Monday, January 7, 2019

Rainbow Bridge Alert- Anna Rose the Second (24 May 2005 - 6 January 2019)

Yesterday morning, our beloved Anna Rose the Second left for the Rainbow Bridge while she was having her nightly power beauty nap.  She had been diagnosed with congestive heart failure last year and was on medication, which had apparently handled it.  Late last Thursday she hacked up phlegm, and again Friday night.  Saturday she  continued to expectorate, and we attempted to get her to the vet to soothe her Dad's fears.  The office closed early but since she had an appointment for today and was not in any pain or distress, we thought she would be ok until her appointment.  I had to syringe water for her as she was not interested in either her food or her water dish- wanting only to sleep.  (Her usual behavior when she has been on crate rest in the past)  When we went to bed at midnight, she fell asleep near my head and later buried herself underneath all of the covers, which she has never done in the six years that she has lived with us.  Around 4:40 in the morning her Dad woke up and checked on her- discovering that his angel had earned her wings.  He woke me and we wrapped her up and placed her in a box and called the vet's office.

Sunday was a long day and Geoff was and continues to be grief stricken- no owner to tell him that he could share her recliner, no owner to be carried in and out for her tours of the backyard, no owner demanding her meals, no owner needing to be taken to her big bed for the night.  

This morning, I put her in the car for one last trip, but Geoff could not bring himself to look.  I arrived shortly after 8 to find that the office had only just heard our messages from the day before.  My grief was manifested with the weight on my chest which threatened to break out when I had to pick out her urn.  I was finally able to cry once I left the office.

Geoff will be bringing Anna home next week- one final ride in his work truck.  Appropriate as she is the only one to have ever ridden in it and she loved going car with her Daddy.

Please keep Geoff, Snoopy, Sweetie and I in your prayers- two food bowls are simply not enough.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


The DWM has lost the remaining founding member, Tasha Queen of the Unstuffed Stuffed Squeaky Toys.  A mass had been found on her liver last May and while Sweetie and Anna have been the direct beneficiaries of the medical care, Tasha was always looked after with the hope that once everything surrounding her sisters ended, she would get the care she needed.

Unfortunately, that was not to be.  She has gradually been losing weight over the last three months, culminating with a drastic drop the last month.  Then the last two weeks saw her turn into skin and bones, with her fur falling out. This past weekend saw her appetite start to waver and her mobility started giving out Monday.  Last night she was up every two hours, but could no longer stand- she fell over and could not move.  She and I stayed up after the third such turn, spending the night wrapped up in her couch blankets and she in her sling under my night gown- we watched the sun rise and had some mommy and Tashina time.  some time before six, I knew in my heart that it was time to let her go

So, Dad made the appointment ....  I took her for a meal of chicken nuggets at her favorite drive thru, and then home for an extended beauty nap- not that she needed one.  We left for the vet around 2:45, and arrived too early.  For once there was no traffic.  The vet techs got her ready with an iv, and I held her for a while longer, with her Dad in the room.  Then the vet came in and Geoff left- Tasha stayed in the sling next to my heart for the rest of her life.  After some time had passed, I gave her over and we left, me barely able to walk, clutching her bankie and sling for dear life.

She comes home in two weeks, and she will never leave me again.

Tasha, Queen of my Heart-  until we meet again  (1 November 2004 - 7 February 2018)

Friday, January 26, 2018

So far so good!!!

2018 is starting off better than 2017 ended, but just by a hair

Sweetie is doing better- she will always walk like a drunken sailor but she is walking!  Her food allergies have returned to a degree.  The expense of her kibble outweighs the fact that no one will eat it so we are looking into less expensive options.

Anna Rose fell out of bed a week ago to our shock- she sleeps at the foot of the bed on top of several pillows, between us so this something that we never thought could or would happen.  WHN took her outside and she appeared fine, but when we officially started our day an hour later, she screamed bloody murder.  Of course crate rest began and we got her to the vet for X-rays.  These revealed that she has several fused vertebrae in her upper spine, probably genetic, and several disc issues in her lower back.  The X-rays also revealed that her heart is twice its normal size and that she is in he early stages of CHF.  When the vet used his stethoscope, he heard a great deal more liquid gurgling than the X-rays revealed. So we now are experiencing the joys of crate rest, a severely reduced diet as the vet wants her to lose four pounds, and lots of medicines!!!

To top everything off, the Dachshund twincesses have been making Sweetie’s life uncomfortable- laying claim to her beds and peeing or pooing on them so WHN has even more laundry to do.  Snoopys has been doing well and is very clingy.  Shockingly both Anna and Tasha want WHN to wear them in the sling- they have never liked this before!

So please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!