Monday, May 31, 2010

No Sheeples Here: Memorial Day 2010

No Sheeples Here: Memorial Day 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010

By Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret.)

ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY, Va.—This is the place that receives the most attention on Memorial Day, though it is but one of 141 national cemeteries in the United States and twenty-four others located on foreign soil. Many of our countrymen will observe this "last Monday in May" holiday with travel, shopping and picnics. But those who take the time to visit one of these hallowed grounds will have an unforgettable experience.

These are the final resting places for more than three million Americans who served in our armed forces—as soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines—including the nearly 5,500 who have perished in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A visit to one of these quiet memorials is a tribute to those who made history by wearing our nation's uniform and taking up arms to preserve our liberty and free tens of millions of others from tyranny. In words written on stone markers, these places tell the story of who we are as a people.

Regardless of when they served, all interred in these cemeteries sacrificed the comforts of home and absented themselves from the warmth and affection of loved ones. Since 1776, more than 1.5 million Americans have lost their lives while in uniform.

At countless funerals and memorial services for those who lost their lives in the service of our country, I hear the question, "Why is such a good young person taken from us in the prime of life?" Plato, the Greek philosopher, apparently sought to resolve the issue by observing, "Only the dead have seen the end of war." I prefer to take my solace in the words of Jesus to the Apostle John: "Father, I will that those you have given me, be with me where I am."

My sojourns to this "Sacred Ground," as Tom Ruck calls our national cemeteries in the title of his magnificent book, remind me that among those here are veterans who served with my father and all of my uncles in the conflagration of World War II. Only a handful of those 16.5 million from that "greatest generation" remain. Others resting in these consecrated places were tested just five years later in our first fight against despotic communism—on the Korean Peninsula. They braved stifling heat, mind-numbing cold and an enemy that often outnumbered them ten to one.

Here are headstones of those who served in the decade between Korea and Vietnam. More than twelve million young Americans donned military uniforms in what was called "the cold war." It was only cold for those who didn't have to fight in it. They served on land, air and sea in lonely outposts, dusty camps, along barbed wire barriers in foreign lands, on guard against those who would have done us harm if they had the chance.

Between 1964 and 1975, more than seven million young Americans were committed to the bloody contest in Southeast Asia. The names of 58,267 who died from that fight are on the wall of the Vietnam War Memorial—some of them were my Marines and my brother's soldiers. Headstones in cemeteries all across this land testify to more of their selfless sacrifice—and serve as a reminder that the victory denied in that war should never happen again.

In the three-and-a-half decades since Vietnam, not a single year has passed without Americans in uniform being committed to hostile action somewhere around the globe—including Grenada, Beirut, Panama, the Balkans and Kuwait. We are not a warlike people. But for more than two centuries, ours has been the only nation on earth willing to consistently send its sons and daughters into harm's way—not for gold or oil or colonial conquest, but to offer others the hope of liberty.

Since Sept. 11th, that great legacy has been borne by volunteers serving in the shadows of the Hindu Kush, along the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, in the Persian Gulf and on anti-piracy patrols in the Indian Ocean. These young Americans are engaged against a merciless enemy who has proven repeatedly that there is no atrocity beneath them—and that they will do whatever it takes to kill as many of our countrymen as possible.

Those now in uniform deserve our thanks, for no nation has ever had a better military force than the one we have today. And no accolade to those presently in our country's service is greater than honoring the veterans who preceded them on Memorial Day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daily Doxie of the Day

CHIP is today's daily doxie at!!!!!  Can you believe it!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fan CLub photos-

As you can plainly see, the crate is HUGE and it does hold all three of us, but mostly Thai and Ginger.  Mom must have been colorblind when she picked out the Pergo- now we have to play "Where's Ginger" all the time

Tuesday and Wednsday funsies

Tuesday Mom forced us to go car so that we could visit Thai's original foster family-  it took us an hour and lots of green papers to get there.  (Tolls and stuff like that)  WOW- he had it made!!!!  He had his own humongous barn, and huge house to share with lots of other dogs and cats. There was lots of great places outside to see- lots of acres to walk and a pond of his own.  He was really happy to see Shorty his best pal, and he was in his glory once we arrived.  LOTS of stuff to do.  His foster Momma, Marcia, her husband and their daughter were so happy to see Thai.  They even liked seeing Ginger and Chip, who behaved!!!  Thai spent a lot of time walking around the house as if he still owned the place, and lots of cuddle time with Marcia.  On the way back home, he was tuckered out and slept, as did Chip and Ginger.  Mom forgot to take pictures!!!!  Next time, ok Mom?

Yesterday, Mom had the home visit for membership in DRNA.  A really nice couple, the Millers, spent two hours at our house and they brought Franklin, one of their 10 dachsies, with them.  The home visit was the last step, after references and the vet were checked.  Mom was a little goofy, but she was very nervous, so we let her off easy.  Now comes the waiting part.

Speaking of waiting, the baseboard and quarter rounds is almost done!!!  hopefully the last part will be installed tomorrow in the kitchen, living room and hall closet!!!!

Magnolia Monday ( a few days late)

Mom has a magnolia tree and this week it bloomed.  Unfortunately, the flowers only bloomed for a day or two before turning brown.  Mom loves magnolias, which are very Southern and ladylike!!!

Conservative Film Icon John Wayne Born Today

Conservative Film Icon John Wayne Born Today

They sure don’t make em’ like they used to:

“I have found a certain type calls himself a liberal…now I always thought I was a liberal. I came up terribly surprised one time when I found out that I was a right-wing, conservative extremist, when I listened to everybody’s point of view that I ever met, and then decided how I should feel. But this so-called new liberal group, Jesus, they never listen to your point of view”

-John Wayne (1907-1979)

Dean Martin John Wayne: Everybody loves somebody Sometime

Happy Birthday to The Duke, born this day in 1907.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday- Breaking News- FRANKIE- YOU MUST READ!!!!

Mom and Dad took us to PetSmart in order to stock up on Greenies, which are on sale today.  Guess what- Greenies is sponsoring a contest on the website!!!!  You have to rate Greenies and upload a photo of your four legger eating them to have a chance to win.  GRAND PRIZE is ONE YEAR'S worth of Greenies and a 200.00 PetSmart gift card.  Second place is a month's worth of Greenies and a 100.00 PetSmart gift card, and third place is a 27 oz tub of Greenies and a 50.00 PetSmart gift card.  We have until 21 June 2010 to enter!!!!  (The contest started on 5 May but MOM only checked their website today- silly Mom!!!)

Who thinks Frankie will win?  He should, since he has turned so many of us onto them.  Maybe Greenies should have him endorsing the product, with at least 87 trillion green papers in his contract!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Look what Frankie Gave Us!!!

We received this from Frankie Furter today!!!!!  What an honor to be recognized by the head dachshund in the blogosphere!!!  We now have to tell you seven things about us and then paw this award forward to seven of our blog friends!!!!

1.We LOVE walkies with Mom- when she takes down our leash, Chip just jumps for joy.  While on the walkies he leads the pack, with Ginger right behind and Thai bringing up the rear, so the speak. 

2. Reading our furiends blogs!!!!!

3.   Greenies- our favorite treat.  Simply cannot start the day without them.  THANKS Frankie for writing about them.  Mom would NEVER have tried them without your advice.

 4.  Food and other treats- Nuff said!!!!

5.  The Magic Cave- where we spend lots of time snoozing, even after Mom puts us in it for our safety while she is at the pool or she and Dad are running errands.

6.  Mom and Dad
7.  Our house, especially the front porch

Now for our seven blog friends  (we think all of our friends should just take this_  Mom can't remember all of our blog friends)

1.  Ginger's secret crush, Baxter at Kalycornucopia

2.  Ginger's other secret crush, as well as Chip and Thai's secret crushes- Oskar, Xenia, and Schatzi, who live WAY UP IN CANADA!!!

3.  Twix

4. Lorenza

5.  Ruby and Penny, along with Frankie

5A- Mango, for having Mango Minster this year

6- everyone who follows us!!!

7- everyone who should be following us!!!! 

Friday, May 21, 2010


Mom just got back from her new doctor and she really likes him!!!!!  Now, maybe she will spend some "quality time" with us today!!!! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Walkies!!!!

Mom took us on walkies today!!!  Her back is doing much better- no rain in sight.  Thai did very well- he is keeping up quite nicely.  Ginger and Chip were very well behaved and Mom was happy with all of us.  Ginger is now wearing her Hug A Dog harness in pink, from the Princess colleciont, and she looks divine.  Yes, she did have to stay in the crate while Mom was at the pool, but she had thai for company.  Today, since the lawn service company did whatever it is they do, we can't go out onto the lawn.  So, we get to use Mom's porch till tomorrow. 

Next Tuesday, we are going car, to visit with Thai's original foster Mom at the farm where he lived for almost two years.  Mom didn't think we figured it out, but we did. 

The living room floor is done!!!  Well., almost. All of the planks are down- now we just have to have the baseboard and quarter round installed, and THEN Mom can move everything back the way it was before!!!!  THEN we will post pictures. 

Pee Ess- Mom did NOT forget our Greenies today either!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Daily Thai- Wednesday Edition

As everyone is aware, Thai has decided that he likes sleeping on Mom's pillow.  Last night he also decided that he needed to sleep on Dad's side of the bed and use his pillow (Dad is STILL at work!!!)  At least Mom had more of her side of the bed- only had to compete with Chip and Ginger.

Today we got up late AGAIN- the arthritis is really bad due to the incessant rain in NE Ohio.  Mom missed Mass and the pool for the second day in a row.  But, when she could move she got us Greenies for our tooth brushing.  (Unlike Frankie, we get them every day since we won't let Mom near our mouths with a toothbrush- she has tried and the results were neither pretty nor painful)

Yesterday, Mom learned that her doctor is on a sabbatical and now she has to find a new one ASAP or sh cannot have her outpatient shots for her back.  No explanation was given and phone calls were not returned.  What's up, Doc?

Today, hopefully the last row of planks go in, then the baseboard and 1/4 rounds can start being cut and installed. If not, then we will nap on Mom while she is on the couch, which is what we like to do anyway.  (Yesterday, GINGER left a huge puddle in the dining room, right after she came in.  Boy was MOM mad- she put her in the crate and then put the gate on!!!!  Mom covered it up with blankets and Ginger spent the day in it.  When will she learn?)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Floor still not done and it is raining again!!!!!  Sistine STeve was too sick with sinusitis to finish yesterday.  Does spring ever come to Ohio?  Mom and Dad mentioned that when they and Ginger were living in the hotel last year, spring came and stayed!!!!  None of this two nice days then a week to a week and a half of rain or cold and damp days like this year.  Mom is actually looking forward to her facet joint shots this time- thankfully they start next Friday!!  MOm had to stay home from Mass and the pool today because of it. 

Right now we are headed to our mid morning nap, having taken care of business and eating our Greenies.  It has been a while since Mom took our picture and we are not happy about that.  How are our fans supposed to keep up with us?  Mom promises to start again once the floors are done, including the baseboards and 1/4 rounds. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SUNDAY Walkies!!!

Sorry we haven't kept up with the blogging, but Mom's floor is still NOT DONE!!!!  Only one row of planks left but they have to be cut very narrowly in order to fit around the two floor heating registers.  Mom is getting antsy, as everyone know blondes do, and we are tired of not being able to relax!!!!  At least we are getting used to walking on the Pergo flooring.  We have of course christened it, and Mom wasn't too happy, but she said it was MUCH EASIER to keep clean than the pink mess.  All three of us take turns using our magic cave for napping (that's the crate Mom and Dad bought last week)  Mom leaves the door off after she gets home from the pool, and we just go in and out, which makes her happy.  Yesterday and today our parents experimented with how long we can be left out of the cage while they are gone.  They learned that an hour is their best bet. 

Yesterday we went car with both Mom and Dad- Mom had her therapy appointment and she wanted us with her.  We were GOOOOOOD !!!!  We went for walkies in the church graveyard and Ginger explained that we would be taking pictures of gravestones for other people in the future, of gravestones, for their family trees.  Chip and Thai did not realize that two leggers had family trees and started to look for Mom and Dad's trees.  (Yes, we had sausage biscuits while on the ride to the therapy appointment- Mom did not want us to starve to death)  Mom has over 200 requests for our area, but the weather has been terrible so we haven't been out.  Ginger used to help Mom and Dad do this in ALbany when they lived there- she says it is fun because we get to roll in lots of new grasses and MOm and Dad let us explore.

Today, after Mom and Dad got home from 8 AM Mass (it was said for Aunt Regina, and the noon Mass is being said for Mom's Mom for her 82nd birthday today)  we went on walkies with BOTH parents.  We were good on this walkies- Mom was so proud of us for showing Dad how good we are.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Walkies

We BEHAVED on our walkies this morning!!!!  Mom was so proud of us too.  Ginger and Thai stayed in their crate for most of the afternoon and were very good when they came out.  When Mom went to Mass this morning, Ginger just went into the crate without a problem and Thai had to be "helped" into it.  After Mom came back we had our walkies.  Thai can keep up with Chip for over half of the walk, at a very brisk pace too.  When it was time for the pool, Mom put us back into the crate and covered it with blankets so we could nap undisturbed by Chip.  When she came home from the pool, she took us to PetSmart for double meat dingoes and for another soft bed for Thai to use in the living room.  THEN  (drum roll please)  she took us to Wendy's!!!!  This treat was special since MOm said we had done so well on the walkies and with our crate, that a treat was a must.  The house has been turned upside down for over three weeks and Mom said that she knew how difficult it was for us.  She says that was why we were not being good inside.  We were adored at PetSmart, of course and we were very good at Wendy's drive thru widow.  Mom bought us the jr bacon cheeseburgers minus the condiments- they were so good!!! 

Mom has her stitchers stewards meeting tonight, so Dad is home alone with us.  Meatloaf is on the menu, along with ham and cheese casserole.  Maybe we can help with the dishes so Mom doesn't have to do them.

Ande yes, we had our Greenies again!!!  Thanks Frankie for mentioning them!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crate Training

We were bad, so bad yesterday.  After Sistine Steve left, with the living room half done, Ginger left a puddle on the padding that is under the Pergo flooring. (Mo was making dinner, ham and cheese macaroni, and missed Ginger's signal that she had to GO) Mom had to cut it out and clean and repaint the plywood.  Two hours later, she did it again, ON THE SAME SPOT!!!  This time, the puddle seeped under the flooring put in yesterday, causing major panic.  THEN Thai left a puddle on the same spot, while Dad was in PetSmart buying a cage for Ginger.  Sistine Steve came over and took out the flooring affected by puddling, and Mom cleaned it with Nature's Miracle and repainted twice to make sure that it doesn't happen again.  Ginger stayed in the crate till bedtime, when she slept in the big bed.  This morning, the crate is in the kitchen and BOTH Ginger and Thai are esconsed in it.  What is Mom supposed to do now? 

Mom put in our blankies and crate liners that we used in the car, so we are comfy, and covers the crate with blankets to keep us toasty warm.  She gave us our greenies this morning, but still-  We don't know for how many days (87 thousand?) we have to use the crate thingy, but Dad is even more upset than Mom and she is NOT HAPPY with us today. 

No Sheeples Here: Send A T-Shirt And Send A Message (Let’s Make This Go Viral)

No Sheeples Here: Send A T-Shirt And Send A Message (Let’s Make This Go Viral)

Tim, of Left Coast Rebel, contacted me via email with a request to make an idea go viral in support of the five kids who were sent home because they chose to wear T-shirts that depicted the American flag. The idea is the brainchild of Chris, the proprietor of My Thoughts on Freedom. I’m supporting the effort and I hope you will too.

If you own a blog, please repost this on your site and invite your readers to send T-shirts to the patriotic kids who stood up for America to let them know that we’ve got their backs.
America is under attack. Our history, our culture and our way of life has been assailed by forces from within to the point that if you celebrate America and what it stands for, you are called a racist, a Nazi or a tea bagger.

The latest assault on America came last week when five high school students in California were sent home for the day because they chose to be patriotic and wore T-shirts depicting the American flag on Cinco de Mayo. This act of patriotism was deemed incendiary by one school official and offensive and disrespectful by students of Mexican descent who claimed that this was their day to celebrate Mexico.

This cannot be tolerated. Even though the school's principal has since apologized, that does not begin to address the issue which is this is America and every day we are a free nation is a cause to celebrate.

To this end, we need to band together to show the anti-America crowd that we will not accept these assaults on free speech and patriotism. We also need to show, not only these five students but, students across the country that they should not be ashamed or fearful of showing their pride in America at any time.

Please show your solidarity and send a flag adorned T-shirt or any other representation of the flag to:
Flags for Freedom
c/o Live Oak High School
1505 East Main Ave.
Morgan Hill CA 95037
Let the kids know that America’s got their back.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Well, the floor in the living room is still not done- lots of delays that are starting to upset Mom.  So, we sent Mom and Dad to WalMart yesterday (Dad got home from work at 2 AM!!!)  to do the people food shopping.  We told Dad to get Mom a really nice gift from us- he picked out The Muppet Movie, which is now one of our faves.  We watched it last night while Dad snored and Mom curled up with us on the couch- Dad was there also, but we had MOM!!!  When Dad came home from running the railroad, he found us sprawled on his side of the bed and MOM actually had her side for herself.  We told Dad it was because Mother's Day was Sunday and Mom needed her rest.

Today we had our walkies and we were not as good as we should have been (except for Thai). Mom put us in the kitchen so she could go to the pool without having to worry about us getting into the flooring stuff.  Did we show her!!! When she came home, Thai and Chip met her at the door while Ginger stayed in the kitchen, just in case. 

Tonight we get to sleep on brand new sheets and are going to watch Iron Man which Mom bought for Dad.  (She also bought him a Tom and Jerry dvd, which was funny)  We hear that Dad might be getting a new tv and dvd player for Christmas from Mom and us!!!  (He usually gets train stuff for his layout, but Mom thinks he should have this instead- maybe the train stuff will be for his birthday in November.  All bets are off if there is really good "Christmas Story" stuff available- MOm tries to get Dad this too.

Mom did NOT forget our greenies yesterday or today!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It is STILL Frankie's fault!!!!

Today is Saturday, and the weather here is terrible- high winds and rain threatening!!!! So, what do the Dachsies With Moxie do, after Dad has to go to work?  They FORCE Mom at paw point, to take them to McDonald's for sausage biscuits.  Well, we deserved them- we worked very hard last night, staying out of Mom and Dad's way while they sanded, cleaned and then primed the living room plywood floor of previously undisclosed STAINS.  (yes, Mom knew which ones were ours, and thank dawg there were not that many of them)  Right now we are enjoying our kitchen sanctuary and train room/office, while the living room floor gets done.  Since tomorrow is Mother's Day, no work will get done, so the baseboard and quarter rounds can get their second coat of stain and then be installed on MOnday.  (Mom's medicine made her too sleepy to work safely so we had a three hour nap in the Big Bed instead!!!  Mom really loves us)

Why is it STILL Frankie's fault- Mom did NOT forget to give us our Greenies treats this morning, with all of the mess in the house!!!! 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Walkies

Today we had our walkies right after Mom came home from Mass.  THAI is doing much better with his walkies- he stayed up front with Chip for half of the walkies!!!!  Mom thinks he has lost some weight also.  Ginger was the best- she runs just in front of Mom to her right, guarding her from nasty squirrels, and Chip takes Mom's left front flank, about six feet in front, and Thai has been bringing up the rear.  Mom stayed home from the pool- she thinks it is going to rain (at least that is what her spine is telling her) and she needs to do a second coat of stain on the new baseboard and quarter round thingys for the new floors.  After we got home, we had Breathbusters and are now enjoying our 9 AM nappies.  Life is hard when you have someone like Mom to watch over!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New floor update

The dining room is almost done!!!! After the kitchen this is the MOST important room in the house!!!  Mom promises pictures tomorrow!!!!

It's Frankie's Fault!!!

Everyone knows how Mom is.  Well, when the kitchen floor was being installed, she took us to Pet Supplies Plus for a treat, which cost her LOTS of green papers.  While there, she saw this huge display of Greenies, Frankie's favorite treat for keeping our teeths and breaths clean (as if they were dirty!!!)  Anyway, Mom bought us a bag and also individually wrapped Greenies for the car.  Boy were they good!!!  Now we have to have them FIRST THING in the morning, after we come in from outside.  CHIP even likes them and he is very particular about his treats

Then we sent to PetSmart and she bought them AGAIN for the car ride home- how did she know?  Then on Saturday, Mom and Dad took us to Petco, and AGAIN, Mom bought us some more Greenies.  (She also stocked up on the Breathbusters and the fruit snacks we love)

Yes, we love Greenies, and if Frankie did not mention them on his blog, we would never had tried them.  Thanks Frankie!!!!


Mom is at it again.  Tuesday she saw her pain doctor and now she has to have another round of the facet joint shots that she had in November!!!!  Guess we are back on nursing detail.  Mom has to call today to schedule them.  The doctor was very happy that she is swimming as much as she has been- it is the only time she has little or no pain in her back or hips.  She is even losing some weight and may not need the bariatric surgery her primary car doctor suggested she look into.  She has even been taking us on regular walkies- MOnday to Friday last week and twice this week  (The thunderstorms at night have been wreaking havoc with her back again)

Gotta go- our neighbor is here to start the dining room and living room floors!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Monday

Mom just came home from Home Depot where she spent 87 million green papers for the new living room and dining room floors.  Yesterday Dad and she painted the plywood in the dining room- they used something that is supposed to cover up pet stains!!!  (NOT ours- promise)  She had to buy more of it for under the remaining pink mess in the living room- once the dining room floor gets installed then all the furniture in the living room (half of which goes in the dr) goes into the dining room while the ugly pink mess gets pulled out>  Mom thinks that there MIGHT be some staining from us in this part of the house.  Who knows?  Can she tell by looking or sniffing? 

Anyway, great Thai news- he has completely made himself at home- so much so that MOM has to share her pillow with him at bedtime!!!  That's right- he just lays on her side of the bed and takes over her pillow, while Chip and Ginger monopolize the middle of the bed.  Mom is insisting that Dad buy a king size bed just so there is some room for her.  Who does she think she is?