Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Daily Chip and Thai Show!!! Premier Issue

Chip teaching Thai how to use the computer!!!!

As you can clearly see, Chip is in complete control of the chair and is showing Thai the ropes vis-a-vis the computer and how to steal Mom's seat!!!  This is the Thai Master's first such excursion into this world of deception, playing upon Mom's inability to ignore the slightest thing that a dachsie wants


Frankie Furter said...

Thai is soooo lucky to have such a good teacher.
PeeS. Thanks for your MM vote and support. You are grrreat furends.
My only regret... I won't get a Leg Lamp for third place. Darn.

Twix said...

I didn't know doxies had to be taught such things. I thought it was just something they knew! Kinda like you don't have to teach kids to lie ;o)