Friday, June 18, 2010

The First Day of TAZ the GREAT

TAZ the GREAT here-boy is this one crazy place.  The Dad person had to work late last night, so the Mom person missed swimming to stay home with ME!!!!  She did not want me to be scared with Thai, Ginger and Chip on my first night here.  Kept my eagle eyes out for intruders while Dad was missing in action- Chip put me on the duty roster right away.  Caught a white poodle mix doing his business in the front yard, and took care of THAT problem asap.  Mom mixed my food in with what she feeds my siblings and boy was it tasty- Thai and I are defintiely the chow hounds here, but I don't like string beans the way he does.  Watched tv with Mom and Ginger on the couch when I was off duty.  boy do I love jumping up and down off the couch!!  I move too fast for Mom to catch - she sure is funny though.  Dad finally came home after Royal Pains was over, and boy was he happy to see me!!!  I curled up on the back of the couch, right next to him and he was happy. 

Mom had to point out that under no circumstances is the front door to be opened without me being leashed- she thinks I might dash out or something.  Guess I shouldn't have opened the screen door last night while on guard duty!!!  Now Mom has to keep it locked. 

I got to nap in the big crate and on lots of these big fluffy doggie pillows.  Mom wanted to play Where's Taz, just like she played with Ginger when the new floors went in, but that is such a silly girls game.

I got to sleep in the Big Bed last night- I kept getting up, and left Mom some puddles and presents downstairs.  Mom didn't even know I had gotten off the bed- I am super quiet, since I don't have any tags on my collar yet.  I slept on Dad's pillow for a while, then Mom's then finally slept on the pillows at the foot of the bed.  Everyone was nice to me, and Chip made sure I knew who was in cahrge.  (He thinks it is him, but that will soon change)

Mom had to clean up after me when she got up this morning , and again when she got home from the pool.  (She crated me in a small crate so I did not get crushed)  We went outside when she got home, but I forgot to leave my presents and puddles outside again!!!  Not to worry, Mom sure know how to clean those up, and fast too. 

I think we are going to PetSmart tonight for a harness and a stronger leash, a brush for my gorgeous furs, and maybe some puddle pads.  Ginger says that this is a big thing for Mom and Dad, and Mom always takes pictures.  If she is as bad as she was yesterday, I have to get an agent and make her pay royalties. 

This afternoon we are taking Thai to his massage therapy session.  Mom doesn't want to leave us home alone, even crated, for that long. We have to go car for an hour and a half each way, and then there is the hour for the appointment.

Mom told me that I look just like Frankie Furter's girlfriend Ruby, a gorgeous long furred dachsie in Canada.

BATHS are in our future this weekend too!!!

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