Monday, August 29, 2011


Our grandpawrents and our favorite dachsie Aunt, Gingie, came for a quick visit!  They drove out from New Jersey to get away from Hurricane Irene and arrived Saturday night!  They leave tomorrow unfortunately, but their home was undamaged by the hurricane!  We took them to the local dachshund park today and met some new frineds- two pugs, two French bull dogs and a sharpei puppy and a pit bull.  This was also Tahsa's first time at the park.  Grandpa took LOTS of videos of us and What's Her Name has posted some of them here.  (They are all on her YouTube channel, trainwife1962)





Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, Blogville witnessed the social event of the century- the wedding of Mayor Frankie Furter and his lovely wives, Penny and Ruby.  It is a day to be treasured in our memories, furever. 

Happy Furst Anniversary to the Mayor of Blogville and his picture perfect Furst Ladies, Ruby and Penny!  Long may they rule BLogville!

Now, Dad calls them packists, as in wolf pack! 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pool Pawty!

The Dachsies With Moxie are sponsoring the Back to School Pool Pawty extravaganza!  His Mayoralness will be visiting IN THE FURS on Sunday 21 August 2011 to ensure that our pools are up to snuff!  We have TWO pools set up in our front yard for your enjoyment- a paw pool for those who just want to dip their paws, as well as a larger pool for the more adventurous! BUT WAIT- THERE'S MORE!  Our city has a HOOOOOGE outdoor pool with a slide and is letting us use it!  The kiddies will be back at school already, and this pool is located right next to the DAWG PARK!  Our beloved Mayor will be pawtaking of the use of this HOOOOOGE pool when he visits us on Sunday- the city is throwing him an anniversary extravaganza party in honor of his firt anniversary with the First Ladies of Blogville, Ruby and Penny Furter!

Please get your photos in to trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com NLT 28 August 2011.  Use the Honorrooroo photos from July 4th if you would like- this will be a pawty to rermember!

HUGE Dog Welcomes Home His Military Dad, Home From Deployment!

RS Interview: John Kasich (R, OH).

Friday, August 12, 2011

Tasha, Queen of the Stuffed Sqeaky TOys!

 Here are Tasha and her Daddy.  Tasha is demonstrating her feminine wiles, used to perfection once she clapped her eyes on her new Daddy!  Obviously, love at first sight!

Don't worry Mr. Mayor, we have What's Her Name under control, FOR NOW!  She has abandoned her painting and is spending lots of time with us!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Thai Master Update

His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent, had to undergo the horrors of the VET on Monday!  He had his bloodwork done and What's Her Name picked up this month's Vetoryl.  His Cortisol levels is DOWN- to 6.2 from 8.3 last month!  His weight is holding strong at 21.4 lbs.  Tasha also went to the vet and received all of the shots necessary- rabies, and the distemper combo.  Ginger and Chip also received the distemper combo so they can go to the Medina pool pawty being held in honor of the Mayor of Blogville's furst wedding anniversary.  What's her Name is in yet another dither over this- the bathroom is newly painted as is the area by the front door.  No one know what the next project will be, and all we hear her muttering is "The Mayor is Coming"!  Hopefully , His Mayorallness will forgive her freaking out- it is just what we have to live with everyday!  (The painting is why we haven't been blogging too much)

What's Her Name and Dad took us on walkies last night and this morning- the weather has been in the 70s!  This morning, His Majesty announced to the world that he wanted to walk, and he did- What's Her Name had to take him out of his command center throne TWICE so that he could walk - He managed about a quarter of a mile in total, and What's Her Name put him in his therapy pool to cool down afterwards.  (His pool is a blow up she bought from WalMart last year and is finally getting used!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Look who's 15 TODAY!!!!

 The Thai Master is 15 today!  He suffers greatly, being FORCED by What's Her Name to visit both Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart for his birthday snackies!!!

Happy BIrthday Tough Guy!