Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom hasn't been posting a lot since she droveoff our grandpawrents and Aunt Gingie!  (We are channelling She Who Must Be Obeyed- PUDDLES!!!)  She actually fell down the outside stairs, (her right heel caught on the bottom of a step), landed on her bottom, and wrenched her back again.  WE had to wait on her hand and paw,listening to her so called cries of agony when she tried to get out of bed (and waking us up rudely, we might add)  She was able to hit the pool three times this week and her back is much better.  ( We told her to lay off the bonbons, but NOOOOO, would she listen to us?)

Anyway- tomorrow we are attending a Wine and Halloweiners party at the
Candlelight Winery in Northeast Ohio.  It is being held by the ladies who make the Hug A Dog harnesses, which are found at>  There will be a costume contest, bobbing for weiners, tricks for treats, raffles, prizes and more!!!!!  WE also hear that HOT DOGS are on the menu!

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Frankie Furter said...

Sooooo sorry to hear that your mom fell and got hurt. I hope she is much better so that you can truly enjoy your Wine/Pawty thingy. I wish I could go.