come home!!!!  Eventually, after two treats he changed his mind and he walked home with MOm.   We think Mom's heart almost stopped because of Thai doing this walkie thingy of his.  She almost cried when she got home, she was so upset.  Thai just went to sleep like nothing happened. 

No one likes the mess in the house- the carpet is torn up in the dining room and the kitchen is getting torn up tonight and tomorrow, and the tiles get delivered on  Wednesday.  Then, next week sometime the Pergo flooring goes down where the stinky pink stuff was in the dining room and the living room.  At least the floors in the bedrooms and the upstairs hallway are hardwood. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Twix's Date Night!!!!

Ginger has her paws full with Baxter and Oskar.

Chip and Thai have the lovely Xena and Schatzi to escort to Missouri,.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Mom was still under the weather last week after she came home, so she wasn't interested in blogging, just having special time with us.  We did go on two walkies yesterday- the first with Mom after she came home from morning Mass and the second with both Mom and Dad after dinner!!!!  Thai is still staying close to Mom on the walkies and Ginger is trying to keep up with Chip, when it is just Mom.  With Dad, Chip took him for a walk while Thai and Ginger kept up with Mom.  With today's rain, no walkies!!! 

Mom had to put the heat back on yesterday and today until our bones defrosted- even though it was 50 degrees in the house, our toes were cold.  Thankfully, Mom and Dad still have the down comforter on the bed- only our noses were showing this morning!!!

Thai is getting to be more comfortable all of a sudden- he now wants more time ON the couch and likes to sleep between Mom and Dad for a couple of hours before he snuggle up with Ginger.

For Twix's date night event- Mom heard us saying that Ginger wants to go with both Baxter and Oskar, while the boys want to take Xena and Schatzi from LuvMyDachshunds.  (Baxter is Kalyxcornucopia's four legger)  What do you think Frankie?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

MOM is back!!!!!

Mom drove to Myrtle Beach, SC on Friday for Aunt Regina's funeral.  Dad had to stay home and work so we stayed with him to "supervise"  That is the LAST TIME we do that- yes, Dad fed us, butttttt  FORGOT our treats!!!!  He and Mom made a special trip the day before to stock up for the weekend- both two legger and four legger foods and treats (Dad is not allowed to be in the Mom cave unless he is using the microwave).  Mom called lots each day and she promised to bring us a special surprise if we were good!!!!  We were all very clingy while Mom was gone- Dad had lots of licks and lap time with us.  We tried not to leave puddles and presents, but we forgot.

Mom stayed away Friday and Saturday and Sunday- she has NEVER been away from us before at all.She got home last night about 7 (telling us that she HATES WV- there was cat crap nonsense only half an hour into the state that caused her to be over two hours late for dachsie time- no it was NOT the mine expolsion- that happened after Mom was in Ohio)  She did tell us that she drove by Frankie's place off of I-77 going down and back, so we knew that he was guarding her in southeastern Ohio.

Mom was so tired, she almost fell asleep in her rocker on the front porch.  Since Dad had made Papa John's pizza and buffalo wings for diner, we had to help Mom eat hers.  Then we went to bed about 8:30, after Mom took a shower.  Don't tell her, but she snores!!!!

We were so glad she was back- Thai and Ginger licked her and Chip slept next to her.  WE got up at 8 this morning- Mom was too tired to go to Mass and then the pool.  Tomorrow we go back to our schedules.  Mom may take us to the doggie park today though, to make up for abandoning us.

AND- we have a dachshund spa from WalMart!!!!!  Mom will take pictures later, but it is 10 feet by 6 feet and 22 inches deep.  Dad has to blow it up with a pump.

(And yes, Mom misses Aunt Regina- she is still sad and cries when she thinks no one is looking)