Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Treasure of Squeaky Toy Island- Chapter 10

The Treasure of Squeaky Toy Island
Chapter 10

“Do tell”, Penny said.

“Over at the Pugs Ahoy, they have the show every night”, Ruby said. “Greta and Hazel always wear those costumes, the ones that look just like figuresnoots. If we can get Tasha to stay out of the water long enough that her back legs reappear.............”

“She can wear one of those costumes, and...........”

“And Captain Snoopy will think it's his figuresnoot. Perfect!”

“As long as they don't run into any of those sailors from the submarine. They hate furmaids worse than Captain Snoopy.”

Ruby rubbed her back, and said, “Don't remind me.”

Over at the Pugs Ahoy, the show was over, and Greta and Hazel had now resumed their regular jobs, namely keeping the suds flowing. Captain Snoopy downed his third pint, and said, “Ahr! Let's have us some rum!”
Greta noticed the empty glasses, and said, “How long do you plan on gracing us with your presence?”

Frankie pointed out the doors, and said, “At least 'til the fog clears. Woofskey for me, and hold the rum.”

“Yeah, I know. Black Taniels?”

“Black Taniels.”

“Of course.”

Walter watched the big steam locomotive roar across the drawbridge, trailing five passenger cars behind it. Once the last car was clear, he watched the red marker lights fade into the darkness, then stepped inside the operator's cabin, and said, “That was the last one.”

Millie looked up at the model board, and said, “How's the marine traffic?”

“We have the pilot launch bringing in a nuclear submarine. Once it's in, we can shut everything down and head for the Doghouse.”

Millie checked the clock, and said, “The Doghouse closes at 11. Pugs Ahoy is open all night.”

Pugs Ahoy it is. That last train clear the interlocking yet?”

“Last Circuit now.”

“Okay, I'm going out on the balcony. As soon as it clears, raise the bridge, and signal that sub that it's clear to enter the main ship channel.”

“Copy that.”

Just then, the light on the model board went out, and Millie hit the horn button.

About half way between the islands, Tasha and Puddles were trying to safely steer the speedboat through an ever thickening fog that the lighthouse was barely able to penetrate. Following the sound of the fog horn, Tasha said, “So, we get to this Pugs Ahoy place, und find de bone box, ja?”

“Ja, I mean yeah. Ruby said it was right behind the bar. They stash the dresses there every night after the show.”

“Und I have to wear de dress, zo Snoopy tinks I'm his figuresnoot, ja?”

“Ja, I mean yeah. You speak the worst combination of German and English I've ever heard.”

“Ah, but you have heard it, ja?”

Ernie and Easy crept around the harbor, holding up the lantern to read off the name of each vessel as they passed. After many heartbreaks, Easy finally said, “Pay dirt, Skipper!”

Ernie grinned as he read off the letters. “This is it! And she's deserted. Get ready with the hawser.”

Easy moved forward, grabbed the eye of the line, and said, “Standing by, skipper.”

Ernie grabbed the sweep oar, and eased the longship forward, until it was abeam of the pier.

Easy took the line, and jumped up onto the pier, slipping the eye over a piling. “Secure, Skipper.”

Ernie ran up and jumped onto the pier. Easy looked up at the Rawhide, and said, “Shall we board her, Skipper?”

“Captain Snoopy wouldn't be daft enough to leave the booty aboard the ship unguarded. And since he knew we were on his tail, he must have already hauled it off for burial.”

“So what good does it do us to find the ship if the booty ain't here?”

“Patience, me lad. Get me something o' Captain Snoopy's.”

Easy looked up the dark gangplank, and said, “Up there?”

“Aye, lad. Step lively.”


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD everybuddy is going to the PUG's AHOY... THAT will be a WILD PLACE fur SURE... Like that BOOK... Where the Wild Thingys Are.
The Drinks are on FRANKIE and his beloved FLEASA Card... Until it MELTS...
Whew... I hope Easy and Ernie know what they are doing.. THIS is very much Worrisome...
And with all that FOG Who can See WHAT???

We are on the edge of our CLINER... Waiting to see what will happen NEXT.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we all can maneuvre a real ship when we remember what you wrote.
Isn't that great? that's much better than to drive a car! It's great to see the pictures to this story with my minds eye :o)

Scooter said...

Wow, these pirate adventures are such great fun! I never miss the shows on the Pugs Ahoy... they're the very bestest entertainers. BOL
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, Pol Comm