Thursday, October 1, 2015

Taking a break

With very heavy hearts, we will be taking a break from blogging for the foreseeable future. 

As everyone knows, we have been fostering and failing for DRNA for several years now, and we are at the end of our ropes with regard to a pack member who is a biter .  We knew that this pack member was one when we opened our hearts and home to them, and actually did not see it for several months, long after we finalized the adoption process (so much for fostering!)  

Over the course of the past 15 months, this pack member has bitten three people who are not family members- breaking the skin twice. We reported the bite incident the first time as it occurred in our home, the second incident was reported by the bitee before we even had a chance to do so, and tonight a third person, in her 70s, was bitten and blood was drawn.  I had the pack out for oblutions and was corralling Sweetie , thinking erroneously that the other three members were already back inside.  Out of the blue, and not heeding any commands given, this woman was bitten on the back of her left calf.   I know her by sight from the neighborhood, assured her that the rabies shots and all others are up to date and offered to pay her medical expenses. Her companion kept going on about the need for a tetanus shot and the two went home to bandage the leg.   

I had Geoff call our vet, who is aware of this pack member's history, including the biting.  We were advised that we had to wait to see what animal control would do.  We also contacted DRNA, who told us that we would have to put the animal in question down as they no longer had any trainers who could help and that this animal was not adoptable, even with living with us for almost three years and going to training, etc.  Our vet contacted our city's animal control and now we have to wait until we hear from them.  A mandatory 10 day quarantine must occur and will - the animal in question is in a crate as I type this.  Our city is a no kill city, so we have no idea what will happen, but the prognosis is not good.  

Please keep us and our pack in your prayers- I had to put Chip down a year ago for atacking and biting me and I still have trouble dealing with that, and am looking at the same thing again, albeit for different bite issues.

We have also decided that as our pack goes to the Rainbow Bridge, we will not be replacing them.  We love our dachshunds and our beagle Sweetie, but this has proven to be too much .

UPDATE-  Snoopy has been taken into quarantine by the city health department.  He will be there for ten days and we are allowed to visit, but since this is his third incident, he will most likely be put down at the end of the quarantine.  Geoff is following to help get him out at the other end and he is quite upset and aggressive.  My heart is breaking but I don't know what else I can do for him.  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mark Your CAlendars!!!

Yes, WHN is getting better each pasing day!  Working on a quilt for the WDA, and thentwo others for BLogville plus a stocking!  THEN she has two craft shows and now a QUILTING BLOG HOP!  Please stop by on her day- October 27th, to see what witches brew she comes up with!