Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve, and a THAI update

The medicine seems to be helping Thai!  He is moving around more like his old self, on a never ending quest for food.  Unfortunately he no longer will eat his kibble, only his Nature's Variety raw chunks.  Since he apparently is on a hunger strike, he has been joined by his borther and sister, Chip and Ginger.  Thankfully, What's Her name bought 2 more bags of chunks this week or we might starve!

Our grandpawrents have been with us since Wednesday and boy have we been ratting What's Her Name out to them!  They INSIST on sharing their food with us, and are busy setting new Olympic records for the number of puddles and presents that we leave for What's Her Name to clean up!  So far, between Thai and Ginger, the record is 12 puddles and three presents, set on Thursday.  What will today bring?  (We have already left 2 puddles and a present, and it is only 9:30 in the morning!)

Tonight we open pressies from Santa!  Lots of treats are in store too!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends.

Thank you for your prayers-  Thai still has his tests on the 7th!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Fort Dox

Fort Dox is run by the most famousest DRNA lady- Dona Jo.  Fort Dox is the original foster home of Gin ger AND Chip, when each of them entered rescue!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

THAI news

Thai has been sick for a couple of days- so much so that he won't eat!!! HE wouldn't touch his kibble at all on Sunday, and he saw the VET yesterday.  HE has a fever and is on antibiotics, but his test results were not good.  He has elevated liver enzymes, which could be a precursor for Cushings, and he has crystals in his urine (but no infection, thank DOG)  He goes back for the ACTH stem test and bladder Xray on Friday 7 January 2011.  What's Her Name is not happy about the results, especially the crystals, since none of the Dachsies With Moxie liked the Hill's CD that Chip is supposed to be on for his crystals. 

Prayers are requested for Thai- he is 14, and Cushings is not fun.  If he does have Cushings, he will receive treatment and care, no questions asked!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ercan feiert Weihnachten: Dackel und Hörner: Beim Teckelclub e.V. (Clip ...

Found this video on the blog Long and Short.  Had to post it, as Mom was stationed in Mainz, FRG in 1986.  Then she loved Rottweilers.  One can only imagine how many dachsies she would have been enslaved by if she had known of this club way back then (you know- 87 years ago)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The bestest Christmas pressie ever!

Today, Mom and Dad learned that our favorite grandpaw (Dad's Dad)  has been hired for a new job that starts on Janaury 3rd!  He has been out of work over two years, but he has never given up.  Now he gets the gift he has wanted for so long!

FYI-  Christmas card count- Mom 1, us 87 million!

Pee Ess- we received a humungous box from The Feisty Three, our gift exchange partner!  DAD won't let us see what is in it, nor open anything till Christmas Day.  BUTTT, he hung up the stocking that was in the box, and hid the rest from us and Mom!

UPDATE-  Dad's Dad is our favorite Grandpaw since he is the only one we have met.  Mom's Dad died last September, right before Chip joined Ginger and Mom and Dad, so we never met him (BUTT Aunt Regina did!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Paws!!!!

This is the Dachsies With Moxie pack- even MOM!

Chip telling Santa and Dad what he wants

Thai's First Christmas with us!

Ginger telling Santa what she really wants!

Saturday, What's her Name and Dad took us to see Santa Paws!  Thai dressed up like the great man himself, even outshining him to such a degree that his photo had to be retaken!  Ginger and Chip were old hands at this, since they went through it last year, which was Chip's first Christmas with us.  This year, it is Thai's first Christmas!  Then, we had a snackielicious treat at McDonald's before we had What's Her Name and Dad take us Christmas shopping- we had to pick up Dad's gifts from us before Mom forgot (or before another snow stomr hit)  We had saved up over 87 million green papers for these gifts too-  we have a very stingy allowance.  Then we went home and guarded these gifts while we were cruelly abandoned so our pawrents could do some more shopping at WalMart.

Sunday was ho hum- Ginger peed under the tree again, and Dad was not happy- he had to take apart his layout and move the tree so the bed sheet could get washed again.  Then Mom and Dad went into the crawl space to find MORE Christmas stuff and then they put it on the tree- now they have to find the star.  Thai has his own orament- a glass dachshund from Target.  We also had to go out and get gas in the car and to the library so Mom could get her book- the last book of the Twilight series.  Mom is weird- she LOVES vampire, werewolf and zombie movies! (more on this later)

Today, while the 87 feet of snow hit Ohio (pray for Frankie- too many snow man poops are coming down and he is getting more than we are), Mom is going to do laundry, wrap our gifts for Dad and finally write out their Christmas cards!  Hopefully Dad will be home soon- a train derailed again at the Willard hump yard and he had to go out even earlier than usual in the snow storm. 

Back to Mom- she read the entire book in one day- 756 pages long!  Yes, Mom is a super reader, but when she really gets into something like this, she just reads up a storm- took her till 11 PM last night (she started at 1:30 in the afternoon, and folded laundry and helped Dad too). 

Anyway,  Mom got hurt a long time ago, when she was 14, and this has always made her very unhappy. She was watching the Twilight movies last week (her BFF has been bugging her to watch them and read the books) and she started to cry and could not stop Thursday and Friday.  It was very weird for us- she was so unhappy and none of us could fix it for her, not even Dad.  She even started to write down what was making her unhappy and she gave it to Dad to read Saturday, and Mom started to cry even more.  See, the movies and books triggered the memories of what happened when she got hurt, even some she had not remembered all these years, and she and Dad talked all weekend.  She had a lot of hurt and anger to talk about and how she felt like used goods, and about how her world had been shattered and only Dad had ever made her feel special and like a lady.  (Dad knew most of this anyway- )  It's one of the reasons she won't have anything to do with her brothers and sisters-   Mom has been seeing doctors for several years now and it has helped, but this Twilight stuff really made a difference for her this last weekend.  She didn't have any nightmares Saturday or Sunday either.  She told Dad he was very much like Edward AND Jacob, but without being a vampire or werewolf, and he knew what she meant.  See, when Mom gets depressed, she cries a lot, and tries to hide it from Dad, like she did Thrusday and Friday, but he always knows.  She said having us around all day helps even more- we lick away her tears and keep her warm and afe- especially Chip.  When Mom cries, he gets very protective, just like Jacob!  Anyway- that's what has been bothering Mom - it doesn't happen every week, but when her depression hits, it comes out of nowhere now and can last a long time.  Don't worry- she has been getting better- she is not taking medicine either, and she is starting to heal -  She had thought she was over this, but the saga triggered something buried very deep down and made her face up to it so she could put it to rest once and for all. 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Twelve Days of a Large Family Christmas

Remember Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941

MORE SNOW and MORE MAIL (for us)

The flakey things are still coming down- so much so that we have over a foot of snow!  Mom had to head back our (yes, we had to kick her out of the house) to shovel out our lawn and the stairs and driveway again.  Thai and Chip ventured out to snoopervise, and follwed in What's Her Name's wake as she shovelled a pathway.  The snow on the driveway came over Thai's back, and that is the snow that fell since yesterday when it was shovelled by What's Her Name!  Ginger stayed safely inside, toasty warm, laughing at us!

FYI- card count- DWM received 7 cards in the mail yesterday.  The total is now 20 to 0!

Monday, December 6, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Today, we were awakened to the sight of those flake things coming down- there were over 87 trillion of them already on the ground,as we already have 4 - 6 inches of powdery stuff on the ground.  What's Her Name finally got up and fed us, then trudged outside to shovel a pathway for us to the grass for our needs.  Then we had her take a broom and dust off our SNoopy in the front yard.  She even started shovelling the driveway so Dad would know where to park his car when he gets home tonight.  Now, we are taking our noon naps- snoopervising What's Her Name is exhausting work!

Yesterday she and Dad got our gift exchange pressies in the mail, and finished wrapping our gifts for the parish's Giving Tree.  We had them get the four kids we selected Build A Bear animals that say I Love You, plus lots of other stuff (all from us, of course- we just let them pay for it)

Saturday, we were chauffered to PetSmart to get our outfits and this weekend we are going to see Santa Paws!!!!  WE had a nice long walkie in the morning, but then it started to snow again, and hasn't stopped.  (It didn't start to stick until yesterday)

FYI-  our Christmas card count is 10- 7 in the mail and 3 email.  What's Her Name- 0!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Sheeples Here: They Lowered Their Guns On A Miraculous Christmas Eve In 1914

No Sheeples Here: They Lowered Their Guns On A Miraculous Christmas Eve In 1914
World War I had been raging for a year. One million souls had already perished in the conflict. On Christmas Eve 1914, British and German troops stood face to face in trenches divided by “No Man’s Land” along the Western Front.

The winter of 1914 was bitter. The soldiers, unequipped to face the rigors of the cold and rain, found themselves wallowing in a freezing mire of mud and the decaying bodies of the fallen.

The men entrenched there could not help but have a degree of sympathy for his enemy who was having just as miserable a time as they were.

On the eve of the “Truce”, the British Army was manning a stretch of the line running south from the infamous Ypres, a small Flemish market town, just over the border from France, for twenty-seven miles to the La Bassée Canal.

Numerous support associations on both sides flooded the front with gifts of food, warm clothes and letters of thanks. With their morale boosted and their bellies fuller than normal, and with still so many Christmas goodies on hand, the spirit of the season entered the trenches. A British Daily Telegraph correspondent wrote that on one part of the line the Germans had managed to slip a chocolate cake into British trenches. It was accompanied by a message asking for a ceasefire later that evening so they could celebrate Christmas.

Longing for the warmth of hearth and home, the story goes that German soldiers began singing “Stille Nacht” or Silent Night from their trenches. British troops began to sing Christmas carols too. Thus began the Christmas Truce of 1914.

Along many parts of the line the Christmas Day truce was initiated through sadder means. Both sides saw the lull as a chance to get into No Man's Land and seek out the bodies of their fallen brothers-in-arms and give them a decent burial.

It is comforting to believe that the legacy of the “Christmas Truce”, nearly hundred years later, soldiers and officers who were told to hate, loathe and kill, could still lower their guns and extend the hand of goodwill and the hope of peace on earth that Christmas Eve.

It was one of the few bright moments amid the slaughter of the Great War, in which fourteen million people were killed.

Read more:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mail Call and MORE SNOW!!!

We are ahead of What's Her Name in the card sweepstakes- received our second card from Jolly Old England yesterday, from our favorite Ginger Persian- Ginger Jasper!!!!  Mom is green with jellyness, as Frankie would say- She has NO CARDS to our 2!!!!!

Snow is coming down as we work on our blog- maybe it will finally cover the grass (and our "presents" ?)

What's Her Name has to see the people vet today- she has  a cold which has settled into her chest which usually leads to bronchitis. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Snow Day (and Mail Call)

Today we are buried beneath loads of blankets as Northeast Ohio is inundated with snow!!!!  (OK, just flurries right now but we KNOW that tons of the flakey things are on the way- Frankie, you need to RUN)

We also received our very first card, from OSKAR!!!!!  Mom is going to get us a card holder since we know that we will be receiving more cards than What's Her Name

PEEE ESSSS- Greenies is giving away a 10.00 off coupon on their facebook page!