Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Two in the Life of Taz the Great

Had a full day yesterday, let me tell you.  MOM kept me caged up like an animal while she went gallivanting to the pool for her arthritis exercise.  I did NOT agree to this at all!!!!  Thankfully she came home, after 87 million hours, and let me out.  (Yes my subjects Thai, Chip and Ginger were in their crate, but I am the important dachsie here!!!)

Had to bark at the mailman twice, and took care of my guard duty responsibilities. The mailman brought THAI a get well card from Frankie Furter, but there was nothing for me.  What's up with that?

Then we "went car" to take Thai to his therapy in Willowick, OH.  Miss Pat loved me the best- I reminded her of a dachsie she once had.  She showed Mom how to do Thai's accupressure on his rear legs and spine, and now she will be doing ours too every other day.  Thai has to stay in his crate for the next two to three weeks, except for potty breaks and bed time.  Miss Pat changed our diets- we now have to eat Wellness Grain Free and Nature's Variety Instinct.  We are only allowed WEllness grain free treats, and NO GREENIES at all.  No rawhides either.  What will Frankie Furter say?  Mom has a two months supply of them ( they were on sale last month and she stocked up)  Guess Frankie is going to be getting a big surprise in the mail!!!

Then when the Dad human got home from work, he took all of us except Thai to Pet Supplies Plus.  It was my first time, and also the first time that these humans left someone behind when going on such an important errand.  We needed two carts since I had my own throne vehicle.  I now have a red harness and matching leash, a comb and a brush!!!  The humans also bought the right kind of dog food- I made sure of that.  Mom thankfully did not take photos, but I am afraid that she will in the future!!!

The new food is YUMMY!!!!!!  Thai and I eat ours very quickly, and Ginger and Chip ignored theirs last night.  Instead of letting us have it, Mom put it away for them this morning.  Again, we wolfed ours down and Ginger ate hers from Mom's hand.  Again, Chip didn't want to eat, and Mom had to move fast to get it out of reach of me.

Last night I had an upset tummy twece- first on the floor of one of the other bedrooms, then had a quick pee at 3:30 with Mom, then threw up on her side of the bed.   She was ok with it- apparently royalty have very sensitive tummies!!!  After Mom cleaned up the bed, I slept on her pillow the rest of the night- WE touched heads too!!!  This morning Ginger, Chip and I played until it was time to get up, and then Dad took us outside before breakfast.

Today- not much action- Mom had to see her doctor and we stayed home in jail again!!!!  Then we watched tv and are going to have a dachshund moviethon- The Ugly Dachshund (there is no such thing) and the twoOpen Season movies.

Thai is my new bestest friend- I sleep on the pillow in front of his jail cell to keep him company.

Anyway that has been life here so far!!!


A MilShelb Mom said...

Glad she let you out of jail! Yikes! We got left in there once but we hurt our noses by banging our faces into the bars... no more jail for us! haha!
~Milly and Shelby

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Hi Taz... sorry you got sickie. I suspect that it was due to the change in diet.
As for the Greenie thingy... EVERYTHING in moderation. I see NO REASON for you not having a Greenie Once every week. That is what I do. Don't let your mom get rid if them... just have them one time a week. They ARE good for your teefs!!!!
Happy PAWther's Day!!!