Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday and Wednsday funsies

Tuesday Mom forced us to go car so that we could visit Thai's original foster family-  it took us an hour and lots of green papers to get there.  (Tolls and stuff like that)  WOW- he had it made!!!!  He had his own humongous barn, and huge house to share with lots of other dogs and cats. There was lots of great places outside to see- lots of acres to walk and a pond of his own.  He was really happy to see Shorty his best pal, and he was in his glory once we arrived.  LOTS of stuff to do.  His foster Momma, Marcia, her husband and their daughter were so happy to see Thai.  They even liked seeing Ginger and Chip, who behaved!!!  Thai spent a lot of time walking around the house as if he still owned the place, and lots of cuddle time with Marcia.  On the way back home, he was tuckered out and slept, as did Chip and Ginger.  Mom forgot to take pictures!!!!  Next time, ok Mom?

Yesterday, Mom had the home visit for membership in DRNA.  A really nice couple, the Millers, spent two hours at our house and they brought Franklin, one of their 10 dachsies, with them.  The home visit was the last step, after references and the vet were checked.  Mom was a little goofy, but she was very nervous, so we let her off easy.  Now comes the waiting part.

Speaking of waiting, the baseboard and quarter rounds is almost done!!!  hopefully the last part will be installed tomorrow in the kitchen, living room and hall closet!!!!

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