Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thai's Adoption story and Christmas Pressies for Pawrents

Thanks to Frankie and Minna for these great stories on Thanksgiving!

This year, we will focus on Thai, as this is his first Thanksgiving with us!  

Last January, What's Her Name was checking her email and lo and behold, she had one in which she and Dad were being asked to take in a foster dachsie who needed a new foster home as quickly as possible.  Now, Dad was still sleeping (it was a Sunday), so without asking him first, Mom said yes to the DRNA lady, Dona (who was a foster parent for BOTH Ginger and Chip when they first were placed into rescue)  A week or so later after lots more emails with Dona and the other foster lady (Marcia) Thai was brought to our house to live.  Apparently, he had been  a DRNA foster for almost two years, and the lady who was in charge of our part of Ohio had forgotten about Thai and then later told the DRNA board members he was DEAD!!! 

Thai had the run of the house at his first foster home- he had other dog buddies and lived with another dachsie too.  BUTTT,,he kept getting into trouble which caused him to go to the vet all the time!  He loved to climb onto the tractor in the garage so he could lick the engine oil.  He got caught doing this a lot.  Then last Christmas, he got into even more trouble- he ate chocolate and had to go to the vet to have his stomach pumped; he ate rat poison and again had to see the vet, and last, he ate an entire bag of dog food in one sitting- 5 pounds, and again had to have his stomach pumped.  All these vet bills were the reason that DRNA learned that he was NOT dead but very much alive.  The last thing that happened was that a golden retriever attacked him and had him by the throat- Thai had wanted to make friends with him and he was treated like this!!!!!  Miss Marcia realized that Thai needed a home where he was not one of a much larger pack, and called DRNA.  She was very upset about Thai- she felt as if she had let him down.  So, Thai came to live with us as a foster in January, and has made our pack complete- he still tries to get into stuff, but Mom keeps a close eye on him.  He now loves being pet, his living room dog bed is next to the couch, and he has one in Dad's office.  He now sleeps on What's Her Name's pillow and shows both pawrents where the kitchen is- like What's Her Name would even know what to do in the kitchen, right?!!!!  EVerybuddy who reads this blog knows of his health issues and that someone wanted to adopt Thai until his legs got very weak.  Now, he is our very own sanctuary dog, living out his retirement years in luxury, eating Nature's Variety and WEllness, and keeping Mom happy.  He is walking much better thanks to Miss Pat, who runs the dachsie spa inEuclid, and he has his own blankies and pillows in the car and the Big Bed. 

Thai fit right in with Ginger and Chip from the start, and he knows that this pack is his.  He loves to go walkies with the other guys (Dad and Chip) and is a Man's Man. 

Now for the Christmas pressies part of today's festivities- Dad is done- We had What's Her Name put three Rudolph the Red Nosed REindeer train cars on layaway for us- we ran out of money when we got Dad that really great birthday pressie.  One car from each of us!!!!  Mom- we got her a subscription to Doxie Digest and the first issue arrived last week!


Twix said...

I think I started following you shortly after Thai came to your house...??? I didn't realize he had all that trouble before he came home. I do remember how upset your momma was when she thought he was gonna have to leave. I'm so happy that Thai found the home that is perfect for him!
Hmmm....Doxie Digest....maybe that is what I shoulda gotten my mom instead of what I put.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mango said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave words on my blog when I had my scary seizures. I am sure that all the good thoughts that came through the internets scared the seizure monster away and I am feeling great. All the wonderful comments also helped momma to feel less stressy and that means a lot.