Sunday, December 18, 2011

Memory Quilt of the Pittie Pack

We, the Dachsies With Moxie have decided that What's Her Name doesn't have enough to do, so we volunteered her to make a queen sized quilt for Sandra, the Mom of the Houston Pittie Pack, so that she always has something to remember her babies by!  Please help- WHN will need LOTS of 6 X 6 inch squares of washable fabric to include in the quilt!  See below for details- WHN cut and pasted the posting from Frankie and Ernie's blog!   Email WHN at trainwife1962 at hotmail dot com for our address

"Memory Quilt for Sandra is being Planned. It will be Queen Sized and will have the five Angels' likenesses appliqued on it. The quilt will be made by Agnes Bullock... of the Dachsies With Moxie. It will be ready by Valentine's Day. Agnes (affectionately know as.. What's Her Name, by her furbabies) had an even MORE wonderful Idea.. She is willing to put a bit of YOU into the quilt. Agnes will stitch a Small (6 inch SQUARE) bit of cloth that Means something to YOU into the quilt. That way Sandra will have the most PERSONAL tribute to her beloved ones possible.
You have seen some of Agnes' wonderful quilts on Twix, Sarge, and This Blog. She does Wonderful Work!!! It will be something for Sandra to keep for EVER.
If you would like to send a BIT of YOU to be included in the quilt we know that it would mean so much to Sandra. WHAT would work? Bits of your furst Blankie... scraps of beloved Stuffies... material from your favorite BED or a Tee Shirt or other of your "clothes".. heck... even a piece of your Baff Towel. Remember Whatever scrap of TREASURE you choose... must be WASHABLE and it must be Flat... Not like a Collar or a Rope toy.. so that it can actually be stitched into the quilt. I think you get the idea. Just make it be something that has Meaning to YOU. I KNOW... you don't want to cut up a treasure... but it is a small scrap... and that little Hole that is left behind for You to see will help remind you of what you DO have. Small sacrifice on OUR part... to Help Fill a HUGE HOLE in Sandra's World. RIGHT?

DEADLINE to SEND your Beloved piece of your Cat or Dog's LIFE... is

January 16,2012.

Please Email Agnes at trainwife1962 AT hotmail DOT com for the Address of WHERE to send your 6 inch square. You MUST say: Pittie Pack Quilt in the subject Line To ENSURE that it does not go to SPAM... You will receive a reply with the mailing Address.

Once you have your 6 inch square ready to mail....

PLEASE be SURE to include your Name(s) and your Blog Name and URL... as Sandra will want those..

AND.... Tell her WHAT the scrap of material CAME from and What it Means to YOU and a brief description of the scrap!!! The Description (color, pattern,etc.) will help Sandra to LOCATE that bit of LOVE (that You are sending her) on the quilt. These Letters will all be Saved and Sent to Sandra along with the quilt.
PLEASE feel free to copy and paste this to post on Your Blog!!!!!
We want to get the word out to all who might want to be included in the quilt.

NOW I have a bit more information for you.... If you would like to help Sandra and her family BEYOND what you have so generously done... some of us have been working behind the secenes and have come up with this... Since they lost EVERYTHING... and are currently staying with Family... Space must be considered along with everything else... So Gift Cards seem to be the best way to go. There are BOTH a Target and A Wal-Mart very near. Of course you do know that WAL-Mart is where Shelby was Found by Sandra.
I KNOW that many of you would like to buy actual Presents for Sandra, Josh, the Baby and Bella and Brinks... but we MUST consider all the ins and outs... It would be for the Best to allow Sandra to purchase what is needed and not overwhelm everyone in the household. Perhaps they would even need some food items for their CHRISTMAS DINNER. Yes, my dear friends... Gift Cards would be MOST APPRECIATED.

If you would like the Addy for where they are staying please EMAIL me... with Sandra's Addy in the Subject line frankiefurter AT wildblue dot NET

Next... I have had several phone conversations with Sarah/Mona & Weenie. That woman is a ROCK. She was out Shopping for Food and Bowls for the dogs and a few necessary items for Sandra and the baby and Josh... yesterday morning. She has asked me to tell all of you that she will do a post... when she is able.. remember they are VERY CLOSE friends.. THIS has been Horrible for Sarah. Pray for Her too.
FINALLY... I know that this is VERY Long... and feel free to stop reading right now. From this point I am going to share a story about a lady that I taught with... whose house burned completely to the ground. Becky and her 5 children were all at school and her husband was out harvesting corn when the fire started... THEY were all SAFE.
My friend Rebecca/Becky/Beck (to her husband of 47 years) tells this story OFTEN...
Becky was in the yard looking at the smoldering Hole in the ground... and she suddenly started Screaming.... Toilet Bowl Brush... TOILET BOWL BRUSH... Jesus, I don't even have a TOILET BOWL BRUSH. Her soft spoken husband (Bill) in his Southeastern Ohio Drawl said.. That's Okay 'Beck'.. You don't have a GawDamn TORELUT either. I share this with you as a way to help Lighten the mood... and yet ENlighten you about the TOTAL need. When a HOME burns... one is left with none of the MATERIAL things that Made it a HOME... Just the LOVE which will be used to begin again.
My Love and Deep Gratitude for ALL that Each of You have done... and will continue to do for our friends here in Blogville. Sincerely and Respectfully yours, Lana (Frankie's Mom)


Dachshund Nola said...

Going to pick out a perfect piece for this quilt. Such an amazing thing to do
Dachshund Nola

♥Mona + Prissy + Angel Weenie♥ said...

Thanks so much for doing this wondeful thing. Sandra wil be so pleased.

Sarah, Mona's & Weenie Mom

Dachshund Nola said...

COuld you email me? I tried to about the quit but it says the email isn't recognized.
Dachshund Nola

3 doxies said...

Dear Agnes,
I got the email about the quilt and the tears just began rolling. What a loving, generous thing for you to do...and something from all of us...made by you. I can't think of anything more wonderful as a tribute to Sandra. I just can't even begin to put it in words.
You are so wonderful and thank you!

Allison...Puddles mum

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH MY.... Dear FURENDS... I fear that WHN may just be "Snowed Under" with quilt squares... SOON. I hope you will be able to Dig Her out from UNDER them.. in time fur Dinner Every Day!!!

Seriously.... comments and emails are coming into my house faster than a Dawg can Chase a SQUIRREL. EVERYBUDDY just LOVES the Quilt Idea.
I know that WHN can be a pain under your Collective Tails sometimes... butt I gotta say... THAT WOMAN is a TRUE SAINT.
I'm SINCERELY Sayin!!!!

Scooter said...

Hello, WHN.
Wow, I am so overjoyed that you are doing this wonderful thing for the Pittie Pack. She will absolutely treasure it, I know. I am sending you my favoritest Chief of Police Bandana to be used for the Memory Quilt. It would be my honor to have it included.
Grr and a Grateful Woof,
Sarge, COP

Amber DaWeenie said...

How wonderful and generous of you to do this for Sandra. We'll start looking around for something too. I think you better forget about the queen-size quilt and start thinking about making one the size of a football field! I think lots of furends will be getting into this.


Maxmom said...

Hi there Agnes
Just a quick note to introduce myself and my blog. I worked on my 6inch square today and it is ready. I'll post it off tomorrow. I really hope it is going to get there on time because I would love to be part of this beautiful gift. Thank you so much for doing this for blogville! I have done a few quilts myself (only a few) and know how much work is involved. Bless you for doing this.
With love

Cowspotdog said...

We will be happy to send something for the quilt...sending off an email now.