Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Walkies!!!!

Mom took us on walkies today!!!  Her back is doing much better- no rain in sight.  Thai did very well- he is keeping up quite nicely.  Ginger and Chip were very well behaved and Mom was happy with all of us.  Ginger is now wearing her Hug A Dog harness in pink, from the Princess colleciont, and she looks divine.  Yes, she did have to stay in the crate while Mom was at the pool, but she had thai for company.  Today, since the lawn service company did whatever it is they do, we can't go out onto the lawn.  So, we get to use Mom's porch till tomorrow. 

Next Tuesday, we are going car, to visit with Thai's original foster Mom at the farm where he lived for almost two years.  Mom didn't think we figured it out, but we did. 

The living room floor is done!!!  Well., almost. All of the planks are down- now we just have to have the baseboard and quarter round installed, and THEN Mom can move everything back the way it was before!!!!  THEN we will post pictures. 

Pee Ess- Mom did NOT forget our Greenies today either!

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Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Everything is and happens much better when the SUN comes out!!! Right??? All wonderful news today. Thanks for the additional... day brightener. I had sun tooo. Went to my boat!!!