Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Thai Master Update

His Majesty, Thai the Magnificent, had to undergo the horrors of the VET on Monday!  He had his bloodwork done and What's Her Name picked up this month's Vetoryl.  His Cortisol levels is DOWN- to 6.2 from 8.3 last month!  His weight is holding strong at 21.4 lbs.  Tasha also went to the vet and received all of the shots necessary- rabies, and the distemper combo.  Ginger and Chip also received the distemper combo so they can go to the Medina pool pawty being held in honor of the Mayor of Blogville's furst wedding anniversary.  What's her Name is in yet another dither over this- the bathroom is newly painted as is the area by the front door.  No one know what the next project will be, and all we hear her muttering is "The Mayor is Coming"!  Hopefully , His Mayorallness will forgive her freaking out- it is just what we have to live with everyday!  (The painting is why we haven't been blogging too much)

What's Her Name and Dad took us on walkies last night and this morning- the weather has been in the 70s!  This morning, His Majesty announced to the world that he wanted to walk, and he did- What's Her Name had to take him out of his command center throne TWICE so that he could walk - He managed about a quarter of a mile in total, and What's Her Name put him in his therapy pool to cool down afterwards.  (His pool is a blow up she bought from WalMart last year and is finally getting used!)


Amber DaWeenie said... about mental telepathy!!!! I was just thinking about Thai yesterday and was wondering how his health was holding up. Sounds like everything is going great for the little guy. Give him a big hug from all of us here in Florida!

Frankie Furter said...

I, Mayor Frankie Furter, say tell your mom to STOP that Silly Painting and START playing and doing stuffs fur You!! She can paint when there is snow up to our.. Leashes.