Monday, December 6, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

Today, we were awakened to the sight of those flake things coming down- there were over 87 trillion of them already on the ground,as we already have 4 - 6 inches of powdery stuff on the ground.  What's Her Name finally got up and fed us, then trudged outside to shovel a pathway for us to the grass for our needs.  Then we had her take a broom and dust off our SNoopy in the front yard.  She even started shovelling the driveway so Dad would know where to park his car when he gets home tonight.  Now, we are taking our noon naps- snoopervising What's Her Name is exhausting work!

Yesterday she and Dad got our gift exchange pressies in the mail, and finished wrapping our gifts for the parish's Giving Tree.  We had them get the four kids we selected Build A Bear animals that say I Love You, plus lots of other stuff (all from us, of course- we just let them pay for it)

Saturday, we were chauffered to PetSmart to get our outfits and this weekend we are going to see Santa Paws!!!!  WE had a nice long walkie in the morning, but then it started to snow again, and hasn't stopped.  (It didn't start to stick until yesterday)

FYI-  our Christmas card count is 10- 7 in the mail and 3 email.  What's Her Name- 0!!!


Corbin said...

I got your card!!! Mine will be sent out soon... mom and I are waiting on stamps she ordered online... waiting for mail to send mail!

Team Beaglebratz said...

Mom Beaglebratz here - wish we would get a snow day - haven't even had but a few flurries. I got too much to do at home to be stuck here at work and besides, the Beaglebratz would love some snow.

Frankie Furter said...

I got a card frum George the Lad... I saved the envelope fur your DAD.. It says Royal Mail and it has.. A TRAIN stamp on it.

Agnes B Bullock said...

Frankie, you are the bestest!

Corbin- glad you liked the card!

Team Beaglbratz- come stay with us anytime we have snow- lots to go around!