Friday, June 20, 2014

POTP - PUDDLES DUDDLES RAINWATER!!!!! ANd a Frankie Furter Update!!!!

PUDDLES, Blogville's beloved Queen of Merriment and Mayhem, has been injured and is in dire need of POTP.  Please head on over and leave her POTP!!!!

MAYOR EMERITUS FRANKIE FURTER PRICE (cut and pasted from his blog!)


It was NOT a Mass....   

Here is the Diagnosis:
      POSTERIOR SYNECHIAE of the LEFT eye and DRY Eye in BOTH eyes...
 Now what that MEANS....     Frankie's TEARS were OUT OF WHACK
    Tears are made up of three Parts    Mucus, Water, and Lipids.... 
 What LOOKED like an Infection was NOT that...  when the three parts are Not producing in the proper proportions.... it can cause a Yellow Green Discharge...    The Eye Drops  DID help with that, however it did not cure the problem.   
     ( Frankie has ALWAYS had what we call EYE BOOGIES ...   and those were actually caused by his tears not Ever producing in the CORRECT Proportions)  All this time .... I just thought it was NORMAL ... for Frankie.       It was actually a Symptom of the tears being incorrect.
    NOW for the "MASS"
 Posterior Synechia Means that the IRIS gets stuck to the LENSE and distorts the Pupil...     It was the RUMPLED and IRIS (BROWN in Frankie's eyes, Blue in some dogs)...    THAT Dr. Hustey and Dr. Welsh saw... and said looked like Brown Cauliflower ...    TODAY the Doctor used some different instruments to look at it and discovered that it was NOT Thick      NOT Growing   and NOT BLACK    Any One or More of those would indicate a Tumor/MASS... which was NOT the Case...          
     THAT condition can be caused by One of Two Possibilities..
1. Previous inflammation INSIDE the eye due to Trauma or Immune Mediated (Body Attacking Itself)
2.  Previous CYST...  inside the eye...  and THIS is what she suspects it was caused by.       She said that when the Cyst ... Collapses on itself... it PULLS the Iris and causes it to get   STUCK TO THE LENS. 
TREATMENT:     He will need to have "DROPS of Ointment" in his eyes Twice a day (Perhaps for Life).       THAT will put the TEARS into the proper ratio.
    The Iris that is STUCK to the Lens will Need to be Monitored...  to make sure it does Not get Worse..   (She does NOT believe it will)  
    We have to go Back to MedVet for a check up in one month.
Frankie did NOT have to have an ultrasound of his eye...   Dr. Webb had Several Instruments that a REGULAR Vet. Practice Does NOT have.   It was One of those (I don't know its Name) instruments that enabled her to get a GOOD LOOK at the Stuck Iris.      
I can NOT tell you how RELIEVED I am....   I had expected Frankie to lose his eye.    THAT will NOT happen NOW.        I believe that it was the POTP that all of YOU sent to Frankie...that made ALL THE DIFFERENCE In The WORLD.        YOU and your Positive Thoughts and Prayers and KIND WORD...   SAVED Frankie's EYE.
He and Ernie were VERY well mannered and Frankie was So EASY for them to Work With.   
     I am both RELIEVED and PROUD.  
There will be pictures on the Blog... butt NOT tomorrow...   We will be CELEBRATING the GOOD NEWS,  and APPRECIATING  our WONDERFUL FURENDS.   

NOW FOR THE IMPAWTANT NEWS!!!!  WE, THE DWM ARE SPONSORING A BLOG HOP ON JULY 1ST TO CELEBRATE THIS MIRACULOUS RECOVERY OF OUR BELOVED MAYOR!  ALL OF BLOGVILLE IS INVITED TO PAWTICIPATE SO SPREAD THE WORD!  The blog hop is the debut of BLogville's very first NOVEL!  Each and every pawticipant will be writing a chapter for the pirate anthology  Life of Frankie Furter, Pirate King of Blogville!  The chapter does not have to be about Frankie himself, but should be pirate themed.  OR, if you so desire, just post a photo of yourself or peeps in pirate themed attire!..(the novel will need to be illustrated so we will need photos!) More details will be posted on MOnday!


Unknown said...

Great news about Frankie but a shock about Puddles. We so pray that all will be well. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Little Miss Titch said...

we can't wait for this,its perfect for me,you know being a pirate bunny and all,hehehe,xx Speedy

Sheltie Times said...

Great news about Frankie. What a scary story from Puddles. Lots of prayers for all.

Love the Frankie Pirate story idea.

Soggibottom said...

Cat Flap Cavalier would love to join in, she can bring her own sand and shovel for treasure seeking :-) xxx