Thursday, July 2, 2015


We, the DWM, also now known as Dachs and Beagle (as in lox and bagel), are asking for POTP for WHN.  For the past several weeks, she has again been experiencing a great deal of upper abdominal pain, similar to what she experienced right before and after her gall bladder surgery back in February.  She sees the surgeon again today, and yes no one can figure out what is going on with her.  She gets the pains every time she eats, and it is painful to watch and hear.  Sometimes she has a day or two break between attacks, but then they return worse than ever, so off to the people vet she goes today. 

Head Nurse Tasha has things under her paw, with the assistance of Nurses Anna and Sweetie.  Doctor Snoopy is closely snoopervising her too, and follows her everywhere, backed up by Nurses Anna and Sweetie.


WHN needs to have an MRCP- a type of MRI.  Apparently a gallstone or two are lurking around in the ducts when the gall bladder was removed on 13 February and this test will confirm that diagnosis.  If this is so, guess who is having surgery again (and your first two guesses do not count!)  The surgery is outpatient and occurs in three stages- the gall bladder surgeon inserts a tube in the abdomen, then seondly sends WHN  off to a liver specialist who will also sedate WHN and will flush out her abdominal cavity and thus removing any lurking gall stones. Third, the tube stays inside for about a month for drainiage, so WHN will be unable to do any housework (stop laughing Blogville) or lift anything and that means NO SLING TIME for us!  

And y'all thought that the scar of death that Puddles has was terrifying!  CAn you imagine how terrible our lives will be for a month!