Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veternas Day- Black Family Veterans

Our Dad with Mom's Mom

Mom's family has served in the US Army since the Revolutionary War-

1) Jacob Maple- fought at the Battle of Monmouth, Middlesex Militia (NJ)
2)  Joseph Black- War of 1812, from Guernsey County, Ohio- received a land grant for his service
3)  Albert Maple- Civil War, Union Army, from Peoria, Illinois.  Died of tuberculosis.  Widow received pension
4)  Albert G. Black (grandson of Albert Maple) World War 1. 1st Lietenant, fought in France 1917- 1918
5)  Robert G. Black, Sr - Only child of Albert Gain Black, Korean War Served in the US Army, Drill Sergeant
6) Agnes Black Bullock- peacetime Army- 1st Lieutenant, served in Italy and West Germany in late 1980's (our Mom)- eldest child of Robert Gain Black, Sr.
7)  Robert Gain Black, Jr- Desert Storm, Gulf War 2, Bosnia- retired as a LTC from US Army- eldest son, and younger brother of Agnes Black Bullock

 Mom in her office in Italy, circa 1985

Robert Gain Black, Jr, Bamberg, FRG circa 1987

 Albert Gain Black (1896 - 1966)
Mom being commisisoned into the Army, 20 May 1980.  Her parents are on her right  and her youngest brother is on her left.
Robert Gain Black, Sr   (1928 - 2009)
Mom's favorite picture of her Dad- She looks just like him!
 Robert Gain Black, Jr during the first Gulf War, standing to the left of Steve Martin.

Mom with her best friend in college, nickname Talleyrand, Fort Dix March 1982

Now, Dad's side
1)  Louis H. Bullock, Jr- US Army medic
2)  Geoffrey S. Bullock- US Army, armor- during 1960s
3)  Geoffrey C. Bullock, son of Geoffrey and nephew of Louis- US Navy, Reserve Component (still serving)


♥ Sallie said...

That is amazing!

K-9 Katastrophe said...

Your mommy was in the army? Wow! What an honor to know you guys!

Licks to your mommy,

Pee.s. We are Catholic too!