Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Treasure of Squeaky Toy Island, Chapter 7

The Treasure of Squeaky Toy Island
Chapter 7
The blue-uniformed German Shepard tore off the paper from his book, and said, “You're being cited for excessive speed in a no wake zone.”

Reluctantly, Ernie the Red accepted the Summons. 
Easy said, “But Sarge, we weren't speeding. Like I told you, we were being towed in, and the boat towing us was going too fast.”

“That's right”, Ernie said.” If we hadn't cut that line, we would have hit the railroad bridge for sure.”

“Is that so?”, Sarge said. “Well, in that case, give me back that ticket.”

With a grin Ernie handed it back, but his heart sank when Sarge checked off another box, and said, “Failure to display proper lighting for vessel under tow. Oh, and since it was foggy tonight, failure to sound proper fog signal for vessel under tow. I think that finishes it up. Here you go.”

Ernie took back the summons, and said, “Thanks a lot.”

“You're very welcome. All right, guys, try to stay out of trouble.”

Without a breath, they watched Sarge hop back over onto the Coast Guard Cutter, and when he started up the motor, they kept their eyes on him until the boat sailed away.

 Ernie looked at the ticket, then at Easy, and said, “Nice going. You try to argue us out of a ticket, and what happens, you get us two more tickets.”

“Hey, Skipper, it could be worse. He might have spotted the contraband.”

“Want to say that a little louder? I don't think he heard you.”

In a louder voice, Easy repeated, “Hey, Skipper, it could be worse. He could have-”

Ernie slapped his paw over Easy's snoot, and said, “Are ye daft? You want him to clap us in irons? Besides, we have a bigger problem.”

“Like what?”

Ernie pointed to the lowered drawbridge, and said, “Like that. Until they raise the bridge, we're stranded, and the Rawhide will be in port.”

“We could swim for it, Skipper.”

“Aye, we can swim for it. And what happens when we find the booty? Some of the booty's made of fur. Fur soaks up water!”

“Oh yeah.”

“If they would just raise that bridge...............”

Walter looked up the tracks, and said, “So the train's stuck?”

“According to dispatch, all the eastbounds are backed up by a tree that fell across the tracks about an hour ago”, Millie said. “Signals, track, and mechanical are all out there trying to get traffic moving again.”

“Why don't you raise the bridge?”

“I can't. It indication locked when I set the eastbound signal.”

“Cancel the signal.”

“I did. It's still running time.”

“How much longer?”

“Fifteen seconds.”

Suddenly, they heard an air horn. Millie looked up at the model board, and said, “Track circuit just went down westbound.”

“Must be the wreck train. Line the westbound signal on one.”

Millie pushed the button, and said, “Running time.............................Clear signal indication lock on track one.”

The horn sounded again, and a headlight appeared on the horizon. Walter turned and said, “Here comes the wreck train.”

From the longship, Ernie and Easy watched the big diesel switcher rumble across the bridge, trailing behind it an assortment of gondolas, flatcars, a boom tender car, and at the very end, a large six-axle wreck crane. As the crane made its way over the bridge, suddenly everything went dark.

Ernie smiled. Easy said, “What happened, Skipper?”

“Power's out. They'll have to crank the bridge back up. And with the lights out, we can slip under the bridge, unseen. As soon as we get our night vision, head for that bridge.”

“Sure thing, Skipper. Hey, look, somebody's walking down the tracks with a lantern.”

“He's probably going to crank the bridge up right now. Head for the channel.”

Easy grabbed the sweep oar, and said, “You got it, skipper.”

Slowly and quietly, they sailed towards the bridge, being careful not to approach too quickly, lest they reach it before Walter got it cranked to the upright position.

After a few minutes, the lantern light seemed to disappear, and they couldn't see the bridge. And then they heard a loud whine.

Startled, Easy said, “What was that, Skipper?”

“Sounds like a diesel engine starting up.”

“Like on another train?”

Ernie listened to the sound, and said, “Could be. Sounds like it's idling.”

“So we'll have to wait for another train?”

“I don't know where it could have come from. There weren't any other trains around. That means...................”

All at once, the entire area lit up. And Walter was looking right at them. With a scowl, Easy said, “Any more bright ideas, Skipper?”


Millie and Walter said...

We sure know how to talk all that train lingo. This sure is a fun adventure.

Little Miss Titch said...

Hehehehe so much fun,xx Capt'n Speedy

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OMD this has DISASTER written ALL over it...

WHERE is Casey Jones when we need him???

PeeS... Sarge can be sorta STRICT sometimes. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

not even at sea you are safe from radar traps :o)that's like real life lol