Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Daily Thai- Tuesday Edition, part 2

Thai is back from the VET.  The cyst on his mouth is benign!!!!  Mom thinks it should still be removed for the Thai Master's comfort.  Dr. Sternecker gave Mom pain pills and a stronger steroid to take till his follow up on 2 August 2010.  Dr. Sternecker thinks that Thai should be able to move more comfortably by then, but a cart is in his future. Thai does have feeling up and down his legs, but his brain does not have complete control of what his legs are doing.  He will be able to go to Michigan next week, with Mom, Dad, the other DWM, and Mom's BFF Dorothy and her daughter Rachel  (they arrive this Friday and leave a week from Friday).  If Mom had not bought the camouflage throne for Thai, he would have been unable to go.  Thanks Mom>

Mom promises to post photos from the Dachsie picnic and other important photos.  She is such a goof, but we love her anyway

And, Thai can have his crate rest in his moving throne!!!  He can see better and be part of the family.  In his crate, even though it is the family room, he was basically to one side and was not in the midst ofthings, the way he likes to be.  With the Throne, he can be and he seems happier.

Dr. Sternecker also liked Mom's idea of swimming for The Thai Master.  He told her of a client who had purchased a large, almost room sized horse water trough (the galvanized metal ones) for his dachshund- Now, Mom is diligently searching for one for us!!!!  (You just know that we will rip a hole in the blow up one Mom bought at WalMart)   Any ideas?  :)


Unknown said...

When my dachshunds had back problems (surgery for two and back issues with another) we did 'water therapy' in my bathtub every evening. I would fill the tub with just enough water to reach past their belly, so they 'floated' and only had to paddle a bit (not enough water that they needed to really swim)

It really helped them a lot.

All our best wishes to dear Thai!

MinnaK and Mom

Agnes B. Bullock said...

Will try that tonight!!!