Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mom forgt to tell everybody- but Chip and Ginger are done with their training!!!! It was hard work, but worth it.  Chip was on the treadmill Tuesday for over 35 minutes, and didn't even break a sweat!  Ginger of course had to be held- she did not want to get her dress dirty.  Thai of course tagged along- he made friends with the other dogs being boarded and was on the lookout for treats and food. 

Ginger has been spending her time looking for the dreaded porch badger- the bunny we found earlier this summer and taken up permanent residence under the porch, but uses the far right hand side for his entryway.  Ginger is trying to dig through the rug and the porch to get to him.  Wonder what she will do when she succeeds?  She is so determined to reach him that she started chewing the carpet on the porch!

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Frankie Furter said...

Ginger Girrrrl, you need to try a new technique... Lay out Carrots and try to lure the rabbit to... Your SIDE!! hehehe