Monday, October 29, 2012

A Treat and Toy Swap, sponsored by Dachshund Nola and Cole!

Our swap pressies from Dachshund Nola and the Minions 3

Tasha showing us how to destuff a stuffy
Dear Blogville,

WHN and Dad would like to thank you for your prayers and condolences concerning Anna Rose going to the Bridge last week.  We do not know what we would have done without it. 

Blogville's beloved Queen of Florida, Dachshund Nola and her Minions 3, together with Cole of All the Small Stuff and Weiner Tales (the badge is in the right sidebar) sponsored a treat and toy swap- We pawticipated and were paired with Her Majesty, Dachshund Nola!  (Tasha hopes that when her spiritual twin Lily Belle finds out that she is not jealous- after all she met Aunt Cindy this past weekend!)  The photos show the goodies that were pawsonally picked out for us by HMDN (Her Majesty, Dachshund Nola)- WHN will be framing the pawtrait of HMDN for us to gaze upon each day .  WHN made HMDN and the Minions 3 their own pawsonalized tshirts to wear while travelling incognito among them the puparrazzi that are infesting Florida this time of year- you can see them here!:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rainbow Bridge Alert- Anna Rose ( 8 December 2002 - 24 October 2012)

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we bring you the news that the Rainbow Bridge has a new resident, as of an hour ago.  Anna Rose left us with our blessing and love, after struggling with failing health for the past week-

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Anna Rose- Evening Updte from her Daddy (slave)

Anna had to go back to the pet hospital. She had four seizures today, and Mommy and Daddy were very scared. Later today Daddy went to visit, and she was very sleepy, but when she saw Daddy, she tried to get up several times and follow him home. She needs everybody's prayers. Dr. Schwartz is even taking her to his house tonight to keep an eye on her.

Anna Rose- 23 October 2012

WHN here-  as BLogville knows, Anna Rose is not doing well at all.  She had a seizure this morning around 6 AM, and while I was taking her to the vet she had a second as we arrived, and then a third ten minutes after that one.  She is being cared for and getting fluids, as she no longer has any in her.  Her calcium and phosphate levels are extremely high and her one working kidney, complete with large kidney stone, is having to do the work of two healthy kidneys and that just is not happening.  The seizures are a result of her kidney failure.  We do not know what will happen, and we do not know if she will ever come home.  Her one working kidney is having to cope with too much fluid, and then not enough and the strain on it is starting to show, resulting in the seizures this morning.  

Please keep her in your prayers, please.  We are devastated and I fell apart at the vet when we arrived- the seizures are terrible to watch and she is our beloved Anna Rose which made it even more traumatic.  Geoff is coping as best he can, so please keep him your prayers too- he is lost without his princess fur

Monday, October 22, 2012

POTP Please- Anna Rose Update, part 2

Anna Rose has pleural effusion- which means that the fluids that she has been receiving or drinking have accumulated in her abdomen and near her right lung, which is particularly worrying to Dr. Schwartz. She had an ultrasound and will be getting an xray later today.  He has her on a diuretic and if that does not work, then will try another one.  We do not know if she will be spending the night.  The pleural effusion is probably the reason for her zombie like behavior, and not her meds.  Lots of POTP please for Daddy's girl!

The Obama Plan

POTP Request- Anna Rose

Anna Rose had a rough night- she could not sleep and we alternated giving her water and taking her out to pee.  around 4 this morning she finally drifted off to sleep but awoke at 5 throwing up- only a touch of bile came up but she went through the gagging and hacking for several moments.  Geoff called the vet and WHN has to call again at 8 to bring her in- the vet is stymied at her reactions to the meds- and she has eaten nothing since yesterday morning and has not had her medications since then either

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Anna Rose Update

Anna Rose is having a bad day today- she is lethargic, not eating and falling down due to her medications- We have to take her off of them overnight so that she recovers from the ataxia, and then we go from there correcting her meds- she is on amoxicillin- 100 mg twice a day and 25 mg of Zeniquin once a day, and the latter is most probably the source of her problems.  It is an antibacterial that is very effective with dogs suffering from renal issues, but she is exhibiting the more serious side effects and the vet is stymied by this 

Please keep her in your prayers

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gotcha Day #1- Anna Rose

One year ago today, we received the phone message that changed our lives (yet again)- we first learned that a long haired dachshund had been abandoned at the vet's office and would we take her?  The only other option was for her to be put down, due to her dental situation, her kidney stones and her bladder stones.  WHN of course dragged Dad and the rest of the DWM to Miss Sandy's house to pick up this treasure, only to learn that she was at the vet's overnight for some much needed fluids. 

As everyone knows, this treasure is Anna Rose, the light of her Daddy's life and the love of Max Da Odder Brudder's life.  Most of Blogville has one Gotcha Day- Anna Rose has three, as you will see over the next three days!

Happy First Gotcha Day, Anna Rose!

Pee Esss- She slept through the night, BUTTTT threw up all over WHN's pillow twice- this is a side efect of her antibiotic and the vet was called this morning.  She is more alert, but will be on chicken and rice for a couple of days until her appetite starts to kick in. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

She is HOME!

Her Royal Majesty is HOME!  Anna Rose spent the past two nights at the Banfield clinic, and of course her Daddy visited her each day, spending his lunch hour with her.  She was very perky and barking and begging to come home last night, but to no avail.  She is on three prescriptions and a new diet and vitamin supplement.  She is lethargic right now, and hopefully will eat her dinner tonight!  Everyone is happy she ios back where she belongs and Max has already been called with the good news!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

POTP Request- Anna Rose

 We the DWM, are asking Blogville for its POTP for our beloved Anna Rose.  She has a virulent urinary tract infection that requires 48 hour antibiotics and iv fluids, change in diet, supplements, and change of regimen.  This occurred suddenly and we thought that she was dehydrated due to the constant shivering and her desire to be wrapped up in a blanket, unknown behavior for her.  We got her to the vet today and she had blood and urine testing done, and will remain for 48 hours.  Her potassium and calcium levels are through the roof, and her right kidney has a large stone.  Her left kidney is no where to be seen- it was either removed while undergoing bladder stone surgery two or three years ago, or the infection affected it to such a degree that it shrank and her right kidney is doing the job of two good kidneys.  The infection was caught early and prognosis for recovery from the infection looks good- however her overall prognosis is guarded at best, and her time limited due to the kidney problems and kidney disease.  She may have a human year at most due to the kidney issues, which will be seven dog years!  (We knew when she joined us almost a year ago, that her overall prognosis was good and were told one to two years tops, so this part is not unexpected)  Please pray for Anna Rose-

Monday, October 15, 2012

They're BACK!!!!!

See what greeted Dad when he was at work today- the long lost Weinermobile!  Dad was shocked, especially since he just finished paying off the insurance bill for its loss! Now we know where Francine and Ernestine have been hiding- they must have run out of gas right near St Louis and never heard that the DWM had moved here two months ago!  When Dad went over to retrieve the keys, the girls took off again screaming and howling their lungs off- where will they next appear?  Will they disrupt the wedding?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Her name is Sweetie

 Shiloh don't panic!  This is our new neighbor Sweetie, a four year old beagle who now lives with Barney's parents! Since they are elderly with multiple health issues, WHN and Dad will be walking her twice a day- these photos are from tonight's swalk with Dad.  WHn took our neighbore to the local shelter to find a new puppy and Sweetie is who they fell in love with and vice versa!  She is a daddy's girl too!  Chip and Tasha did very well  walking with her and Anna Rose was safely ensconced in her throne and she was unhappy since she was stuck with WHN!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm dreaming of Tasha.....

Modelling for her BFF Aunt Cindy
 Her Majesty, Tasha Queen of the Urban Jungle is officially off her meds!  Dr Medling was so pleased with her progress that she only wanted her to take one week's worth of them.  Her Majesty must still return for her x-ray next Wednesday, but she is back to her feisty self!  The only lasting effect of this trauma (at least for WHN) is that Tasha spends a lot of time being cuddled in the sling! Now Chip wants to be carried around in a sling too- they now are taking tunrs, and WHN's shoulder is not too happy with this development!  Dad of course just laughs at the spectacle of WHN at her sewing machine complete with dchshund in sling! Oh well, WHN has the perfect excuse to get out of house work!  Maybe we should try this throughout BLogville ladies?  Will come up with a solution for Goose and the other residents who are larger than dachshunds!

As you can see in the above picture, Her Majesty is modelling her BFF Aunt Cindy's latest creation- a super duper tote bag!   Please check out Cindy's Thread Craft on ETsy- you will never be sorry and remember there are only 83 days left until Christmas!

In the image below is the tote that WHN commissioned for her mother in law's birthday and it was a hit-


Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainbow Bridge Alert- Barney the Beagle

It is with a heavy heart that the DWM bring news of the Rainbow Bridge's newest resident- our next door neighbor Barney.  He was only 11 years old, but he had injured his right front paw a week ago resulting in permanent nerve damage.  While he would have been a candidate for surgery, the weakness in his rear legs precluded it.  This morning he fell over while outside and could not get up, and his vet decided that he was suffering.  Chip, Tasha and Anna Rose miss him even though we only knew him for six weeks- He liked to come to the fence to say hello and WHN always had a treat for him.  While he did not blog, he was our neighbor and we had grown to like him as much as he obviously liked us- he was always friendly and ooking for us to come and play and talk with him.  RIP Barney.

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