Monday, February 15, 2010

More Snow coming!!!!

Frankie Furter alerted us that another 87 feet of snow are headed to Ohio!!!!!  Thankfully the robins got his message.  Dad has to dig out more trails for us to use since more of the white stuff is headed our way.  It is so bad, that Mom and Dad are going to the town square to see the ice sculptures there-  what fun is that?  At least we are staying here, where it is warm.  Let the two footers get cold- they will learn someday that we know best!

Mom just caught Thai opening one of the cabinets- he really is a scent hound. The previous owners had those plastic holders for aluminum foil on the door, so Mom put the Pupperoni bottles in it in the cabinet she once used for the dog food (before we were put on the prescription stuff).  Thai just opened it!!!!  Mom got to the Pupperoni just in time  What a great dog!!!!  He found more treats for us to have!!!!


Frankie Furter said...

That Thai is a helpful guy to have around!!! Speaking of having him around... I know he is there for fostering... butt do you think he has already found his forever home right there with you????? I hope so.
Just think about his skills and remember the EASTER BUNNY will soon be here. He would be grrrreat for finding all the stuff he hides for you. I'm just sayin'.

You may not get the whole 87 inches of snow. It seems to be targeting my neck of the woods this time. PFFFFFT

Twix said...

All I can say is Way to go Thai!