Thursday, July 22, 2010

Photos form the NE Ohio picnic

MOM found these photos on the facebook page of the Northeast Ohio Dachshund picnic page!!!!  Don't Chip and Ginger look good in Her Majesty's pink throne on wheels?

Next week, the DWM, minus the Thai Master, break out the moveable thrones to descend upon Frankenmuth, MI.  (The Thai Master is headed to an ultra secret spa for some extended diet and therapy- lots of exercise and massage fo Mom's tough guy) No blogging from Monday thru Wednesday, as they will be conquering Michigan.  Also, Mom's BFF and her daughter Rachel arrive for a week tomorrow, so regular blogging will also be light!!!!


Hannalei said...

What beautiful babies you both are! Many members from DBB ( ) went to that meet up. So lucky!! XoXo

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Don't furget to get your Puddles Roast.. pre-posted before you leave for Frankenmuth..(you lucky DAWGS) or your company arrives.
Love the pink Chariot!!! Perfect for you all to get out and about with.
Sounds like Thai will be having some grrrreat threapy. Paws crossed for him, with that.
My mom wishes she could go to Frankenmuth with you. GRRRREAT Christmas stuffs there. Pawsonally, I am glad she can NOT go... beclaws we all know... she already has WAY TOOOOOOOO MANY SNOWMEN. HEheHE

Taffy said...

Ginger, that last photo of you is wonderful! I think Chip looks very masculine in pink. You know, some guys can get away with that. We are keeping Thai in out prayers.