Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What a Night!!!

Dad was out of town for work again!  Mom had some ladies over from the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians to finish their corsages for Mass this Sunday.  We had no idea what was going on but boy were we not ignored!!!  Mom's friends fawned all over us and we were very good when the Papa John's pizza came!!!  Each of the ladies gave us a piece of crust!!!!!!  Then they eventually left and left us alone with Mom. 

She and Dad talked on the phone till 9 and we all went outside forr our bedtime ablutions, and Mom carried Thai to bed first, then Ginger.  After she got ready, Mom came into the bedroom only to see GINGER peeing on her blanket and the down comforter.  MOM was very upset.  She took Ginger downstairs and put her in the big crate and then came upstairs to clean up Ginger's mess.  Then Mom went to bed, leaving Ginger in the crate for the night. All was well until 3 this morning when Ginger started barking like crazy.  Mom went down and put a blanket on the crate and came back, ignoring her princess the rest of the night.  Thai crawled up to Mom and slept on her chest the rest of the night- the first time he has ever done this!  Chip slept curled up around her legs and feet. Around six this morning, Ginger started to howl!

Mom's back is out again, so when she could get up , around 8, she took her boys out and went to get Ginger.  TO Mom's shock and horror, Ginger had taken care of her ablutions to such an extent that the dog bed was ruined and had to be thrown away.  It was filthy and the crate smelled. It took Mom a long time to clean up that mess, with her back being out.  Then she had to give Ginger a bath before she fed us.

Ginger has been acting up a little lately- she even growled at Thai this morning, but peeing on the Big Bed is the worst!!!!  She has done it in the past, but not since we moved into the new house last year.  Dad is furious and is moving the pink crate into the bedroom tonight.  Seems Ginger is no longer going to sleep on the Big Bed!

What do you guys think?


The Ladies of Beaglebratz Manor said...

From the mom again - Shasta has done that too a couple of times, hmmm - wonder if it is a girl doggy thing. What bugs me the most is when I get the bed made – all clean bedding then a couple hours later we go to bed. While I am in the bathroom or I have to go bak to the kitchen for some reason, she pees – I try to think did I let them out and how long ago or is she acting ok otherwise – could she have a urinary tract infection but most of the time it is just a very isolated case. I also wonder is she feeling really insecure about her place in the family – but I also scold her and make her get off the bed while I usually end up on the sofa until I can wash the bedding the next day.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Our girls must be related! Sometimes I think she does it for attention, being the only girl in the pack. It is rare, but frsutrating!

Had not thought of a UTI being the cause- will check with the vet!

What gets me the most- she is looking right at me when she pees on the bed- she knows she is wrong, but does it anyway!